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Dorcas, Weather the Storm Called Sickness

Dorcas, Weather the Storm Called Sickness

Sickness is a topic relatable to everyone.  Unfortunately, I became a champion in this area, although this is nothing to be proud of.

I was sick from childhood, one condition after another throughout my life. I have faced sickness head-on to the extent that it was a part of my everyday life. Dorcas knows what I am saying. She’s a woman in the Bible, A Christian, a believer like you and me. 

Acts 9:36 recalls her story and what happened to Dorcas, just like I am re-counting mine here in this article. I would be amiss if I didn’t point out a few pertinent things in the biblical version. She was sick, and she died. Everyone has a loved one who died. And now recently COVID-19 has taken more than 2 million lives worldwide. And while there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how some people got coronavirus and died from it, others lived. 

The one who knows why this has happened is GOD. We emphasize what the CDC says and not enough to ask God why and how we can change it.

Dorcas’s story is unique; she got sick and died, but God brought her back to life. 

Dorcas, Weather the Storm Called Sickness

The story shows the potency of prayer, sorrow, and the benefits of intimacy with GOD. There were multiple reasons why Dorcas  was resurrected

She loved having a relationship with her Creator, enabling her to be the best person she could. She was inspired to design clothing and give them to people because of her spiritual connection.

People loved her in the community; they were deeply saddened and crying, remembering all the beautiful things that she gave.

How many times have we heard of somebody dying before their time? It was not Dorcas’ time to die, no sickness took-hold of her body and brought about an untimely death.  When children die, we think they are too young to die.  We feel that we lost all the more.  I feel firm in saying that nobody should die of cancer; I didn’t.

Now I know doctors are doing all they can for the most part, but what are we doing to break cancer’s death grip on our friends and families. Cancer is like murder taking the lives of millions of people, but what strides have you taken in your relationship with God to pray and ask God for your healing. 

The crying women lamented for Dorcas. The Holy Spirit led someone to find Peter, who falls to his knees and restores life to Dorcas. 

Prayer is not a minor thing you can do, it is absolutely the best step you can take.

If you’ve gone through a major catastrophe and you don’t know how you survived, it wasn’t by chance; it was the plan of God. 

As a strategist, the Savior has the plan for your life down to the last detail.


Death is a catalyst for change. Even when we die a physical death, only the body dies; we live on and return to God.

I am not just referring to physical death here because there are many ways to experience death. And don’t be afraid of the dying process. Know that God has prayer warriors praying for you. Over the last 23 years, I have been the overseer for an intercessory prayer team that prays five times a day and then on Tuesday night for intercessory prayer.

God tells us the names of people he wants us to pray for and tell us some of what to pray for on their behalf. Often we do not even know who these people are.

I am convinced that just as we are praying for people, we don’t know other people pray for us. They may be across the world, but they are standing strong in prayer for us. God has an elaborate systematic approach to life, especially the believer’s life. You still have to pray. No, you need to pray throughout the day about everything.


I experienced a death and resurrection on my bed.

It was right after I had my surgery to remove the tumor after eight days of being hospitalized. They discharged me from the hospital.  I  returned home and was bedridden for 30 days and in pain. One night I want to sleep, in my dream, I felt my spirit leaving my body, and the Lord said to me just as clear, “I’m here, I’m here.”  I could not see HIM. All I could see was a dark grayish screen. Like when All the shows go off a channel, it’s just a bunch of tiny white spots on a gray screen. GOD went on to say to me, “I’m sending you back,” and he sent me back in.

This time I was in a bookstore with one of my team members there. When she saw me I said hello to her she looked at me as though she didn’t know me. I said it’s me; Yvora looked at me strangely, but eventually, she believed me and went  And told everybody else that I was back. I woke up fully knowing that my spirit left my body; in other words, I  died, and the Lord sent me back.




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