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3 Things to Make Your Prayer Like Fire

3 Things to Make Your Prayer Like Fire

This article will teach you about the invisible core elements of prayer.  How to make sure your prayer is potent and effective. How to make sure your prayer will catch on fire in the presence of GOD.  It will discuss reasons why your prayers may go unanswered.

Everybody talks about praying or prayer at some point in their lives. For most of us, when we are young, our parents taught us a little short prayer, “Lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep”.  But it doesn’t stop there; we innately talk to an invisible GOD about our problems. Problems with peers in school, family members, wanting somebody else’s boyfriend, and other human desires.

You may not be familiar with praying, and when I say that, I mean the formula that Jesus Christ gave us – heaven’s pattern. Still, we learn to cry out to GOD, the Creator of the entire universe, hoping that he’s listening and, more than that, hoping that he will give you a quick solution.

You want answers to your prayers, no matter how unbefitting they may be.  Some pray because they don’t have the rent money; they have a portion of it and a prayer that GOD would help them some kind away.  Perhaps, a kid who is being bullied at school. They may pray that the bully dies.


It’s crazy the kinds of things that are said in prayer. Imagine if all those prayers were effective and that thought you had about Jane, who was picking at you and making fun of your shoes, came true?

You wished something terrible would happen to Jane. What if that happened? Then you would be a murderer, a killer; that’s why all of our prayers don’t always come true because sometimes we say things in haste to GOD, not thinking of what the outcome could be if they happen.

Could you imagine the guilt that you would have? Because there would be no way to bring Jane back again, her family would be devastated. That’s why we must learn what prayer is. What about the prayers that we pray for a guy we are dating, who is actually somebody else’s husband?

Could you imagine if you prayed, and he left his wife and hooked up with you only to make your life miserable because now you see who he is?

Or maybe you got the man, and then things were going good, and someone else prayed that they could have him as a husband; in other words, the world would be in chaos as if it isn’t in bad shape already.

Not All Prayer Is Godly

There are various types of prayer; not all are godly. This is a godly prayer when you use the formula that Jesus Christ gave us. We must pray to GOD using faith and trust, required by the Lord; believing that what we ask him for, he will bring to pass in due season.

And then there is fleshly, also known as worldly or carnal prayer. We are praying secretly for things we should not have or that don’t belong to us.

We ask for things that we usually don’t even want down the road. There are times when our prayers are structured to hurt people because of our lack of knowledge or prejudice.

Perhaps they did something that we found unforgivable, so we prayed and asked GOD to chastise or break them.

Will my prayers work?

GOD commanded everyone to pray. It is not up for negotiation if you desire to reach the level of success you want.  Fulfilling GOD’s mandate is necessary.  I would recommend your prayer becomes what the Bible refers to as a “fervent prayer”.

However, other vital components have to be in place for those prayers to be effective.

You want to pray; that is a good thing, but make sure that the core of that prayer is pertinent. While we are praying for others, we are also supposed to be praying for ourselves. Be committed to knowing the truth and asking GOD to help us become who we should be to make us better people and directly support our families, communities, and society.

In our prayer life, we should be asking GOD to teach us the truth about people and ourselves; how can we help others, GOD? That’s a great starting point, and what about me?

Do I need to change to facilitate your plans here on earth, Father? Know if you’re struggling with what to pray about as I hear so many people say, I don’t know how to pray.

First things first, you have to go to GOD as one seeking to know him and the truth. In order to know GOD, you have to be willing to accept him into your life. Once you get him and make him your LORD & GOD, you can ask  to help you trust what he is doing in your life.

You have to choose where to put your trust. Is it going to be in yourself, others, or in GOD?  I decided to trust GOD because I know that I always let myself down when I trust myself. I never know exactly what to choose or where to go, and that is because I don’t know the entire story of whatever I am pursuing.

I know what happened yesterday in my life, but I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. And as long I don’t know for sure what will happen tomorrow, I need GOD.

I need GOD because he knows what will happen tomorrow, and he will place me right where I need to be – if I believe and trust and take him at his word. When it comes to prayer, as I stated earlier, you probably know you should be praying, but do you?

People run to psychics to find out information.  These people are just like you human beings.  They don’t even know that they are allowing the enemy, a.k.a. Satan, to use them.

I’m sure they do not purposely want to serve Satan; they don’t even know who is supplying them with information.  And although some of the information they give you may be factual; fear is woven throughout it on purpose.

Remember, the enemy wants to keep you coming back, so if he can tell you something that happened, he can keep you coming back for more.   And down the rabbit hole, you go.

If you ask GOD for something he wrote about in his word, it means you can have it. It’s legally something that you can pursue. You have to be willing to wait for that right time for GOD to deliver it to you. In other words, you have to put it in GOD’s hands and keep believing that it will manifest at the right time.

