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The Prophetic the House of Power

The Prophetic the House of Power

Have you ever asked God for Something specific that you wanted? Something out of your reach, a dream or goal, but you could not attain on your own.

A few days before the memorial day weekend, I have translated it into my new assignment. Michael and I walked into the unknown, and right before us was a manifest of the glory of GOD. We have never experienced it. It wasn’t just the Chesapeake bay. We were in Maryland, in a city called Annapolis, a gorgeous quaint little city.

It was the spiritual altitude of the place, and it was as though we stepped into a portal of time waiting on us. A massive body of water surrounded us. We looked at the sea of boats and yachts. I was literally in a room on top of the Pussers Restaurant, on the dock of the bay. I was quickly reminded of Otis Redding when he sang sitting on the dock of the bay, we sat in the restaurant Michael had surf and turf, and I ate a creamy pasta dish

When you walk with GOD, you never know what gift or treasure he will unlock and give you day by day. All I know is the most incredible passion I have ever know is him. He is a powerful resource and much, much more.

Oceanic Revelation

Fifteen years ago, my team and I were on a cruise we left Galveston, Texas on a Sunday afternoon traveling to beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica.

Neither of us has ever been there it was a last-minute thought; that’s is one of the creative aspects I love about God. He’s excellent at keeping secrets; I knew nothing about the one that I was getting ready to partake of. I had been burning the candle at both ends of the stick; that was how I lived my life.

I’m not a person who can do one thing at a time. No, I like to have all four burners going. Most people waste a lot of time and effort on things they should not even be involved in. Little did I know that when we got out on the water, the experience that I would have. I told the prophet under me; I would visit some of the places on the ship with her. I told her to come by to get me in the early evening and then I will go with her, but unexpectedly I had a problem leaving my suite.

I’m not a person who sleeps a lot I don’t believe in naps but while I was on the ship I was knocked out most of the time and missed seeing and participating in a lot of the entertainment. By 8 o’clock I was dead asleep, which was unusual for me. It was obvious that I was exhausted being someone who doesn’t know how to rest. So I slept most of the time.

One particular afternoon I went out and sat on the balcony I was talking to GOD, as I usually do and he said something which peaked my curiosity the Lord God said, “water is prophetic”.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to propose that we know very little about the Prophetic. Most people in the kingdom of God know very little about the Prophetic and only relate it to prophesying and the Spirit of prophecy which is Jesus Christ. But I believe that there is much more that we do not know or understand.

Yeah I have had opportunities to experience the power of the prophetic in various settings. There was a time a few years before that that I went to a service in Mount Vernon, NY held by a charismatic teacher, confidant, and prophet of mine, his name was Prophet Joseph Brown. He called me up and laid hands on me earlier that day, but just as I was leaving the crowd of people in attendance, he called me back again.

I know it was only GOD that allowed him to call my name just as I went out the door to head home. I turned around and walked back through the crowd to him, and when he laid hands on me the second time the power of God was present and so strong that I was slain in the Spirit. I was lying on the floor, they had to carry me out of the room and put me in the car. Two hours late, when I got home they had to escort me upstairs to my bed. I immediately went to sleep, I could not keep my eyes open I was drunk in the Spirit. I slept the entire night until the next morning. Suddenly GOD began to download thoughts and ideas and information regarding water and the prophetic power.

Remember that prayer is always the way to approach and relate to GOD. If you want his attention and you want him to hear what you are saying to him through the vehicle of prayer.

Prayer is his formula on how you are to approach him. You cannot come any other way. Think of prayer as the veins of a body.

What I Know

The prophetic is all around us. It works daily in our lives, GOD’S purpose and plans are being facilitated by it in the atmosphere operating and taking care of us regularly just like the water spoken about earlier when GOD told me that the water is prophetic.

Recently, I was in Annapolis a gorgeous Maryland city surrounded by water. Sitting on the bed, in my hotel room facing the Chesapeake Bay. I saw the beautiful boats and the sunlight shining down on the water in a way that I’ve never experienced. It was a delicious view and I had the opportunity to have a private intimate conversation with God.

I was in the city for a few days. We were there to find a home, a rental property. As I saw the beauty of the water and felt the power of GOD in there. I knew that was where we belonged. GOD revealed that to me before I came to the city. As I saw the majesty of water I said to GOD, “I need a house where I can look out at the water. I need it to be at the waterfront, a one story house with a two car garage. I asked him. “please provide a property who’s rental price was in our budget”. Convinced that only God could find that little needle in a haystack stack.

So for a couple of days we drove around Annapolis, visited some homes and saw that most did not have garages. And the ones that did was very small and the price point was pretty high for that area. For the most part, they were two story properties which my husband and I did not want. So I asked GOD please find this property for us we need this. He didn’t tell me one way or the other but I know that the Bible says to make your requests known to GOD.

On the last day, as Michael and I prepared to leave and go back to Texas, it was three hours before we would have to be at the Baltimore airport, I was tired by then and to be honest, a little discouraged and distracted to say the least we had spoken to several realtors and heard the same song. There were very few properties available and what we were looking for we probably would not find.

A realtor called us just before we were going to leave and told us that he had another property he wanted us to take a look at. I didn’t want to go, my husband was Interested in going to see this property it was 20 minutes away and time was not on our side. However, on the way to the property I noticed that we had to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which is a long bridge directly over the water.

I wasn’t comfortable with that but I could not deny its beauty. When we got to the place and before we got out of the car Michael reminded me that the realtor said we wouldn’t be able to go in because we didn’t have an appointment and the people were living in the property was still there. The realtor had arrived before us, we stepped out the car and the current tenant saw us and came outside. She asked if she could help us. The realtor told her that we wanted to look outside the house and realize that we could not go in. To our surprise she said, “well you guys can come in for a few minutes to see it you would like”.

So we went in, my husband’s excitement at the backyard which not only had fluffy gorgeous green grass but it backed up to the Chesapeake bay it was like looking at an ocean, what a sight.

The house was one story, two-car garage and in the price range for which we were comfortable. I was so surprised. We were so blessed by GOD, it brought my husband to tears he was floored by how quickly GOD did this.

Also it was the key component and real reason we traveled there to see this house and to have that experience it but goes a little deeper than that. My team and I recalled a conversation GOD had with me when I asked where we would live in Maryland. He said the name “Anne” which is also my sister’s name so I thought he brought my sister up. It turns out that the name of the street this house is on has the name Anne in it. Here’s another one of the important factors as to why you want that one-to-one relationship with GOD.

Are You In The Right Place?

Placement in life is important. If you want to know that you’re in the right town or city, or with the right husband or career that something he can tell you beforehand. GOD has strategically placed me. Like a chess piece for his glory. Now it may be for his glory which that’s undoubtedly a factor but it’s for your story. The lives in that city and the surrounding area will never be the same . They will grow exponentially, be delivered and healed from things they don’t even know exist. Because the Creator of life decided to do something phenomenal and send one of his chess pieces, his daughter Diana. Do I know how he’s gonna use me there? No, I don’t but it will be good and life-changing.



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