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What Happens When You Pray And Fast 3Days A Week?

What Happens When You Pray And Fast 3Days A Week?

I’m sitting in Sandy Point Park with my GOD-given husband, and I thought of a good article, something that you would probably appreciate. Many of you are interested in learning spiritual warfare.

This article is about fasting and prayer, two components used in spiritual warfare. And the power that water has in our lives. As I stated in previous articles, I have been pastoring and overseeing a team of leaders for over 25 years.

GOD ordains fasting

A long time ago, GOD gave my team and me the mandate to fast three times a week. We fast on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so we do not eat until noon when we get up on those days.

Pray more than once a day

I didn’t add the prayer component to it for a long time, but the rest of my team prayed five times a day. They’re already praying during fasting time, but now, recently, the prophet and I have added prayer specifically before noon.

I can tell you I can feel a significant difference while we are while praying in the spirit. During prayer, there have been manifestations of the spirit while we were talking to GOD.

A spirit came into the room

Just the day before yesterday, the prophet and I were sitting at my dining room table during fasting prayer time. Suddenly a GOD-fearing spirit came into the room and got down on one knee. He was revering GOD.

I noted that just before he came into the room, I had invited the Holy Spirit to come in and envelop my living room. He did, and then the atmosphere shifted. I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Then I noticed the spirit which came in. It looked like he had on blue jeans, and he came in and bowed on one knee and put his head down while the prayer was going on.

GOD opened my eyes

These are the things that faithful saints who have a serious relationship with GOD should experience: hearing from the Lord and seeing in the spirit. There is a reason why GOD wanted me to see the man/spirit, and so he opened my eyes at that moment so that I could see the reverence, which brought GOD’s word to light when he said, “every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of GOD.” (Romans 14:11)

Write down what GOD says

When God reveals something to you, you should write it down. Writing it down is essential because you can forget his word with so many things going on in life. And when you do remember, it’s out of context. Knowing verbatim what GOD said is valuable to your life; it will support you.

After all, it’s Almighty God who is talking to you. His revelation about important issues and his secrets on life is profound. And he is telling you something that he doesn’t share with everybody. Just think, some people pay no attention to God daily; they could care less what is on his heart, what he wants, how he wants to help them. There are people out there who are still calling him: the universe.

Revelation on the bay

While my husband Michael and I were sitting on the beach in Sandy Point Park, we looked at the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Bridge on my right and enjoyed the bay right in front of us.

Sitting in front of this large body of water, it’s one of the most powerful elements on earth, and when we look at it, it has a calming effect. It also has a healing anointing. There’s a whole kingdom of creatures living in the water.

When we go down into the water and see the fish, whales, and more, we are fascinated by their beauty and design. They breathe in the water, something we can’t do without an apparatus. Doesn’t it make you think about what other beings God has made unknown to man?

I was on a cruise about ten years ago, and the Lord told me that water is prophetic. The power of the prophetic, which is unknown to the world. Yet water is incredible; look at the loads of people who buy water bottles to drink daily. We don’t know all the capabilities of water.

One thing I do know is that every creature on this earth needs it. 70% of our blood is composed of water; we clean ourselves both externally and internally. We drink water to live. There are so many other things that water can do.

Why fast?

For those of you who don’t fast, there’s a level of warfare that you will never be able to engage in. Jesus said:” But this kind does not go out except by fasting and prayer.” (Matthew 17:21). When you’re fasting and praying, you can experience levels of deliverance that you cannot gain access to without adding the fasting component to your prayer life.

When you are humbling your flesh, in other words, you are not adhering to what it wants. I must say when I’m fasting, I’m usually hungry, but I don’t give into that fleshly or human need to eat. I also believe that you can enter into the realm of the spirit easier when you are in fasting mode. That is my personal opinion.

I know in GOD’s word when certain things happened to the Israelites, they utilized those two methods of communication with GOD.

Intermittent fasting

Fasting has many beneficial and critical components. Although I know that fasting is a big thing today, especially intermittent fasting, people also use it for health benefits. They may use it to give their stomach a break and for weight loss efforts. However, the fast and that I’m talking about is a spiritual task.

It’s solely an offering to God and a way to consecrate yourself and focus on your spirit – which is who you are without the flesh, the body that you use daily. So we see that fasting is necessary. It creates a great advantage for us in the realm of the spirit, especially when you bundle it with prayer.

You will have empowered your prayer and now have given it a greater ability. In an earlier article, I talked about different types of prayer. As much as prayer can be public, it’s a personal communication and conversation with God. This will be the time that you want to pray about your children when you’re fasting and praying. It’s also the time when you want to go before God. When you’re dealing with tough areas of your life that you can’t seem to alleviate yourself from, or even if you have a child involved in a situation that they should not be involved in – this is the time to humble yourself in prayer.

While you’re fasting, give it over to God. Plead your case unto the Lord. The holy spirit said, “By prayer and supplication make your request known unto to God.” (Philippians 4:6)

You are indirectly saying to him, “Here I am GOD. I’m acknowledging you, and I am following your commandments.” Jesus said: “when you fast.”

Fasting is a type of communication with GOD. When you submit yourself spiritually and physically to the Most High, your actions convey humility. Fasting is a time of consecration.

Ask the Holy Ghost to teach you about fasting until it becomes solid in your mind.

Time with my husband

I’m grateful to have this time with my husband. He’s got his arms in the air, I wish you could see it, but I’m going to share some of the pictures and a video or two of what it looks like out here. We almost have the beach to ourselves, and that’s phenomenal.