People often get upset with GOD because they ask him for something, and then when they don’t get it when they want, they shut him out or lose faith in him. You don’t know or understand life more than GOD, especially yours.  He knows the correct time when things should come into your life.

I know we think that we know, but we don’t.  For instance, how many people have you heard about that hit the lotto, got incredibly rich, and then squandered it all within a few short years?

Using that analogy, what if you asked GOD for wealth and believed GOD would bring it. It would take a considerable amount of time, and that is because of two intrinsic things, spiritual and its counterpart, natural growth. Both help bring the necessary seasons into your life.

The Lord knows that you need to be in a particular place in life to handle wealth where it can benefit you and your family.

This is why sometimes we ask for things, and we don’t get them when we want because we’re not ready for it. We’re not prepared to have it because we will mess it up, and it won’t be fruitful.

Or will give those blessings and good things that GOD gave us to undeserving people who are only there for what you have and not there for you. Some of them may have bad intentions toward you. But you can’t know that right now; you need time to bear that out.

Now to answer your question, will your prayers work? They most certainly will if you are sincere and praying for something in GOD’s will. GOD will not support something that will hurt you.

He is a life-giver, not a destroyer. He said: “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” He also said, “you are the apple of his eye.”

Learning to pray GOD’s will is the only way to grow productively and receive the desires of your heart. Remember GOD said: ” I’m not a man that I should lie,” and we know that men and women lie.

GOD is faithful, but three critical elements should be intact, and that is praying what GOD already said would happen, believing that GOD will give you what you asked for, and trusting him for it. That’s a winner prayer. That’s an effective, powerful prayer.

Effective prayer is like fire.  The enemy cannot do anything with that prayer.

Once you give it to GOD, the only thing he can do is fight you and steal your belief and trust in GOD. But there is a remedy for that, and it’s called GOD’s word.

You need to support your faith by hearing GOD’s Word. The Bible says: “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of GOD.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trusting GOD; he’s faithful.  Helping GOD to bring his plan to fruition in your life will cause an explosive effect to come.

You will see things being moved and installed. No matter what it is, it may not feel good at the time, but as it progresses, you will see the value and feel fulfilled, strengthen, and more than anything, GOD’s presence solidified in your heart and life.  His presence, like a magnet, causing you to want to give over every area of your life to him.  Now that’s real support

An example of a prayer that I prayed

I used to pray for a husband, which took many years to come to fruition, but they were not unproductive. Those years were the time I needed to be freed of ideologies and stinking thinking about men and marriage.

GOD helped me pry the enemy’s hands off me, so he could reveal to me who I was to him in this world. It established the self-confidence I have today.

I was sitting around feeling sorry about myself one day, thinking about how I felt unloved by my children. The Lord said to me in his voice resonated in my body so strong. He told me: “you are greatly loved.”

Your toes will curl

I’ll never forget that! I’m sure that the Lord can say to you a lot about yourself.  Things that would make your toes curl. You’ll feel comforted and solidify your purpose on earth. I used to pray for a husband because I thought having him was the answer.

By the time GOD brought him, I had thought having a godly husband would make all the difference. Notice I didn’t say a worldly husband, and there is a difference.

I had grown so much I had become another woman who is fascinated with GOD and his plans. GOD promoted me a few times; he trusted me with assignments because I kept him at the core and listened to him.

Even when I struggled to do certain things he asked of me, I would ask him to enable me to do it, give me the wisdom and help me. That meant I couldn’t miss it because, in my heart, I was genuinely sold out on doing what He asked of me.

In 2006, GOD told me that I would meet my husband in Texas. By that time, it wasn’t so high up on my list because I realized the husband wasn’t everything, but GOD is.

Until you learn to value GOD more importantly than anything in the world and cling to him; always willing to do his will over everybody else’s, GOD can’t trust you with a husband or anything else that you will end up making an idol.

So, it was 2006 when he told me that.   I met that man in 2007. we were friends for years while GOD processed both of us. It wasn’t until 2018 when I married him.

I believe I found out that he was my husband out in 2010. Look at the time it took for GOD’s plan to come to fruition. None of that was the lost time, but lots of prayers went up, prayer that would put me in the correct position and get him where he needed to be as well as every other support system around us.

Remember, GOD built the entire world and the earth that we live in. Look at how elaborate it is. He’s more than a genius, and you can trust him with your life.

Prayer is a support system. It is a holy conversation that needs to happen between you and him. It is for everyone because no one can bring into fruition the things that ask GOD.

Enjoy prayer, and if you use the tools in the formulas he gave you, it will be effective and potent. GOD bless you, my friend!

Diana V


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