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Getting Your Emotions Out Through Prayer!

Getting Your Emotions Out Through Prayer!

I wrote this article hoping we can have a very candid conversation. We are at a serious place and juncture in our humanity. We have gone through many trials over the last couple of years. There hasn’t been a household which was not affected, especially during the highlight of COVID.


Physical and Emotional Pain Go Hand-and-Hand


So many people are in pain physically and emotionally. Hopefully, compassion for others on a much deeper level will emerge because of what we have all been through. I will never forget going to New York City in 2021 and seeing the faces of people traumatized because of COVID. I was born and raised in the city, so when I think about how there were trucks full of dead bodies; people whose loved ones died and didn’t have the chance to bury them–affects me, even though I don’t live in New York City anymore. We need to help one another, and the best way to do that is through prayer.


Having a relationship with GOD is the biggest blessing one could ever have. Opening your heart and life up to the Most-High GOD revolutionizes your existence, and not only yours, but your loved ones too. When you invite GOD into your life, you open yourself up to him. He comes into your heart and fills it with his light. Not only GOD’s light, but an awesome true love. It’s the love that will never fail.


When I think about how we focus on things that we are interested in, like learning piano, reading books, playing tennis, etc. I can’t help but think – If only we took the same creative process or desire to pursue GOD in the same manner.


A New Goal: Pursue GOD!


Pursuing GOD through relationship is the only way that you can approach him. It will serve you in ways unknown to you at the present time. He can bring you the success that you’ve always hoped for. If you start by talking to him, believing that he exists, that is a step in the right direction. Make the commitment to learn about him and he will present himself soon thereafter. In fact, he will not only show up in a way that lets you know without a doubt that he is in your life, but he will listen and provide things you ask him for. Of course, he’ll do it in a way that you’ll know it was him who did it.


I encourage anyone who is dealing with a lot of emotional trauma and schisms to ask him to help you through it. The one precursor that you need to keep in mind is that when you go to GOD, you must be honest and truthful. If you share something with him, and you believe it’s the truth, but it’s not, GOD will reveal to you the actual truth about it. But if you go to him and lie about something that you know you are lying about, GOD will not communicate with you or even listen to your lies.


Satan Is a Liar, It’s Time You Know the Truth


Lying comes from Satan. Jesus said that he is the father of lies. GOD has nothing to do with lies at all and does not want them in his space. I’m sure you can relate to that. Most people do not want their family and friends to lie to them, so why would he accept that from you?


We should think about prayer daily. And if you feel you don’t know how to pray, you know how to talk and how to vent about what’s going on in your life, so start there. If you’re frustrated, the perfect person to talk to is him. Share what’s going on in your life, GOD is a listener.


Prayer is the official communication of the Kingdom of GOD. Designed and created by GOD. It’s not only for him but it’s for you too; it’s mutually beneficial. Most people who do not believe in prayer, but it’s important. Not only is it important, but it is crucial to the development of your life. It is one of the most important things you could ever do besides breathing every day. It is a phenomenal supernatural communication.


Everything that exists on earth above and underneath it results from prayer. In fact, your life is full of prayer, whether you’re praying or not.


GOD has spoken to people throughout the world to pray about you. He calls your name to people and instructs them on how to pray for you. Not only does GOD ask us to develop a prayer language, he takes part too by praying for you and making “intercession” for you.


What Does GOD Want Me to Pray About?


He said to “cast your cares upon me for I care for you.”


One of the main misconceptions precipitated by the enemy is that GOD knows what you’re going through, so you don’t have to say it to engage him. People often say it, “GOD knows where I am at and what I’m going through. He could just help if he wanted to”. GOD knows where you are at every moment of the day. But in order to get his help in helping you come out of where you are, he needs your participation first by telling him everything that you are going through; and what you have done. To say what you have done that was not right and ask him for forgiveness means that you need to first be repetitive for what you do. If you’re going to approach GOD in a cocky manner without truly being sorry for what you’ve done, then you are wasting your time.


GOD Said in His Word: “Ask and you shall receive”


After you have complained to your friends and family about your current state and asked for their help to no avail, you come to the point when you realize you can only rely on yourself. While this is a pivotal point, it’s not the total truth. You can totally depend on GOD. To get his help, you must first have his undivided attention.


Spilling Your Guts….


Don’t make it a habit of going to your friends and family and spilling your guts because they can’t really help you. Instead, learn to lean. Think about it! What kind of Creator would create and give you total independence from him? Even our parents, who play a role in our birth, raise us in love to spend time with them. They want to be a very important part of your life, no matter what age you are. You are still their child, and they love you. Not all parents are good ones, but GOD will be a great parent, and anything else you need, if you will go to him diligently. Your help will come from the Lord if you would ask for it. Single-handedly, he is the only person who has and knows exactly what you need and will provide it because he is that good. Believe in him. Put your time, money, and resources into his work? I’m not saying you will not have trials and tribulations, but if you are an emotional person, the only person who can help you is GOD.


