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5 Common Myths About Working for The Great Physician

5 Common Myths About Working for The Great Physician

While religion is out and relationship is in, people still think that working for GOD is boring and restrictive. This article will debunk that information and tell you the truth about having a career in ministry. 

Growing up, when you said you were going to work in ministry, that usually meant you would be either a Deacon, Usher, Minister, or Pastor. Let’s face it; the old church didn’t paint a cool picture when it came to those positions.

Most people forget that they are human beings who take on those jobs because GOD has called them, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like fun. And just because GOD employed them doesn’t mean they can’t have the adventure and social lifestyle they desire. 

Most people who come into the ministry have already had a lot of fun before entering into service. While some attend seminary, that is not a prerequisite from GOD’S perspective.  

Common Myths About Working for The Great Physician

God doesn’t make mistakes

People who work in ministry are life changers. They come to you with gifts, intelligence, wisdom, and the love sent by your Creator and Father, GOD. And since HE does not make mistakes, we should support the elect by diligently praying for them.  

Here are five myths about people who work for the GREAT PHYSICIAN.

1. You can’t have fun anymore

2. You can’t go to parties

3. You have to dress boring and very conservative

4. You can’t go to entertainment venues

5. You have to be perfect in every area of your life.

Is God offering you a job?

If GOD asks you to come work for HIM, it’s because HE has hidden greatness inside you. You are a solution for people. HE has plans to send you to places and people that you probably never even thought you would be working with or helping.

Common Myths About Working for The Great Physician

Church leaders

Working in a leadership role in the church is a high calling that most people don’t qualify for. Like I said earlier, you only take on these positions if you are called to them.

There have been some self-appointed pastors over time, but if GOD didn’t call them, they wouldn’t be able to endure the weight of ministry. GOD  will not let you be manipulated by the enemy who is using the self-appointed people. 

Please don’t confuse them with real GOD-ordained church leaders who give their lives daily to minister to you and help you live a life of joy, hope, and happiness. They know that GOD wants you because HE has a deep and sincere love for you.

Their goal is to help facilitate what GOD wants. Pray for them. They need your prayer; the enemy is coming after them and their families daily, trying to destroy them to cut off the resources GOD gave them for you. 

Working for the GREAT PHYSICIAN is a prominent post. And if you received an offer to work for HIM, count yourself as a blessed person. I have been working for GOD for more than 25 years and was promoted along the way. I had no idea that I would be in ministry.

My idea of respecting a church was by staying out of it. As horrible as that may sound, I was ignorant, and my mindset was on what I wanted to do in life.  

Like most people, you chase your dreams and goals while pursuing your aspirations. However, I didn’t because I grew up in the projects and dropped out of school. 

Although I got my GED there wasn’t much out there for me in the early 80s. If you didn’t have any college education, you could get a city job in New York City, but that’s not the kind of money I wanted make.

I saw myself making 1,000,000 to $2 million a year and used to tell people that I imagined myself working in one of those tall office buildings in Midtown Manhattan. I didn’t know what I would be doing, but my reality was I lived in the projects, on welfare, and options. 

One day, I was sitting on my bed, talking to GOD about all the pain and the hurt that I had gone through from broken relationships that almost killed me. Suddenly, I just had a strong feeling in my heart that I was supposed to be a minister; it was just like a real strong realization.

I didn’t hear HIS voice, nobody told me, I just knew. I said to HIM right then, “OK GOD, I’ll be a minister”, because I thought that’s the most straightforward job in the world. Little did I know it is the most demanding job in the world.

If you’ve ever heard the great biblical stories or studied the Bible, you know that working for GOD is auspicious. I mean, HE is a healer, a deliver, and the only real true GOD. If you work for HIM, you will have a lot of adventure, I promise you. 

If you go to church and feel like you want a career in ministry, don’t take that lightly; HE’S tugging on your heart. Drawing you, HE’S got HIS eye on you. You are a unique creature and what makes you the person that HE wants is usually your heart. 

The vow of poverty is another myth that I want to draw attention to. Nowhere in GOD’S word do you hear anybody saying that GOD wants us to be living in poverty.

Quite the opposite, the men and women that were called by GOD, were provided with wealth, power, and influence wherever they went. Imagine what it would be like to have GOD’S power  to heal people of cancer, diabetes, HIV, and all those other debilitating diseases.

The most important thing is not being rich, but loving GOD and teaching people about who HE is and not believing that ministers or leaders should be poor or impoverished. Poverty is not a blessing; it’s a curse.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and other great men and women of God were wealthy. Not everybody who serves GOD will be rich or wealthy; that depends on your walk with GOD and how much you allow HIM to work through you. It also depends on your belief system.

As ministers of the gospel, often we are affected by the concepts of the world, family influence, and self-esteem problems. After all, we are human. So, pray for us. We are laboring for your souls, your lives, and your family. We want you to know how great GOD is and how much HE loves you and wants to bless you.

GOD is the only GREAT PHYSICIAN. There’s none greater than HIM, and I know personally because when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, GOD spoke to me and told me “you don’t have cancer”. And because I believed and trusted HIM, HE destroyed the cancer without chemo or radiation. 

Though I did have to have the tumor removed out of the base of my colon, I didn’t have to take any additional medicine Except GOD’S word, which I was all too happy to read to nourish and support myself.

One of my favorite scriptures says: “GOD tells his secrets to his servants, the prophets.”(Deuteronomy 29:29) This says the secret things belong to our GOD, but the things revealed belong to us. There are wonderful and miraculous things held in secrecy by GOD, and they belong to HIM.

HE tells HIS servants, so if you are not one of them, please don’t automatically think that you know and understand the things of GOD. It may seem simple to you, but it’s never simple with GOD. The more you fulfill his plans, keep HIS word, and HIS commandments, HE will teach you and show you things unknown by the world.

The things that have been revealed to you or the world, shall I say, do not compare to the secrets things that GOD will only expose to those who diligently and wholeheartedly work for HIM. 

So if you feel that GOD is calling you to work in HIS kingdom, please don’t hesitate. There’s not just the fivefold ministry positions that I named above, but there’s also a plethora of assignments and jobs that GOD will give you.

The main area you need to qualify in is being pliable to GOD and serving HIM with all your heart and soul. You don’t need to be religious, but you need to be willing to embark on a relationship with HIM.  

You may feel incapable of working in ministry because you don’t know the Bible, scripture, or much about GOD’S kingdom. HE will teach you as you pursue HIS will and study the word of GOD… It’s all about relationship and love.

Don’t be afraid to tell your darkest secrets both good or bad to the Lord.   HE’S in the change business and HE will help you become the person you want to be. GOD will always be accessible to you.



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