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Dear Patience, Who Are You?

Dear Patience, Who Are You?

At every age and stage of your life, there are things that you should have learned and accomplishments that you should have in your life to help you live a healthy life in every area of your existence.

These are areas that will touch your soul and delve into all of your relationships.  Committing to self-development can be challenging for people who are overwhelmed by procrastination and often low self-esteem.

GOD has been my developer; like how photographers use a developing room, HE helps me transform into the lady and daughter that HE inspires me to be.

The essential thing in life is to become who your designer created you to be. Because if you attempt to redesign the mold HE made, you to be your brokenness will reverberate throughout your entire life and affect you profoundly.

Things don’t fit, and you don’t know why; you feel out of sorts uncomfortable in relationships and marital unions.  So what am I saying? The most trustworthy friend you could ever have is GOD.

HE is a treasure, a misunderstood and undervalued one, so commit to seeking after HIM. I’ve heard people say I don’t know how to talk to GOD, much less find HIM. A well-known scripture in the Bible says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”(Matthew 6:33)

When you go into the makeup store to buy some foundation, you do your research before purchasing it.  You try it first, well; that’s the same thing with GOD.  Do you believe that God would create you to talk to HIM but make it complicated to do so?  No way! It is easier to speak to GOD than anyone else. And you can talk to HIM about everything.

So who is Patience, and why do YOU need her?

The Most High God assigned a spirit who is female; her name is Patience. (James 1:4) KJV  Her assignment is to develop and perfect us. And her lessons are so multifaceted that it would not make sense for us as limited human beings to understand her work.   GOD admonishes us and tells us to let Patience have her perfect work concerning us. 

For us to be perfect and wanting nothing, she has to try our faith.  When your faith comes under fire, remind yourself that you’re weak in that area; that’s why you need Patience to teach you. One thing GOD doesn’t want us to do is to be out of balance anywhere in our life. He wants us to grow strong and every area of our life. 

GOD assigned Patience to every human being, but especially those who reach out to HIM. Patience comes to perfect you to help bring out all of those significant aspects of what makes you the person you are, what GOD sees when HE looks at you, not what you see.

One day, I asked GOD  if the person I see in the mirror is what I look like. HE said “no,” which piqued my curiosity. I would love to know what I look like to HIM. I want to see what I’m missing, what opportunities, what levels of life I am not enjoying because I haven’t climbed high enough in HIM yet. By listening and following the advice only HE gives me to develop.  

Dear Patience, Who Are You?


For instance, have you ever asked GOD where you should be living, in what city and state?

You may think to yourself, Diana, that’s ridiculous. I can live wherever I want. My job is here. But will your life be all the better for it?  Are you experiencing the blessings you desire, are you realizing your dreams?  Remember, GOD is your source.  If you’re struggling financially and living below the poverty level, I can assure you there is a better life for you if you will allow HIM to prosper you by following HIS blueprint for your life.

If this is your life, a big red flag should go up, especially if you dream of things you would love to have and places you would love to live but feel stifled, and you are allowing that to be now. That’s your choice. GOD’S placement will often be completely different than where you are. He designed you to live in a specific place because that’s where your blessings, your actual work that you’ll love, will originate from that place.  Along with friends, family, and people who you will help live a better life.

The gifts inside you are underutilized and have not activated because you are displaced and dismantled in your soul. Sometimes people medicate themselves trying to deal with the pain of displacement.  

To make yourself feel good because something is missing, you lack a critical element; only one person can pull you out of that rut; become a friend to GOD. I’m not asking you to be religious; I’m asking you to be authentic. I’m asking you to have a relationship with your Creator. 

And please don’t tell me that it’s unrealistic to have a relationship with GOD; otherwise, why would he create you, and then you have no way to communicate or hear from HIM. And touch HIS heart with your life situations or learn what HE wants you to do. Most people are stuck in a pattern of just going with the flow. 

Instead, you should go with GOD’S flow. You will be tremendously happy. If you allow Patience; to have her way, she will work on the inner core of who you are with the results manifesting in your daily life. Her wisdom will teach you how to be patient while waiting for all the tremendous treasures that GOD has for you because they will emerge at different places and times.

I asked GOD  what do you do all day. HE said, “math.”

I have to tell you I didn’t expect to hear HIM say that, but it makes perfect sense HE’S responsible for allowing things to be exposed in your life at just the right moment, time and season when you need to experience brokenness. And HE’S the only one who can destroy opportunist strongholds in your life but not destroy you. Making you notice that something is wrong while tugging gently on your heart.  

Usually, someone comes along and says something to you about GOD, and then you say, oh yeah, I believe in GOD, and you leave it at that; well, that is GOD’S way of trying to wake you up. GOD reveals the truth all the time, but unfortunately, many of us refuse to follow it.

Some hear the truth and are still trying to figure it out, then dissect it and take pieces trying to shape them into a way that works for them, but it doesn’t work,  then they get distracted by something else and become stuck in another pattern of living wrong.  I’m saying to you that you’re in a maze; if you are not walking in GOD, you are groping, looking for what will satisfy your soul. But things are not as they should be. You want more, and you should have it.

Simply put, you are here to help others, like your children. Everything that you do is spilling over into their life. If you do wrong, it will gravitate into their lives; the same happens when you do good. GOD said blessings flow down just as curses do.  Make sure to live your life for GOD’s purpose so that the good things will visit your children. Then they will build upon that for their children.

The kind of blessings that GOD wants to bring into your life is unique and awesome. You cannot reach them from where you are now; you need Patience’s wisdom and strengths to take you to places you will only dream without GOD’S plan. 


You cannot manipulate GOD into giving you blessings that belong to those who seek HIS will.  I often hear people say I’m blessed because they wake up every day, and you are certain to an extent, but your blessings barometer is too low.  Think about it.  Evil people are waking up every day, so are they blessed? Well, let’s say they are blessed to wake up, and obviously, they don’t know it.

But what GOD wants to give you is special blessings, and things that “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard. either has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9) Patience is aware of you. It would help if you now made yourself aware of her. Seek her out. Ask GOD to teach you about Patience and allow her to work in your life.

There is so much more I could say, but this topic has many levels of conversation. Please come back so that we can talk about more important things. I pray that the plan of GOD will unfold in your life.



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