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I know many of you are looking for a husband, and you have tried almost everything to find a good man.   We all want a good and caring man, financially and emotionally; someone you can be yourself with sounds like a tall order.

Maybe you’ve taken advice from your friends and ended up with Mr. Wrong. A married or bisexual man (remember on the down-low). Then again, you might have taken some advice from people who have boyfriends or lovers, which was like being blindfolded. If you want something super special, you need to get him from GOD when it comes to a husband. God is never wrong, but people are.

Our Genesis

If you don’t believe me, just read the first book in the Bible, Genesis. Look at the elaborate and romantic way that God gave Adam his wife. He put Adam in a plush, an already successful garden named Eden, and then GOD noticed that all of the animals that Adam was naming had mates except for Adam, and that wasn’t good. GOD said so Himself. 

Adam didn’t have a mate. Look at the artistry here. GOD puts Adam to sleep and steps outside of the garden, and while he’s out of that encapsulated place, HE designs and creates a mate. Now the rib that HE had secretly extracted from Adam when he was asleep plays an intricate part in Adam’s wife’s fashioning.

No one, especially Adam, ever saw this beautiful Lady.  No one could have built this woman the way GOD did.  He gave her the most incredible support system and part of Himself: HIS breath. 

Breathing life into her heart as she arises and walks with HIM into HIS gorgeous garden.  Then GOD gives her to the man (Adam) that would be her husband. Adam sees her and says, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man” Genesis 2:23

So, the first marriage and wedding ceremony was orchestrated by GOD as it should always be. If God does not put a man and woman together, they have put themselves together, and if they got married by the state, they could be divorced as well.  So, it’s pertinent that you know this is the man that God gave to you.

Because the Bible says: ‘”Therefore they are no more two, but one flesh. “What therefore GOD hath joined together let no man put asunder” (Matthew 19:6). Many marital problems today which end in divorce happen because God did not put people together.

  Let me share with you my story before I go into my story of how GOD brought my husband and me together.  I want to tell you that I, like many other women, involved myself in many ways to get or find a man hoping that he might be the one. So, I took all of those steps that many of you do, and they were a catastrophe for me.

I know that GOD places some people together, and there are many ways that HE can bring you to the man you are supposed to marry.  To wait on the man that GOD has for you often is not easy. Before I gave my life to GOD, I tried to find men I was attracted to; they had to fit my criteria, and even though I found men I dated, they weren’t good candidates.

There are times when we miss lead ourselves by lying or using rationalization or reasoning to defend a poor choice, thinking he’s possibly the man that will marry me. If you meet a man and he’s somebody else’s husband, he is not yours. If you met a man and he’s messing around on you with another woman, he’s not your husband. 

You may be dating someone like that now, but you are inviting the devil into your marriage if you marry him.  You may feel like you can ask GOD to consecrate your marriage, but GOD doesn’t bless mess. I know that you are looking for love, and you deserve it.  But the best person to bring you to your husband is GOD. 


Why do I have to go to God for My Husband

First and foremost, God has the script for your life. HE knows your past, present, and future.  The LORD knows what it took to make you the person that you are today. And if you are broken, he knows where you need healing.

He needs to match you with the person who is conducive to your healing; it’s part of HIS plan. If God joins you together, it means HE will be a part of every facet of that marriage; HE is responsible for protecting and covering it.  HE prospers your marriage as long as you both stay in the will of GOD. 

If either one of you gets out a hand, GOD knows what to do to bring restoration and balance because HE’S the one who birthed this marriage, not you, even though you are a willing participant.

HE will provide the love, nourishment, financial prosperity, and commitment you need from the marriage. Marriage is like a house that both of you go live in, but GOD comes into that house with you.

It’s all by design, and it’s part of HIS plan. HE knows whether the guy is worthy of HIS daughter and vice versa.  Please don’t put GOD in the box; there are 1,000,001 stories of how HE put two people together it’s mind-boggling how HE does it.

Suppose you pray and talk to God and tell HIM that you want to get married. Know that marriage is a huge assignment and its ministry.  My advice to you would be don’t try to choose the man yourself because you have rose-colored glasses on.

You don’t know who you are choosing; you may be choosing him based on his looks, financial status, and the fact that you were attracted to him. Maybe he has a nice butt, and he’s tall, dark, and handsome. 

While those are admirable attributes, what’s in his heart is most important. Does he love you?  Do you both have the same God and Father? Is he saved? Because if you are a Christian, you shouldn’t be marrying anyone who is not one? That’s why timing is essential. GOD needs to prepare both you and your husband to come together in just the right time and season. You have a journey to take before you get to that place.

Please be wise to take your desires and requests to GOD in prayer and wait on HIM until HE brings it to fruition.  It may take some time, or it can be quick. I don’t know where you’re at in GOD, but this is very important, so involve HIM in the process. When you think that you have met the guy, please make sure that it is him.

  If you are a Christian and know other believers who have strong relationships with GOD; your pastor or a deacon, people who can get a prayer through, ask them to go to GOD. You need to make sure of your choice. Also, ask GOD to reveal whether this is the one and tell HIM because you don’t want to make a mistake.  He will value your investment into HIS plan for your marriage and life.

Be blessed.


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