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The sharpest thing on you is not your clothes, it’s your tongue.

The sharpest thing on you is not your clothes, it’s your tongue.

This article is about the sharpest thing on your body. It’s not your clothes, it’s your tongue.
I want to encourage you to join the conversation because I’m not speaking to one person, I’m speaking to all. We all have a mouth. Either your mouth helps people to be successful or it helps to tear them down. Which one is it?
GOD created your mouth, he put your tongue in it. He has this to say about the tongue in the Bible: it’s a flame set on fire. No man can control the tongue. There is a lot about that organ in your mouth you don’t know.

Your tongue is a vessel!

The tongue is a vessel. It’s a catalyst that carries whatever is being projected from your mind and soul and living in your heart.
With the tongue, most people spew their happiness, joy, anger, and fear. These feelings and emotions catapult out at once. So, imagine all the information being spewed in the world daily which surrounds us.
Information that can do a wealth of damage or good. One reason I don’t watch the news is because of all the sadness that comes out of the mouths of the news people.
Most people watch the news so it can make them abreast of what’s going on in their community or the world at large. But the information that is good is far less than the fear that is projected out to the people. Fear, murders, robberies and more – this kind of information ignites fear in people, making them afraid to live life how they should. And it’s all because of something heard on the news or the influx of information.
It is my belief that people should protect themselves by limiting the news they allow themselves to hear daily. It’s amazing how much of a difference it would make mentally.
It doesn’t stop there because I’m surrounded by people who often will come in to tell me about something they heard on the news that is horrific and immediately I wish I hadn’t heard it. We think negatively about the world based on the things we hear on TV.
One of the most important tools we have next to our hearts is our tongue. What we say out of our mouths is what should be our primary focus. I’m pretty sure that you would agree that there have been people who have said things to you that really hurt.
Even people who love you – maybe your parents or other relatives, a teacher or even a close friend. So, it goes almost without saying that it’s important that you and I both watch what we say out of our mouths.

No Tongue-No Talk

Our tongues are important because, without them, we wouldn’t be able to say most things or make certain sounds. During my research for this article, they said that it would be almost impossible to talk without a tongue.
It’s not totally impossible simply because people can learn how to say certain words. They might not be articulate, and it probably would take a lot of effort and rehabilitation, but where there’s a will, there’s away.
So, let’s watch what we say to each other, especially words that cut like a knife. Words like you’re stupid, mediocre, or the one that people love to say – you’ll be nothing. We shouldn’t have to cut out our own tongues in order to curb how we talk to people. Before you get ready to say something that you might regret take 30 seconds and think about what your words may mean to someone else. Especially if that person is someone that you love.

Teachers- Your Words Are Taken To Heart

One of my assistants shared a story with me about something that happened to her when she was a young girl in school. She said that her teacher confronted her in front of the entire class and said: “I don’t know why you are reading a book when you can’t even do math” She shared that story with me in her 30s and 40s which still have a major impact on her to this day.
She will tell you she’s not good with math simply because her teacher told her that in 5th grade. That followed her even though she ended up going to an Ivy League college and excelling there.
I couldn’t believe that an educator would say something like that, especially to a child, but that is why we have to watch what we say with our tongues because it’s the sharpest thing on our bodies.
You may be a nice dresser with fancy clothes and designer labels. But with what you say out your mouth, you can do a world of damage to someone who will carry it for a lifetime.
GOD is going to hold you accountable for what you say out of your mouth. The angels are recording every word. He already told you the tongue is full of iniquity in the book of James.
Before computers, there was always information technology, it was just primitive. So, information is everywhere in the world, and it’s based on the things that people have said in the environment, discussions, and all of those emotions that I spoke about above. That’s stuff surrounding you. What people say out in the atmosphere in which you live in affects you spiritually. Now you may say, how so?
We don’t live in a one-dimensional world. In fact, there is a cohabitating spiritual dimension where spirit beings live. Angels operate in the spirit world. Demons, godly spirits, and other evil beings are in the spirit world. And what you say out of your mouth is used by them.
There are marriages that are failing today because husbands and wives are silent to each other, or they say horribly degrading words that are tearing each other down brick by brick.
Destroying your marriage can be as easy as what you say or don’t say to your spouse. So, we have to watch as well as pray about the words that we say. We’ve got to get control of it, open up, and start telling people what we feel.
This is the vessel that you use to talk to GOD. If you read any of my earlier articles, I said that when you pray it’s not forgotten about. That’s why I wrote “The Prayer Chamber” because your prayer goes to GOD, and he keeps it in his repertoire. And in time, GOD will release what you asked for if you have believed him and tied your faith to your request.
Now I’m not going to talk about how to pray in this article. But I want you to know that every word that you say with your mouth is being recorded by the angels. There are many people in the world that think they have nothing to add to the world that’s good.
If you have a mouth, you have one of the greatest tools for success.
Now, what you say out of your mouth is another thing entirely. Educators help build people with their tongue and mouth. The tongue is the mouth’s instrument to help people become who they are.
Doctors help people to get well by what they reveal. From the diagnosis even to the prescription the doctor gives you. They convey this information via a conversation with the patient.
Physicians are trained to speak to patients and what they should say out of their mouth; it is an integral part of what we call bedside manners.
In this way, they know the value of the tongue and the words they utter out of their mouth.
A doctor could encourage you and help you think you will be OK, or he can discourage you. There have been people misdiagnosed and have suffered loss because of something their doctor told them. We must use consideration on what we say to people and how we say it. GOD is paying attention to every word that you murmur out of your mouth.

