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How to Get Spoonfuls of Love

How to Get Spoonfuls of Love

This article is meant to be a close-up, an intimate conversation, and expose on GOD. Here I want to share some of the things that are not commonly known when we talk about GOD. I intend to inspire you and to start a thought-provoking process in your mind, one which makes you think about how you see HIM, what you know and when to pursue him. 

When you don’t know much about GOD, you don’t expect much from HIM but get ready to be inspired. The more you learn about HIM and come to understand, I would find it difficult to believe that you would not desire more of a relationship and fellowship with HIM. The goal here is the TRUTH and ASPIRATIONS. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know the truth about life and its purpose. And more to the point, who would not want to find out who they are from GOD’S perspective. Some may say that’s trying to know too much before it’s time, but I beg to differ. I believe that you can learn as much as GOD wants to reveal to you.

Knowing GOD creates a catalyst, whereby you start to lean into HIM, realizing that it is HIS breath that you are inhaling into your body daily. It is HIS body that HE lent you. Intimate details about GOD are necessary if you ever plan on drawing close and pursuing God. When people start to learn about themselves, they call it self-discovery, but it is divinity exposing humanity. It is in our nature to want to know HIM. People go to psychics and mediums to tap into the supernatural world by contacting people who died. They’re looking for answers to questions that only GOD can answer. 

We have a natural curiosity about things unknown. As much as we don’t know about GOD, we know some beautiful qualities about HIM and HIS core values. Like do you know that GOD is in love with you? I’m asking you the question, I mean, I know we don’t know each other, but have you discovered as much about the LORD? HE is a compass and a gatekeeper. Do you know that HE is praying for you? Do you know that HE has prayer warriors worldwide, and HE calls out your name to them? Most don’t even know you personally, but HE downloads into them what to pray for concerning you? HE has a blueprint, a specific design with your name, and it is only for you. While there may be 1 million Diana’s worldwide, my blueprint says Diana Vazquez is specific to me and no one else. 

How to Get Spoonfuls of Love

He gave you your fingerprint design; that’s how special you are to HIM. And the idea of you being unhappy and living below what HE has planned for you doesn’t sit well with HIM.

He gave you some unique tools like faith, love, joy, hope, and more. These tools are special; you cannot buy them anywhere. They were given to you by GOD. Do you know that if you call GOD from your heart, HE will hear you, and HE will listen to what you have to say? If you desire to go to heaven, HE explicitly told you exactly how to get there, the formula that is. In HIS profound word, HE said: ‘I’m not a man that I should lie.

” That means; GOD can’t lie? That is precisely the kind of person I want to be connected to and have intimate conversations with. Why? Because I know that HE can be trusted, and HE knows me as no one else does. GOD said in HIS word that the hairs on my head were numbered. Well, to know that, you would have to had to put them there and know the exact number that fell out of my head when I was combing my hair today.

If I needed protection, love, finances, or living space to be healed, all I would have to do is go to my Father and ask HIM because HE’S owns everything. 

Does the LORD Care?

The Lord loves you so much that HE consistently gives you spoonfuls of love. I will do my best to explain what spoonfuls of love refer to. GOD is so in love with you that HE even loved the idea of you. 

Well, why do you think you were created? First, HE came up with the idea of you. Then put you into your Mother’s womb so that she had a specific purpose. HE used her body and reproductive system to nurture you while you grew inside her, according to HIS specifications. When HE was ready to bring you out, you were born. 

Now for all of you whose mothers did not raise you, that was part of your story, and only GOD knows why but DESTINY is part of it. You may not find out the whole story because GOD is secretive. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says: “The secret things belong to God, but the things that are revealed belong to us.” (Deuteronomy 29:29) So HE has a lot of secrets about all of us and everything HE made. If HE chooses to reveal HIS information to you, you should feel privileged.  

How to Get Spoonfuls of Love

Discovering Your Specialness

If you want to know how to begin your journey, keep reading. I’m going to share that information below.

You can have remarkable success in your relationship with God. It doesn’t matter where you are now in your life or what age. If you need to know which way to go, GOD is the right person for the job. When you embark on a relationship with GOD, it needs to be authentic because GOD is only looking for relationships.

HE’S not looking for you to be religious, but genuine with your struggles. No matter what they are, GOD can help you overcome them. If you are confused about which way to go, HE’S the perfect person to ask because he knows what will benefit you in the long run, and HE knows what’s ahead. Often, people will make decisions based on their current feelings, but then six months down the line, it’s no longer feels that way, and it’s chaotic.

Well, if you would’ve asked GOD before involving yourself, HE would’ve told you the truth as to whether to get involved or not. One of HIS names is WONDERFUL COUNSELOR. HE can counsel you about any situation. Just know beforehand, that the way you feel about and see your status, most often will not be what GOD sees or thinks about it.

So, if you want HIS input, be ready for the truth that may cause you to deviate or change your course. You may have to give up some things, but whatever GOD has you give up, will be replaced by something much better.

5 Steps to Building A Strong Relationship With GOD


This is mandatory, and GOD said in HIS word that you have to accept HIS SON as your Lord and Savior to get to HIM. You have to be willing to become a Christian. This is the first step.


Do you have to be willing to put God first in everything, and if you can’t do that at this time, ask God to help you get to that place? Trust me, if you are honest in authentic with God, HE will.


The Bible says: that God has given every man the measure of faith. (Romans 12:3-8)

If you reached this far, you believe in God. But we all have been given faith; you choose how you use it. Use your faith to believe in God and HIS word. 


The Bible is the only place where GOD has revealed himself, HIS personality, and what he wants from us. He also tells us HIS plan for the world and HIS KINGDOM. To know the commitments that we must keep and live by, we have to read the word daily. 


If you want to know the secret things of GOD and discover HIS plan for your life, you’ll have to show commitment in spending time with HIM alone without being distracted by a cell phone, TV, or family and friends. Commitment is a seed that GOD can work with. Please never feel like GOD does not care for or what to hear from you because HE does. In fact, the Bible says: “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of thee angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” (Luke 5:10) KJV

The Power of GOD can turn your life around, it did for me, it can do it for you. No matter what come always use prayer as a way to communicate with GOD.

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