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Congratulations It’s You

Congratulations It’s You

This article is a discussion about you and the celebration of who you are.  I’m going to drop tidbits of knowledge and wisdom as to who you are. I will share with you how GOD sees you.  Perhaps your parents and maybe even some of your friends see you differently than who you are.  What I know, with all certainty is that you are invaluable, and it’s time you discovered that and celebrated along with all those who know the truth.

You have an enemy out there. I don’t want to only name Satan because we know that he is the enemy of all humanity and GOD, but you have other enemies who are faceless, but not nameless.  Like hopelessness, fear, anger, jealousy, and so forth and so on.

GOD Told Me Fear Is Terminal

Do you know what you’re battling? People sometimes make us feel like we’re not worth it because that’s how they truly feel about themselves.

What you’re hearing is all of their garbage being spewed out against you. The truth of the matter is if someone is not intimate with who you are, it really shouldn’t matter to you what they think about you.  Because that person is a stranger and not connected to your life. Why should you care what they think about you, especially when they don’t know you?

Even people who do bad things often have some good aspects about them, and if you look closely, you may begin to see some of the reasons for their behavior. GOD didn’t make any garbage; man does.  The garbage dumpster is full of garbage. People make garbage, and if you feel used and thrown away, someone can restore you. You can be found again.

“Make yourself available to GOD; he will hire you and give you beauty for ashes.” (Isaiah 61:3) When GOD restores you, you will be unrecognizable to yourself. Still, you will be overjoyed with what you see before you because then you will honestly know that you could never develop into the person you’ve become without his intervention and presence.

Even when you hear about someone putting a baby in a dumpster, which is beyond horrific, we know doggone well that baby is not garbage.  Usually, someone comes and finds the baby because GOD will send someone to the trash to throw something out just in the nick of time. That baby gets taken to the hospital or fire station. Some people keep the child and raise him because there are all kinds of ways to become a mother. There are spiritual moms, such as myself, who will love and help you live on purpose.  I had three children I raised in love, but GOD also gave me spiritual children who helped develop me in a way that my natural children did not.

If you’re reading this, please know you are greatly loved first of all, even if you didn’t have a mother or father. Maybe you grew up in an institution. But GOD made sure that you grew up. He made sure you were fed, and you had a friend here and there, even if they weren’t your family. I have always found that the most significant family sometimes is not the ones you were born to, but the ones you make.

Sometimes it takes more than one family to help you grow up.  I’m talking about people who are not considered your biological family that become family because they are there for you.  They celebrate you and love you in a way that shows their commitment. So that’s why you choose them to be family, like friends that have been there through thick and thin with you and call themselves your family; they see you, and you accept you for who you are.

And if you have that rare individual who never had any of the things that I’m speaking of; you don’t have friends, you have no family, and you’re just alone. I’m telling you there is a great family out there waiting on you to share your successes, comfort you in your losses, and encourage you. They will be placed in your life by your Father,  whose throne is in heaven, but he doesn’t only live in heaven; he’s here on earth represented through all his children.  He came to earth and walked through in the garden of Eden. He walks this one that we live on. You can invite him into your house and your bedroom at night, even into your bed; there’s nothing inappropriate about that.

Confinement- the unspoken situation

Anger and pain hide in our souls, which continue to hurt us or others around us; confinement is often transparent. And when confined to a lifestyle, a job-type, or city – to the point that the small dreams you had dissipated or you gave up because you could not see a way to achieve your goals.

Dreaming is a starting point….

Write your dream down, and you will see vividly the thing desire. You may not know how to get it. You probably don’t even expect that it will happen, but dreaming is the easiest way to receive something, even if you are pursuing it in the natural. For example, when you go to sleep at night, most people dream, for those who say they don’t, you do, but don’t remember them. A dream world is a place that tells you what’s going on in your heart, your mind, or what changes you need. It’s also where GOD talks to you, so taking time to write it down and talking to GOD about them is pertinent; it will help you to figure out what you want and while you are on the way. .

Visions will come 

There are many things about us that we never allow GOD to excavate out of us. We spent so much time looking at TV, following trends in fashion and lifestyle, running after jobs and relationships that we don’t get all that is inside of us to the surface so that we can enjoy who we are.  When you get in a relationship, you need to bring something to the table different, something substantial more than sex and money.

