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Guarding your heart

Guarding your heart

Your heart is everything!  It’s the core of who you are.  What makes you, you – therefore, it’s important to GOD. No matter what you’re battling today, there is hope because GOD is invested in you.


So, get ready to tell victimization to go take a hike! The Lord is holding his hand out to you today. He can hear your silent cry for help.  You may think that he is not interested in the pain or the problems in your life but he is.  However, there are some steps you must take in order to get what you’re looking for.


I’m hoping to capture your heart in this article because I wrote this for you, hoping that I can reach you through my words.


I know you need the truth about some things in your life. I told someone who was near to me today, that out of all the things that we have heard and read throughout the centuries – the only thing that truly sets us free is the truth.


The Bible says so. It specifically says the “the truth will make you free”, that is if you apply the truth to your life. GOD made the truth. In fact, that is one of his names. He’s the only one who can tell you what the truth is concerning life, especially yours.


So, let’s take a walk and have a conversation. What I’m hoping that you get out of this, is to think about what I’m saying, at the least, go do some research in GOD’s word and discover it for yourself.


Most of us know GOD loves us. In fact, I have never met a person who said they didn’t believe that GOD loved them. No, most will tell you “Yes I know he loves me, but…” So, if you are sure that GOD loves you, how do you know that? Where did you get that idea from? Who told you that GOD loves you? Just walk with me a little. I’m going somewhere. This is what I want you to think about.


Why do you know emphatically that GOD loves you? And if you tell me, it’s because you can feel it, or because you believe in him – while those are both good things, why do you not believe him when he says, “guard your heart”?


Satan Is A Thief & A Liar


Now for some of y’all, I know that this is new information because you don’t read the word of GOD. So you don’t know that GOD said to “guard your heart”.  And because you don’t know that he said that, the enemy is having a field day with you. He’s stealing your joy, your kids, your home life – is turned topsy-turvy. You’ve lost your spouse, amongst other thing. Perhaps one of these things is happening to you and you’re looking for answers.

This is the reason why I wrote this article so  you can know where to find the answers. No matter what you’re going through, your answers always lie with God!


Heart City


You heart is the most important part of you, it’s the place where all your thoughts, ideas, memories (both good and bad) live.  It’s like a city.   When you think about cities, there are popular ones that people like to go to because they like what’s in it.  Then there are cities people stay away from because they are not safe or boring.


If you ever been through a part of the city that is dilapidated, partly burned down, and empty – nobody wants to go there.  If you stumble into that part by mistake usually you drive through it as quickly as possible, no one wants to associate with places like that.


I’m a New York City girl, so I’m keenly aware of areas in New York that look like that.



Out of your heart comes everything. You love out of your heart.

Guard your heart.


When you hurt emotionally, it stems from your heart.


Our past life and everything that we’ve gone through can be found in our heart. It’s the place where GOD lives when he comes to live inside of us.


It’s a territory that needs to be protected at all times. If people could actually see inside of a heart, they would know everything about us. This is a protective measure GOD put in place. He is the only one who could see inside our hearts. Simply put, your heart is so important, not only to you, but to GOD as well. It’s the place where guidance comes from. Are you familiar with the saying “follow your heart”?


Pay special attention to your heart and don’t let just anyone have access to it.


Give Your Heart to GOD

My suggestion to you would be to give your heart to GOD. Ask the Lord to look inside your heart and remove obstacles, pain, or anything that is against his purpose for you. Bitterness and anger, are enemies to your heart, soul, or mind. And although it is difficult to get rid of those types of feelings, it is not hard for GOD.


“With GOD all things are possible”, this scripture has a lot of passion in it. GOD can say a lot in just one sentence. And he did, he virtually told you that nothing is impossible with him.

Meaning without him there will be a lot of things that are going to be impossible for you to achieve.


The Real You Is Awesome


GOD made you a gift of love to the world and himself. The Bible says that you were made for his good pleasure. Let no one tell you different. It doesn’t matter what you have done and where you are at in life, you are his creation. Now it’s time to become his son or daughter. It’s what you make of it.  There are a lot of tools in this world that we can utilize to help build the life we want, but the one key thing is that you have to use them.


GOD Didn’t Make No Garbage

Life is like a ball of yarn; jumbled up and wrapped around each other, but it’s no problem for GOD to unwind it and straighten it out.


It’s up to you to invite him into your life and into your heart. If you are genuine and you really want to be close to GOD; to know and love on like you want someone to love on you – he will show up for you time and time again.


Here’s what you don’t know, GOD has a lot of the same aspects that you have. In many ways he’s just like you. In fact, he said that you were made in his image. So, if you look at that in the reverse, you will see that he is like you.


