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You Are Supposed To Be A Human Prayer Chamber!

You Are Supposed To Be A Human Prayer Chamber!

You are supposed to become a human prayer chamber.

I wrote the article to help you learn how to get everything you want from GOD. It will tell you what you can do to help achieve your goals and understand why this works.

GOD wants us all to be blessed. We are like a flower in a garden enclosed. The Song of Solomon 4:12, in its metaphorical description, is a spot-on description of how the Master sees us. Just like the gorgeous flowers in the garden, we are supposed to bloom throughout life.

The best way that I could describe this is to help you see yourself like a perennial.

If you don’t know what a perennial flower is, it is one that keeps coming back every year. Unlike the annuals that we buy at the nursery, already fully bloomed, and developed. We plant them just for a couple of seasons. Annuals are only good for that year and then, when they die, they don’t return.

We can relate to a perennial because we continue to come back and bloom and grow. With GOD, we are a special flower because we grow in height and depth and develop throughout our life. That’s the way it was supposed to be. So, although we look one way now, in another five years we will be able to see the visible changes to ourselves. So how do we get there? The Holy Spirit tells us to have a powerful prayer life – every one of us, especially those who are his children.

GOD’s children are those who open their heart and invite him to live in it. They do this by making space for him. When you invite the Lord Jesus Christ into your life, fully believing that he died on the cross and resurrected for you; you not only receive Christ in your life, but his Father, too.

I know I started this by saying you’re supposed to be a prayer chamber and it seems like I’m veering off topic, but I’m not. I’m right on point here because everybody wants a family, and the Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty GOD are no different. Once you have invited them into your life, you instantaneously become family. And how you invite them in is through an invitation and prayer, which, if you think about it, is a gift to us. All you have to do is open your mouth and speak out what’s in your heart.


There is no child who doesn’t want to have a conversation with their mother or father.

Just think about people that you know who never met their father or whose mother died when they were young.

The struggle is real; when they think about the missing parent, the emotional turbulence they experience because of their loss.

For some, that hurt stays with them for the rest of their lives. We all want to know who our parents are, what their plans are for us.

We can see ourselves in their eyes. It’s the same with GOD. If you don’t have a strong relationship and presence of GOD in your life, you are missing the largest portion of who you are!

It’s no wonder people are committing suicide left and right. Why? You may ask, is because the very best part of who they are is only accessible by the Creator.  Didn’t surface because of the lack of relationship and or prayer life needed in order for their higher selves to come to light.

This article is crucial and very important, especially as we face challenges on many levels. Challenges we never faced before. COVID turned our lifestyles upside down and touched every area of our lives.

Our food, jobs, finances, health, and freedom to do what we want, when we want, have all been affected.

So many of our loved ones, family and friends have lost their life and others got ill. Some got really sick but survived.

You should ask why this happened and believe me, there is an answer but there is only one person who knows. The CDC, the President of the United States, China, The FDA – they don’t have or know the answer . They can’t find the cure, much less know how it got here and why.

So, we have to stop pointing the finger at people and look to GOD for the answer. We can go directly and ask him, but we can’t go there as strangers who reject him daily. Do you have a relationship with him? If your answer is no, then why would you expect him to tell you, his secrets?


I’m a native New Yorker born and raised in New York City. This city has its beauties and its horrors.

People have had gorgeous weddings, horse-drawn carriages carry people through the park and other famous landmarks. But other things have happened as well. There has been people getting raped, murdered, and robbed there. But none of that shook NYC like when COVID hit the city. All of those bodies temporarily placed in a truck because people were dying so quickly that they didn’t have room for them in the morgue; That changed my thoughts of the city that I grew up in and loved.

In the summer my husband and I visited New York City for a day, this was the first time I’ve been there since COVID.  There was such a death cast over Manhattan.

Looking at the people’s faces on 34th St., they looked downtrodden as though they had been through something so devastating it took their smiles. I saw no joy on the faces, no light in their eyes. Never have New Yorkers been in such a grim position. Prayer can change this!

If communication with GOD is what you are looking for. When you pray consistently, GOD will start communicating with you regularly.

There are people do not pay attention or take for granted that GOD is the source of their strength.


To establish divine protection that you need daily, it starts with our Father, you play a strategic part in how far and wide that penetrates.

Everybody expects GOD to protect their homes, but most people don’t do the fundamental requirement that GOD commanded us and expects of every person to do. Pray!

GOD told us emphatically to pray for one another. GOD wants and expects us to literally become a prayer chamber, because prayer is how everything manifests in this world. It is GOD’s mandate required of us all.

Our life needs an abundance of prayer going up to GOD daily. He’s not only in Heaven, but he also lives inside our hearts, for those who have made that personal connection with him.

If you are one of those people who invited him in, that’s where you need to start.

He may be invisible but he is ALIVE and UNBEATABLE.


