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The Ultimate Coach-GOD

The Ultimate Coach-GOD

This article is for you if you are going through a stormy season right now and need some direction. If you feel like you’ve been misguided, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is a step-by-step approach to getting the relief you need—at the same time, making the necessary adjustments and minor changes to your current daily activities.

Applying these formulas will be a constant resource and, most of all, a reliable battle plan.

Your Season Is About to Change

Getting GOD’S attention is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Why? You may ask.

It’s because he makes no mistakes. I know some people believe that GOD makes mistakes, but he does not.

Think about it. If GOD makes mistakes, then that changes everything. That would mean that everything he said about you is questionable. Mostly everyone has heard someone say that GOD loves you, which would be questionable. That is if GOD made mistakes.

They could question the validity of everything in the Bible if that were so. To say that GOD makes mistakes is like saying that he has an error in his judgment and that his plan doesn’t work.

It’s like saying that GOD does not know what he’s doing. When that is the furthest thing from the truth, GOD wrote the entire Bible through men.

GOD said, “I am the LORD, I change not,” Malachi 3:6 KJV

I know men question the Bible when it doesn’t line up with their theories or how they think about something. But GOD does not lie; he is incapable of lying.

GOD does not make mistakes, and every word in the Bible is accurate and came from his mouth. GOD is the author of the Holy Bible.

And if you think otherwise, you’re the one who is being misled and making a mistake.

GOD’s Word Can Save You

Letting the people lead you to think that the word of GOD can’t be trusted will close you off from your blessings and divine intervention when necessary.

That kind of thinking comes from the enemy of your soul, who suggests GOD’s word is only a man’s word.

Man is not that intelligent, and not that spiritual, that he could come up with laws, blessings, and a doctrine as influential and prolific, not to mention, life-giving, as GOD’s word is.

GOD’s word is radical and sharper than a two-edged sword. And this spiritual sword will save your life if you believe it. It allows his word to coach you.

It will make you the success you were born to be.

Laws change with people, but they don’t with GOD. So that’s proof positive that man didn’t create this Bible. No, GOD authored it, but men wrote it for him on earth. He trusted those men to pen his words. He knew that he controlled their thoughts, their heart, and what they would say.

Again, GOD doesn’t make mistakes which sheds light on things happening in the world.

People are passing laws that are against the purpose of the plan of GOD. In case you are unaware of it, GOD has infinite wisdom concerning you in everything.

No matter what you have done in life, missed opportunities, or lack of education, it doesn’t matter. GOD’s got an excellent plan for you.

If you need to escape something destructive, he can get you out in a moment that my friend is a season change. It comes about because you have decided to get out of your current situation and have chosen or, should I say, elected to invite GOD into it for real.

In other words, you’re not playing with him; you’re not testing him to see if he will show up, and then drop him. Know that GOD does not want to be used, just like you don’t want to be used by anybody. So, if you’re going to play with him, he’s not going to come; he will hear you, but he will not show up in your situation.

And for many who wasn’t authentic and honest with GOD, when he doesn’t show up, they begin to say that he’s inaccurate or they don’t believe him. Let me give you the 411 on this, GOD does not need you to believe in him. After all, GOD owns everything, and if one day when you go to sleep, he decides that he doesn’t want you to get up, all he has to do is not call your name in the morning when it’s time to wake up, you won’t.

All he has to do is give your boss a change of heart about retaining you at a job, and that boss will let you go. The Bible says the king’s heart is in his hand, and he turns it wherever he wants to. Proverbs 21

So, your first step is to go to GOD about your situation. Just like when you call the police because something happened, and you need their services.

You could be sitting on the toilet and crying your heart out to him, asking him to help you and get involved in your situation. It’s the same with GOD; the only thing is that you can talk to GOD any place and time.

He will do it, and by the way, for those of you who make promises, he’s got something to say about that in the Bible. He says that you have to keep your promises to him. Deuteronomy 23:21-23

Make a promise to GOD

For more than 25 years, I have worked with people, helping them transform their lives, move out of harsh territories, and get a new productive mindset that helps them feel good about themselves.

This article will teach you how to get his attention and utilize his infinite wisdom in lifestyle to enhance, grow, develop, and find the love you will cherish forever.

Although most would not admit it, everyone is looking for a life coach on some level. We all need inspiration at times, direction, and someone who will listen and care about how we feel. To hear other people’s ideas and the struggles they are dealing with daily.

So why am I recommending GOD as a prospective life coach for you? That’s a good question. Especially because quite a few of you believe that GOD is unreachable, but it is quite the contrary; in fact, he is listening to everything you think and say out of your mouth.

Your mouth is the power center of your body.

Yesterday the prophet and I were in an Amish market here in Maryland. We separated for a little while, and then I looked over, and she was talking to someone. When she caught back up with us, she told us that this gentleman had asked her about some meat on the counter. He asked her if she had ever eaten it and asked how it tasted. She told him that she didn’t know because she doesn’t eat meat and that GOD told her to stop eating meat years ago.

