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The Weak Spots In Us

The Weak Spots In Us

This article is about the things in our lives that we are not proud of and often want to get rid of. It’s about the weak spots in us. We all have them. Areas that are constantly pulling us into places and with people we should not have our lives. The situation that makes us feel like crap!
I’m going to show you how to walk out of them with grace. How to leave abusive relationships and your abuser won’t know how you did it. Because your abuser thinks he has infiltrated your mind, and you have no one or way out of this situation. But your abuser is wrong. I hope you know that and if you don’t let me inspire you.
You have a way out. It probably doesn’t seem like that right now, but there is a friend who will get you out because this is what he does. In short, his name is Liberty.

The Way Out-The Spirit of Liberty!

He walks the streets helping people get out of situations that are snatching their lives from understanding them. They are living below their means.
“And when I passed by you and saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yes, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ Ezekiel 16:6
The Lord returned them to their families to live again, and he put a smile on your face again. He’s like one of those people that you see on the news helping animals or people find themselves. He returns people to their families so that they can love one another and enjoy their lives.
“For he will be [nourished] like a tree planted by the waters, That spreads out its roots by the river; And will not fear the heat when it comes; But its leaves will be green and moist. And it will not be anxious in a year of drought Nor stop bearing fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8.

Are you an addict?

I want to share with you some suggestions on how to break the spell of drug addiction in yourself and if there is a generational curse of addiction, how to stop it dead in its tracks.
Addiction is a weak spot in you that will not only touch your life but the life of your family. It could run for generations. One person struggles with drugs while someone else in the family struggles with food. So what genuine support is there out there? Support that will remedy the situation and not keep you in the consist recovery stage. Now some people take the convention away and go for drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.
It is the same for people who have food addictions, overeaters, and individuals who suffer from bulimia and anorexia. People have been suffering from these problems for decades. Getting to the source of the problem is necessary to really be free.
If you’re struggling with your weight like I am I’ll share my process with you and tell you what GOD is telling me. We will come out together!

Getting To The Heart Of The Problem

Your heart is nothing to play with. Whatever is in your heart is what you will live by. Good or bad, it directs you and either will cause you to grow or become stagnant.
Why do you think people don’t realize their full potential? Usually, they have become stuck someplace inside of them or a geographical location and they don’t know how to become unstuck.
Therefore psychiatrists and therapists make so much money because most people are still talking about what happened when they were growing up. Something that happened at the hand of a relative, friend, or in the community.

Grab A Journal

If you want to know what is hindering your developmental process, get yourself a journal. This is one road that you can take to discover, although this is not the only way, it is the path of least resistance.
Begin journaling your thoughts during this process for the next 30 days. Write your thoughts about what and whom you think about daily. Also, jot down what time period this occurred.
Do this when awake in the morning and again in the afternoon. Take the same steps in the evening before bedtime. Writing the events down can often help you clear your mind so that at bedtime you can get to sleep easier.
Keeping a pad and a pen close to you so that you can write everything that comes into your mind is important. There’s one thing I want you to do, do not go back and look at what you wrote until the 30 days are up.
Then on the 31st day, go back to day one and read carefully what you wrote. Read everything in the book and find the patterns of thought.
You’ll be surprised at the patterns you can discover. If you are someone who thinks about the past often that means your focus is stuck by whatever those thoughts are.
Perhaps it is your belief system, and thinking the past events and feelings are not a major factor. Or does not have power over your current thinking, but it’s quite the contrary because if you’re thinking about the past it means you’re stuck there although your body is in the present.
You should think about what progress is going on now in your life and where you’re going. Nobody is able to successfully move toward their dreams and goals, both known and unknown, looking backward. If you don’t believe me, try walking backward. Turn your head around and look back as much as you can. Then simultaneously try to walk forward, I guarantee you will not be successful at it.
Even if you can walk a couple of steps, you will be unsure and unsteady because we will never mean to walk forward looking backward. The things that you constantly think about in the past have control over you
I like to refer to them as weak spots in us.
There is a broad scope of the things that can violate our minds, making us feel like we can’t accomplish our pursuits.
When you find out what your patterns
are, hopefully, you’ll get some clarification or, at a minimum, a realization and accept what you see on the paper.
What you have written is not a lie, it’s not a smokescreen, it’s the truth. First, you would need to be able to accept it, in order to process and move on from there. Once discovery has set in it is time to go through a purification process.