Many people are having a lot of emotions over what’s going on in our country and over in Ukraine. And with good reason, I can understand you being upset about how the Ukrainian people are being treated and what has happened to their country. Ukrainians need a lot of prayer. If you would like to help, the best thing you could do now is start a prayer group with people who are just as concerned as you are; and will pray genuinely for the Ukrainians.


But there is a bigger picture here. There are secret conversations going on with players who want to hurt the United States of America. That means they want to hurt the people of this great country. We are a Christian country. We all should pray and ask for GOD’s divine protection and intervention. Believe it or not, we need his good leadership as to what we should do next. This is one problem with taking prayer out of schools. Children need to learn prayer when they are young. Children play an intricate part regarding the future of this country and world.


Because one or more of these children can end up in the White House one-day as President of the United States, Congress, or the Senate. We absolutely must ask GOD to raise up prayer warriors in those groups of people who will pray privately and consistently. Pray they make the right decisions and not be led by their emotions, but exhibit love for their country, and GOD.


There are many people who say they believe in GOD and think that they’re going to go to heaven one day. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t mind praying daily for everything that’s going on in Ukraine and in Russia. It’s important that we know to ask GOD for his will to be done because we really don’t know what to pray for, except to ask GOD for his divine protection, mercy, and grace for everyone everywhere.


If you are a believer, pray for the prophets and the apostles that GOD has placed in our societies. Ask GOD to strengthen them and to give them the word and plans that he wants them to execute. Pray that they will not be afraid to stand up at this hour. We need to accept GOD’s assignment. We are coming up against mighty warriors like COVID, which has killed so many people in a brief span of time.


Now Russia and possibly others are slowly coming to confront us. No, my friend, this is the time to pray and to repent for not praying. We cannot rely on the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, to save us. He is not our savior.


Our Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. He leads us to his father, the True Sovereign GOD. We need to pray and ask for forgiveness, for turning our backs on him and for rejecting the Lord and not honoring him. We are a prideful nation. We say that we are one nation under GOD, but if that is so, then where are all the prayers? Where are all the people who are committed to GOD? There should be a call to worship from the White House, leading us in prayer. We have GOD in our pledge of allegiance, and on our dollar bill, but as a Christian nation, we’re not acting like one.


We can’t rely on human beings to show us the way because they have shown us they don’t know. There’s so much talk, but it’s not enough talk to the one who could lead us out of this calamity. Let your emotions be the bridge that builds a connection to your Creator, Almighty GOD! We should not only be praying for Ukraine but for Russia and their people and asking GOD to protect us, not only from war but from the things that we don’t see but exist. We need to pray for and about Putin, give him over to GOD and let him deal with him, because he will.


GOD Has More For You!!


Our Father gave us something that can actually translate us, and change our lives for better. Prayer is part of a great support system that GOD orchestrated and released to us, so that we could grow, develop, and be healthy both internally and externally.


So Here Is the Question: What Will Prayer Do for Me?


Praying consistently will change the lives of others around you. The right type of prayer can clean you out from the internal blockages, pain, and forces of which you don’t understand. Suppose they diagnosed you with depression. And up to a certain age in life you were fine and then suddenly, one day you wake up and sadness and depression set in. You don’t know how depression got a hold of you. Your life seemed fine and had been going well, but then this happens.


Depression Is Ugly.


Depression has a certain type of ugliness to it that no one wants to be confronted with. We could all do without depression and GOD did not create us to have to deal with it. If you go to a therapist, they will always find some reason you are depressed.  They train therapist to look for cause and effect.


Sometimes depression can be because of a lack of serotonin or other chemical deficiencies. The good news is that all of this can be healed. GOD is a healer! He is a restorer of good health. I can testify to this because I was healed from cancer, covid double pneumonia, and more. In fact, I was given new lungsJ by GOD. I know this is hard for some of you to believe. But you should sort of understand what I’m saying, especially since you live in a world where we see the miraculous things happen every day.


Have You Become Desensitized To Miracles?


A baby being born out of his mother is a miracle. The pregnancy itself is a miracle. We see the seasons change and if you plant some seed in the ground, although you don’t see what’s happening under the soil; when you water that seed, it will grow. Breaking out of the dirt and growing. All of this is GOD. He made the soil we live by and nourished out of daily. The Bible says, by the things that he made, you know he exists. You conceptualize he has power because he could orchestrate and sustain it throughout thousands of years. There’s a scripture that points this out. So, GOD gave us prayer, a way to communicate with him, to verbalize and speak out the result of what we are seeking. For example, let’s say you were anxious all the time; you could ask GOD to deliver you from anxiety. You could ask him to send an angel with Healing powers to free you from the inside. He will absolutely do it if you will believe.




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