Submitting Your Mouth to GOD

We should put as much focus on our mouth/tongue as we do on what kind of car are we driving. Watching what we say out of our mouth is vital because the sharpest thing on your body is your tongue.
There are people out there that really do a lot of damage with their mouths. They tell the kids that they’re stupid and will be nothing. There are women who are tearing down their homes with their tongues. The Bible references a quarreling woman as someone who it is better to stay away from (Proverbs 21:9).

Men who tell women they’re not pretty, too fat, or not enough – those are arrows you shoot into the heart of a person who is just like you. They want love.

Let’s Go Deeper

Even GOD is careful what he says to us. GOD tells us he loves us with the love of Christ. You are the apple of his eye. He is the GOD who heals us. He also says that he would never leave us nor forsake us. And there’s so many wonderful things that he says to us out of his mouth using his tongue.

If You Have A Sharp Tongue

If you’re one of those who can use your tongue to cut people and you no longer want to do that, but find it difficult to stop. There is a solution!
Give your mouth and tongue over to GOD. He is the only one who changes your conversation. Just remember this request must come from your heart. It must be something you want more than anything to be delivered from – a sharp tongue.
It will amaze you at the things that the tongue can do when working in conjunction with the mouth.
There is so much good out there in the world. All you have to do is make a decision that you want to be one person who contributes to the things that are good. Earlier today, my husband reached out to the maintenance man in our building. His name is Jason. Friday was Jason’s last day working at this property, he’s moving on to another branch or location. I want to share with you what my husband texted him and his response. Although my husband didn’t speak this to him, he texted it to him. Yet when you read something, you’re reading somebody else’s words that are being said from their heart.

5 Times A Day

The first text that you are reading is from my husband Michael to Jason:
“Good morning. I don’t know if you’ve actually left Annapolis yet, but I want to thank you for the way you conduct your business. You indicated you were a follower of Christ. So, I’m going to offer a prayer for you.
Heavenly Father, I will trust You, and I have faith to believe that Jason will be kept covered by the blood of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, throughout his traveling. I stand on your word below.
He CAN make this trip because of your everlasting love. You are his refuge and fortress, and I declare he will be kept safe. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.” Proverbs 3:23,26

Jason‘s response:

“Your words and prayer are gratefully received and beyond appreciated. Thank you so much. I wish you and your family the best during the rest of your stay here!!!!!!!
You have NO idea how reading this for the 5th time today has impacted me and my outlook. Thanks again.”
When I read this that my husband said and said to this young man, it blessed me. After reading Jason’s response, his transparency moved me. What stood out for me was he read it five times and each time it helped him, obviously in a way that words cannot convey.
We never know what a person is going through. People cannot articulate their problems but need the verbal support that we all should be able to give them.
Your mouth and tongue can do things beyond your wildest dreams. GOD bless you. I hope this article inspires you and your conversation from this moment on.


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