The Best Medicine Ever

The best medicine is prayer. In order to regain your territory and get rid of the strongholds invading your heart and soul. You will need counseling, hope, and faith. And the only person who can give you all of those is GOD.
GOD can destroy things that are stealing your time and energy. Mindsets that are robbing you of your passion and ultimately your dreams.
Prayer is where you begin. This is where you take everything that’s on that paper in the journal and give it over to GOD, one thing at a time. Every negative item was written and if there’s any positivity on there, thank GOD for it.
Either this is the conception of a unique but life-giving relationship with GOD. Or the broadening of the one you currently have and are redefining for yourself.
It’s amazing how a little seed can grow into a plant. Well, prayer is your seed, use it and it will grow too. I recommend you go back and read some of my earlier articles. Where I explain that your prayers don’t just dissipate, no, they go before GOD and he keeps them somewhere in his treasure chest.
When we pray and ask GOD for something, believing that we already have received it, he gives it to us. It will manifest at the right time or season. It may take 10 or 15 years, but it will come on time.

GODs Timing Is Not The Same

GOD’s timing differs from ours. So, where was that prayer that you said all that time? I believe it was in a prayer chamber, a place where it lives before the Lord.
It’s important that you learn how to pray and read and study GOD’s word. If you want your prayers to reach The Throne, you should not make any request that’s out of his will. They will not manifest because they strategically are against the will of GOD.
He will honor nothing that is contrary to his plan, purpose, and will. For instance, let’s imagine that you meet a man that you fall deeply in love with and this man appears to be in love with you and even tells you as much.
Well, you find out, lo-and-behold, sometime down the road that the man is married and has a wife and children. He lives with his family. So you decide that you’re going to pray and GOD asks him for this man because you feel his wife is not treating him right.
This man told you as much and now that you’ve come to that conclusion, you feel justified in asking for his hand in marriage.
People lie, not only guys but ladies lie as well. There are three sides to every story, his, hers, and then the truth. So if you were praying for somebody else’s husband, don’t expect GOD to give you that person. That’s your flesh desiring a man who belongs to someone else.

Your Words Have Power

GOD will not honor that prayer because it’s out of his will. Effective prayer only occurs when it agrees with what GOD has promised you in his word.
Just look at how much GOD has given us even before we give him our heart. We have so many gifts, starting with life, the ability to smile, have friends and family, a job, the sun shines on us every day.
People take these things for granted until they lose something that was very important to them.
Pray about all of those things on your list until you see them dissipate. Believe GOD will answer your prayers. Speak directly to him, call him by. Be gracious and show your gratitude in advance.

You Are In GOD’s Heart

And then, as these things just slip away. Make sure you tell people what GOD did for you. In this way, you bring him honor and praise. He is an honorable GOD.
GOD is a seer. He not only can he see your future, he saw what happened in the past.
He was there then, now, and forevermore. Just draw him near to you by calling him, asking him to come into your life. Give him your mind and permission to clean you out from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
Now the Bible says that he who the son of man sets free is free indeed. GOD will give you freedom from all the little things that are holding you hostage, but he will not lose you just so that you can go back and fall right back into those same patterns.

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:36,
The enemy is looking to lead you right back into the same place. He’s deceptive and a liar. The only way to stay free is to commit yourself to a life of living with GOD. Give your heart, your body, and your soul over to the Lord and follow his word. I guarantee you if you do this with all of your heart, you will see significant results.
And as your life goes on and you realize some dreams and things that you never thought would happen in your life occur. You will go back and look at that journal and see that GOD has moved and derailed of some of those things that had you in its grip.
The Lord did battle with the enemy on your behalf and set you free.

Emotionally Driven

You may be an emotional person susceptible to hypersensitivity due to all the weak spots in you. It is arrested development. These are things that people spend a lifetime in therapy for and still only see a little success.
He said: “Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the LORD says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but GOD’s. 2 Chronicles 20:15.
Why do you want to go to a therapist when you can go to the Wonderful Counselor himself, Almighty GOD, and he will take care of it for you? He said the battle is not yours, it the Lord‘. But you must give those battles over and you’ve got to give yourself to GOD so that he can work from the inside outward.


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