All of us have profoundly more in than we can access. That is why inviting them not tone a intricate part of my life will make the difference between who we are now and what we will become in the near future. Let him take us through the processes. It’s just like someone who loves music and is motivated and stirred by it.

He likes to have music on throughout the day, spend considerable time with GOD, and follow his direction while strengthening his rapport with him to the point that the Lord drops some profound revelation about the guy that he did not know.  GOD tells him, “you were created to be a musician.” Now let’s say he never imagined or thought of that for himself, he didn’t know because that was kept behind a spiritual door one he didn’t have the power to open.

This is why we have GOD.   He is our knower. And the only person who can find in us that information and release it.

The same way I made that analogy that applies to other areas in our lives. Opportunities slated for you but you have no idea they exist because you don’t take the time to go to your designer.

For those of you who have embarked on a relationship with Jesus Christ. Congrats to you for being you because you “were fearlessly and wonderfully made.”  (Psalm 139:14) Some of you understand that you are a wonderful creation. You know there is so much more to who you are, but for others, the moment you decide to be yourself from GOD’S  perspective, you will bring something to the world that will knock their socks off.

The left-field  zone

I often heard an expression,” she’s out in the left field.” An inappropriate phrase where people try to say that you are socially awkward, or perhaps something is wrong with you that is not with everyone else.

What still amazes me is that when people don’t know why you are a certain way or understand you, you still have to classify yourself.  Don’t accept their classification; instead, let GOD be the one who tells you who you are.  Let GOD navigate your life while you live here on earth. I promise that if you allow GOD to excavate inside you throughout your walk, you will become delighted with what you discover. Brilliance encased in the skin!

I promise you. You don’t know who you are!

Growing up in a household of five people, and your number six – you’re invisible, yes, is incredibly tough for a very sensitive child. Joyce is the last child that my mother would have. She was born when her mother was experiencing a change of life. She was heartbroken that she was pregnant with her and she often told people her story about Joyce and how she thought about throwing her into the nearby East River.

As Joyce grew up, she never knew there was anything good inside her because she was never told by her siblings and even her peers outside. One pertinent thing about Joyce; she had a gift from a childhood that her family often used. Although she wasn’t a psychic, Joyce did readings, and that much she knew.

When she became an adult, people referred to her as a psychic, which turned her off. She knew she loved GOD and had conversations with him since childhood. She believed it was GOD who kept her from a lot of dangerous enemies. Drugs came after her and were all around her but never got ahold of her.  She despised drugs.

Finally, one day, Joyce, after meeting GOD through a Traumatic situation, he led her to a place where she discovered that she who she was his prophet. Today she walks with GOD in her office as a Prophetess doing GOD’s work and helping people worldwide. GOD her changed her name to Diana. I wanted to share some of my story with you because, for many years, I wandered in the wilderness of life, and I didn’t know who I was, and I ended up doing readings and charging people money using the gift that GOD gave me because I didn’t know any better. I did not know that I was indeed a prophet of GOD, which is unknown and misunderstood still by most people today.

Today, I train prophets and prophetic people and have been for the last 24 years. This is why it’s imperative that you find out who you are, and the only person who knows it is GOD. Other people may know pieces, and you may see glimpses of yourself. You may even have an idea of what you can be, but the full scope of YOU lies with GOD.
He’s got so much to give and tell you about. After all, the very idea of you didn’t originate with your parents, but it was with him.

If something like sickness or another horrific situation comes after a child – if the mother, father, or guardian who is watching over them, has relationship with the Lord, give the child to GOD, ask him to watch over them, and develop the child into who he called him or her to be.

There are lots of plagues and satanic influences that will try to snatch your child’s life away. The enemy tried to make me think that I was a reader and that my purpose was just to read and tell people about worldly things. Things like “is my boyfriend or girlfriend messing around.” No, the gift of GOD is more incredible, which is why I guarantee you that if you give your life over to GOD and are serious about it, he will cause a significant change to come about.  And if you are in bondage to anything or anyone, he will free you. He is the Spirit of liberty.



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