Only GOD

Too many people that are part of the kingdom of GOD go rogue. They do what GOD says in his word: “they did what was right in their own eyes .” (judges 17:6) As believers of GOD’s word and his gospel, we have to admit to ourselves that GOD is the only person that knows what we should be doing in our lives at any given time.

Imagine what the world would be like if all of us just did whatever we felt like doing. There is no soul in this world that does not have an assignment against their life from hell.

This is why we must live under the shadow of the Almighty and get covered in his blood.

Another misnomer

God made us unique, and that’s super fantastic. As stated in another article, we all have our own set of fingerprints, so you should not expect to be exactly like anybody else. The Lord doesn’t expect us to be, so we shouldn’t expect it either. I don’t want to mimic anyone else. You don’t want to be a cheap copy of an original. No, you are an original, and who you are and what you have can benefit all of us.

One thing to take to heart is that telling yourself that you know everything to learn about yourself is a misnomer. You don’t know, and that’s precisely the point, and that’s why we need this fabulous God that wants to partner with us and have a deep, profound relationship with us. It’s easy, guys; not complicated. It’s just that you need to throw away all the religiosity that you’ve heard in your life and go for him. Not it, but him because God is a person.

Fight the good fight

There’s no use in praying to God if you’re not going to apply your faith to it. And before you say, “I don’t have faith or enough faith,” The Bible says that if you have faith as the grain of a mustard seed, you can speak to the mountain and tell it to be moved and cast into the sea and if you don’t waver it will be done.

Everybody has faith. It’s what you choose to do with that faith. Now you can increase it by listening to God’s word, as well as people who are preaching and talking about the Lord. This is the primary way that you will learn about God!

Prayer, the gift that keeps giving

Prayer is a gift you can give yourself, especially if you’re somebody who needs deliverance to get rid of those demonic strongholds that you’ve been trying to escape from for most of your life.


For instance, let’s take anger; if you walk around holding grudges and being angry at your family, you have a demonic stronghold about things that happened in your life when you were young.

That anger will not stop at the memory of what happened to you. It will spill over into your life, in relationships with significant others, children, jobs, etc. People will feel the repercussions of anger in you all the time, and it is not fair, not only to them but also to yourself.

Don’t let anger devalue you.

The enemy doesn’t want to see you happy! He wants you to devalue yourself and think that you are not good enough, and he wants you to believe that’s why this happened to you in the first place.

People sometimes blame GOD for what happened. Well, the GOD that you were condemning is the one who could deliver you from the pain. He can erase it without losing the good growth you experienced over the years if he needs to.

If I could leave you with one impression

Prayer can alleviate and act as a catalyst to unload all of the pain, fear, and uncertainty in your life. Prayer can be a shoulder that supports your healing. When you think God is not listening, he is. If you don’t talk to God, then why do you expect him to speak to you?

Cleansing conversation

While he was in the spirit (prayer), the apostle Paul stated that he was caught up to the third heaven. Things then could not be described. The third heaven where GOD lives. And before we go any further, I want to say that before Paul accepted Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, he was a Pharisee and a murderer.

He did everything that he could to assassinate anyone who called themself a Christian and who preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. He did not do this maliciously; he sincerely thought they were dishonoring the God he loved. So Jesus Christ met him on the road to Damascus and revealed himself. It completely transformed his life.

Don’t miss your season

This is your season to transform. You start your transformation by praying diligently and from your heart for others. Pray for your community and people that you see struggling in life. Instead of being judgemental, which only hinders your life, pray that God would give them the nourishment that they need and help them.

Remember, prayer is how you get things done in the kingdom of God. God said, “on earth as it is in heaven.” So when you pray about it and ask the Lord, he will release it from heaven to materialize here for you. Then those prayers will boomerang and touch your life.

I just wanted to share this with you, and if you would like to learn about spiritual warfare and what GOD has taught me, comment below. GOD bless you, Diana.



  1. October 20, 2021 / 1:15 pm

    Why can’t I stop doing some things I know I shouldn’t?

    • admin
      October 21, 2021 / 1:36 am

      Hi Bob,

      That’s a great question one that can have a few different reasons. But now that you’re asking yourself that question they are a few things that I would suggest that you ask yourself and take a look at. Before that question could really be answered for you personally there’s a few questions you’re gonna need to ask yourself.

      1.Have you received your salvation? What I mean by that is have you invited the Lord Jesus Christ into your life and into your heart to be your Lord and Savior. And do you believe that he is the son of God and that he died and was resurrected for you? If you said yes to these questions then let’s go to number two.

      2. Ask yourself this. Do you really want to stop doing the thing that you shouldn’t be doing? Knowing that you shouldn’t be doing something is just the first step but really making a decision to stop for the right reasons is crucial to you being free of it.
      3. Have you asked God to deliver you from it? This goes hand-in-hand with number two because God only will step in when you really, really want to start something that you should not be doing.
      4. Have you confessed this to someone who has a relationship with God and will stand with you in prayer? This has to be a person that you trust to pray for you. I found Bob that when I really need to be delivered from something that periodically I had to go back to God and continue to pray about it and talk to him even though I know he heard me the first time. Continuing to go to him in prayer helps you to know if you are serious about being freed from this situation. I hope this helps! I think this is a real good starting place and ultimately what you would need to do in order to be freed from the situation.

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