Has someone stepped on your heart?


I know what it is to have someone love you and then break your heart. We have millions of people around the world who deal with this every day. Functioning alcoholics and drug addicts are people who souls have been ripped and torn.

They are medicating themselves against the pain in their hearts.  Imagine what they could be if they could get rid of that pain. If the pain would dissolve and they could breathe again. They could get up in the morning and go to the bakery to get a loaf of freshly baked bread, instead of waking up in desperation to get to the drug house to buy a bag of dope.


There are people who can’t relate to drug addicts and alcoholics. Feeling like, “that would never be me” or “I wouldn’t use drugs”.  To help shed some light on this, think about the person who had a bad addiction to drugs, went to rehab, and is  now doing everything to stay free. A year later they are back on the drugs because one day they give up, which leads to them giving in. Once they do that, they’re on their way to buy the drugs again.


Do you know why they went to get those drugs? It’s the pain, hurt, and desperation,  living with it daily drives them to the drugs. They don’t want to have to feel and think about all that pain they are going through.


Desperation! We Can Understand!


Now desperation, a lot of us can understand. We see it on TV shows every day – women chasing men, boyfriends, and other people’s husband because they are desperate for love. They look in all the wrong places.


People who do horrible things to each other; family members defrauding each other for money because they are desperate for it.



I know this sounds harsh, but life can be harsh, especially for them. Therefore, we all have to pray, which is what GOD commanded us to do in his word. He told us, “that we ought to pray for one another”. If you have a drug addict in your family, on your street, or in your building, you don’t have to talk to them daily to pray for them. Use the God-given compassion that you have and pray daily.


It only takes a minute to offer a prayer to GOD and ask him to help that person get freedom from the chains of addiction. GOD is going to have to get inside their heart to unravel and eradicate the pain that led them to the drug. We don’t have to know their story to affect their lives positively. The Lord says in his word, what you make happen for someone, he will make happen for you.


Telling someone is not enough


The heart I’m speaking of is not the physical organ in our chest. I’m talking about the spiritual vessel in you, your heart. It’s a precious place that you cannot find, but you know it’s there.


GOD was super smart to hide our hearts from us because, for some of us, the pain is so excruciating that if we knew where it was in our body, we may do something inconceivable.


If you have children and have warned them about getting involved with people, places, and things, yet, they still got mixed up with them – understand telling them to stay away from certain people and places is not enough.


Seems like when we tell them not to do certain things, that’s exactly what they gravitate toward.


So where do you go to help them navigate their lives secretly without telling? You go into prayer, and you secretly explain to GOD your fears concerning your children. Lay all your cares on him.  Ask to him help keep them away from whatever is trying to avoid gain access to them.


This is our job as parents, and it doesn’t matter how old our children are, this is our job for a lifetime. We are supposed to be prayer chambers. Which means we have consistent prayer going up to GOD daily, regularly. We’re supposed to pray all kinds of prayer.


Believe me, it is the best way to guard your heart.


“Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) GOD has made provision for people who are downtrodden, brokenhearted,  and sick in their bodies. The Bible is full of references on how GOD gave people a new heart.


Whomever you give your heart to, has rule over you. So, you want to be careful who you let into your life because if they get into your heart.   What might look like a good person may not be, and by the time you find out it’s too late, you’ve fallen for the guy or the girl.


Sometime ago, I was talking to one of the prophets in my school. She has shared a story of a guy she used to date before she got saved.  He was married to a woman for some years, but they had been divorced for twenty years when she became involved with him. The problem with the guy was he never got over the divorce, even though it was twenty years later.  He was still talking about her. That’s because she was still in his heart; right, wrong, or indifferent. She was occupying a good deal of his heart. He never gotten over the break-up.


The Enemy is


Some of you are in the same place about relationships. Men who’ve done wrong by you, women who have taken advantage of you. You tried to forgive many times, but it keeps regurgitating in your mind. The enemy is using those painful thoughts continuously to turn the screw to you and hurt you. To keep you stuck in the past so that you can’t live the vibrant, wonderful future GOD has for you.


Give that hurt over to GOD.  Ask him to remove the disdain and hurt, and even wipe that person out of your mind.  You can keep the good experiences you learned from the relationship but get rid of all the ugliness.  Ask him to help you forgive the person who really hurt you.


I hope this helps you understand how valuable you are.  Your heart needs to be healed.


We should remind each other daily that there really is a purpose for us in this world.  We are are supposed to help one another to pray, as well as other deep connections. GOD bless you, my friend. Thank you for reading this article.






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