Tell me, what GOD would go live inside of you if it wasn’t because he loves you so much? Of all the places, including heaven, that he could live and rule, he put himself inside of you. Why? Because you asked him to come live inside of you and you meant it.

So, your first step is to offer an invitation a heartfelt invitation to the Lord Jesus Christ. Afterwards, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Since you will now become a human vessel for the Lord, learn his word which he specifically took time to write for us.  Follow his word.

Prayer is your bullhorn to GOD. It is a spiritual conversation that you start in the natural that transcends into eternity. It goes into Heaven into a supernatural place you cannot access with your hands or your physical body.

If you want GOD to teach you, protect and guide you and your family, then you need to pray and ask him to fight your battles, provide your finances, and more.

Give over everything that is in your heart that you desire and envision for yourself, for your children, and for your relationship with GOD.

Your career, job, health, body, and marriage – these are very important areas that GOD wants you to succeed in. GOD has blessings for us, not only here but in a place where the no one can take them away, they cannot come and steal and the enemy can’t get to them.

GOD needs you to pray. He wants you to have a nourishing conversation with him and to pray effectively.  Jesus taught us this model prayer. “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Jesus Christ prayed and taught this prayer to his disciples. That’s how important prayer is that he had to teach you the formula on how to do it correctly.

In Luke chapter 6, the Bible says that Jesus went up into a mountain by himself and prayed all night. Imagine praying all night to GOD, how effective and intricate this  would be to our life.  Jesus prayed all night to received what he needed to facilitate the next steps he would take.  Every step was important to our foundation and where we spend eternity.

He wanted to make sure that he had a very thoughtful and important conversation with GOD his FATHER so he went in the mountain by himself and prayed all night. The next day, out of all his disciples that he taught, he chose 12. He was told who they would be by the Lord.

That kind of information only comes out of a serious prayer life with GOD.

So now let’s talk about you. What is it you need? For most parents, besides GOD, which should be first, are our children. We are concerned about their education, what they will become, helping them grow up to be the person they should be.

Well, the best person to talk to about that is GOD. GOD has a plan for your children and wants you as their human parent to tell him your greatest desires. Being conscious that GOD made them to be and do some very important things on earth in the way of helping others.

GOD is a service-oriented GOD. He gives everybody gifts and talents and has great things in mind for us. The problem is most of us don’t reach the aptitude that GOD wants us to because we don’t invite him into the equation. We don’t trust him with our goals and dreams or pursue his will for us.

It’s not enough to just pray every now and again two times a year and call that a serious relationship with GOD. It’s not.

We need to pray daily. That’s what the Lord wants. Those are his requirements and believe you – me, the more you pray and talk to GOD, you’re going to feel fantastic.

Here’s something that I would recommend:

if you have a heavy-heart or you’re battling with sicknesses, depression, mental illness, or your marriage is not so good; you’ve lost interest in your husband. Perhaps, your children are making poor decisions or have disappeared. These are important things that you should talk to GOD about strategically.

And you don’t talk to Almighty GOD just one time, and expect that one conversation to suffice GOD, but you express your love and desire to him.  Remind him about what he said this word concerning you.

Ask him to intervene. Let him know you can’t reach your children and ask him to be their GOD and to protect them right way.

Just talk regularly, the way you would talk to your friend.  Tell him what’s going on in your heart.

Please do not take the mindset that he already knows. Yeah, he does, but one thing about GOD is he wants a relationship, he wants fellowship. He made you to fellowship and to talk to him. He fashioned you to lean on him, to desire of him.

Too often I hear, “you know I shouldn’t be asking GOD for things” Well, that was why he made you.

Let me remind you, he said: “ask and you shall receive.” (Matthew 7:7). He also said: “You have not because you ask not”. (James 4:2)

Sometimes I hear people say “‘I don’t give in the church to expect him to do for me” Well if you follow GOD’s systematic plan, he would open the windows of Heaven and pour a blessing for you.

When the blessing is coming from GOD, it will provide the miraculous. Set aside some time to talk to him regularly. He’s waiting for you to talk to him and as you do, you will see things appear in your life.

GOD will close doors you’ve been trying to eliminate for a long time. He will also open new doors and opportunities to you and your children, along with giving you and them ideas that you have been trying to teach them about for years. What he gives you will be even be better than what you asked for.

I find our expectations are often small in comparison to what GOD will give us. He always does more for us than what we expect. Just be patient with GOD because often GOD is slow and deliberate. He said in his word. “My way is a not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Don’t belittle GOD. He is not a man that he should lie. (Numbers 23:19). If he said he will do it, he will, but he needs your faith and trust in him.

We put our faith in people who let us down knowing they will disappoint us repeatedly. But yet we still trust them.

There is no human system that is reliable. The only system that is reliable is GOD’s. Don’t miss out on what he has planned for you.

Become a prayer chamber and watch what he does for you!






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