He said, “GOD told you?” And she said “yes, GOD told me not to eat meat”, and he suddenly repeated it, “GOD said this?”. I’m sure you can grasp the sentiment here. Most people don’t believe that GOD talks to people. I don’t know whether they think he has a voice like us or that he is so high and unreachable that he would ever bother speaking to us.

I had a lady tell me that I was crazy one time because I told her that GOD talks to me. I find that terrible because people believe that GOD would not even speak to the people he created.

What kind life would we have if the creator of the world did not communicate with us?

Simply put, we need GOD and his plan to live. If we didn’t have him and his word working in our lives, the enemy of our souls would consume us. So why not discuss your plans, your thoughts, and your ideas with the Lord? If you want to learn something, GOD will teach you if you ask him. Of course, it would have to be legal and good for you. Not anything that would destroy or hurt you because GOD has good plans for you. He does not want to see you hurt.

I’ve been fortunate to talk and communicate with GOD for over 30 years now. It was 1996 when he started to talk back to me. And after I had spoken with him, and he saw that I was trying to pursue him. He began to talk back and tell me what to do to improve my life. I wanted to know about my life. I wasn’t trying to know everything that humans want to know, like are there aliens in outer space? Is the world going to end soon? No, I wanted to know about me. I wanted intimacy and insight into what direction I should take in my life.

My boyfriend just ended a relationship with me and told me that I had to move out in one day. He wanted me to move back to New York City, but leave my nine-month-old son with him. I told him, no, that’s my son, and I’m taking him, but I was distraught and depressed. I cried all the way home!

You talk about broken; that was my lowest point. I packed up my car put my nine-month-old son in it and went back to my apartment in New York City. The best part about it is that I had my daughter, who was four years old, and my nine-month-old son there.

But I needed help y’all. I didn’t even want to comb my hair. People asked me “what happened to you?”, “You use to be full of laughter and smiles?”. They would say, “it’s like the light went out in your eyes.”

I Was Broken Like A Shell, Cracked All Over

This was when I started reaching out to GOD. Just before the break-up, I started going to a small church in Pennsylvania, and I would beg GOD to help me. But that’s because I thought being with him was the answer to my happiness. It was not! I wanted GOD to fix my relationship with my son’s father so that we could stay together, and I wouldn’t have to go back to New York City.

When that relationship ended, it broke my heart, but GOD gave me another one. A new heart.

I needed help at that particular point. I must be transparent here and say that I was broken like a shell that was cracked all over but still held together by some invisible force. You may understand what I’m talking about; it’s not wrong to be in that place if you reach out. It just lets you see your fragility. What’s terrible is living in that state, which is quite another story. That’s not something that you should want because life has a lot to offer you more than you can even conceive, but you need a coach. Someone who can convey the information to you in a way that you’ll understand. A coach who can help you see and understand the beauty and the greatness of you. You were built in such a distinctive way that the Lord himself said that “you were fearfully and wonderfully made.” In another translation it says, “you are respectfully made”. Now GOD is saying this about you!

So, if the Lord is making these kinds of bold statements about you, how could you believe otherwise?

Once I started and allowed GOD to coach me, I followed his plan, took his advice, and talked to him daily. Within three years, I was another person. Here are some of the things that he did for me.

April 1996- My TV show had the prime-time spot for four years.
1998- I started a church in New York City and opened The School of Prophets.
1999- I opened the seminary in Yonkers, New York
2001- I moved out of the projects in New York City into my first house in Waterbury, Connecticut, which was paid off in 3 years.
2001- I opened a church in Waterbury Connecticut.
2001- GOD gave me a car, I did not pay for.
2002- My gastroenterologist diagnosed me with colon cancer. GOD healed me without any chemo, radiation, or medication.
2003- GOD gave me another house which I paid cash for.
2003- I got another car, a brand-new Chevy blazer.
2006- I moved to San Antonio, Texas, with my team.
2006- I paid off the Chevy blazer.
2007- I found Michael Vazquez, the man that GOD told me would be my husband.
2008- GOD gave me $35,000 and told me to buy a brand-new hummer H3.

I authored three books over the years, and there are so many other things that he did for me.

It was GOD who ended that relationship with my son’s father.

There are some things that GOD has to do with your life, and yes, some of them will feel good and others will not, but he will carry you through the ones that hurt. All the while, preparing you for his next blessing.

I know what it feels like when you don’t have anything, and people talk about it behind your back. But I found GOD, although it was more like he exposed himself to me so that I could get his help.

I needed healing very badly, both physically and mentally, and so do you, that’s why you are reading this article. I needed deliverance from some of the thoughts, lifestyles, and people that were in my life. People that the enemy sent. Although it didn’t look that way at first. People who became friends or associates didn’t just wander into my life. The enemy Satan has conspired to inject that person into your life to create havoc which could be either physically or emotionally. There are also times when GOD sends somebody into your life to help you. Most likely, you will know that pretty quickly, but when the enemy sends someone, you can go years without knowing, and by that time, you discover deep wounds creating what feels like almost irreparable damage to your soul. This is one of the reasons why you need GOD as your life coach. Because when you have GOD as your coach and Lord, he would have let you know that this person is not suitable for you and that he didn’t send them. He would remove that person from your life so that they don’t bring the kind of hurt that could take years to heal.


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