On January 7, 2022, an ambulance rushed me to Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland, the only hospital in my area.
Being asthmatic, it was worst in a breathing way. When I absolutely couldn’t breathe anymore, they took me to the hospital and diagnosed me with double pneumonia Covid, which means both lungs inflamed. They put immediately me put on 4 liters of oxygen and it took everything just to go to the bathroom in the hospital room. I prayed my way through this and being a payer chamber saved my life. I write a blog The Prayer Chamber where I sometimes awkwardly try to let help you and my community discover the importance, value, and purpose of prayer. Prayer is not an afterthought. God emphatically told us to pray always.

My relationship with God is solid, because if I didn’t have it I will tell you with every ounce of my being YOU WOULD BE GOING TO MY FUNERAL FROM THIS.


But let me tell you what the LORD of HOSTS did for me. I’m still in a posture of my physical body healing. I asked the Lord to help my lungs because they were so inflamed and I was so sick and so fatigued from COVID. This is what the Almighty God of the entire universe did. He showed me a vision of himself or an angel walking and stepping up on the earth with a big huge lung in his hand. It had a vibrant gold elixir inside of it! He was pleasant to look at it.

It was a silhouette of a man who was holding it so I could not see his face. The organ was clear and concise. He was standing in a distance with the sun to his back. The next thing I knew, I was told to stand up by God, clasp my hands together while someone walked around the back of me and wrapped that thing in me. It was big; it was huge. He gave me a new lung(s). It was supernatural. I have never experienced this level of outright love and direct care before.

I just want you to know That God has more than made up for everything that I went through as a child, the neglect and mistreatment from siblings’ peer and opposite sex. Things that I did to myself throughout the years. He saved my life, you guys, so I’m here for my granddaughter and three kids and you and everyone else.

Now I got home yesterday on January 11, and it was still tough. I am getting stronger daily. It seems like there is still mucus coming out of me and that’s the tough part. This is where I miss my brother Joe, who is in Glory with God right now, because he would tell me to hold on. This is just a “storm”.

My other brother Paul told me don’t let Covid try to make you give up. If you want to hear the story in its entirety, click on it here. In my story, I will tell you how COVID got its hands on me. I would also tell you the life save it words that got told me that morning before the catastrophic day began that morning before I knew I would end up in the hospital and tell you exactly how GOD start that day’s battle with me. Along with telling me exactly what to do to make it to this conversation with you. I love you to be careful out in those streets! Your life is very important to all of us.

Love Diana


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