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How to Be A Prayer Warrior in The Marriott Hotel

How to Be A Prayer Warrior in The Marriott Hotel

A few days ago, in a prayer conversation with the LORD, HE told me to go to the hotel. I must say that going to the hotel was not my idea, but it was the LORD’S. On my way to the hotel, I knew GOD was with me. Last night, I went to the Austin Marriott downtown, a brand-new hotel in the heart of downtown Austin. I left my house in Austin to be alone with GOD in the room at that hotel.

I valeted my car at the check-in desk. Nicole, the young lady at the front desk, exemplified excellent customer service, friendly and warm, immediately informed me of my upgrade from a king corner room to the executive king suite. That was a pleasant surprise which I know was from GOD because that was originally what I wanted. She escorted me to the elevator after walking past the beautifully designed restaurants in the hotel.

Prayer, Austin, And the Homeless 

How to Be A Prayer Warrior in The Marriott Hotel

When I got upstairs on the 21st floor, I walked into my room. I noticed that the room had a unique but lovely design, different from any hotel I have ever been to before and walked in with GOD on my mind and heart. I started to pray, and GOD downloaded in my spirit what I needed to pray about.

The City of Austin was one of the places that I prayed for; it struggles with its homeless population. GOD wanted me to pray for them because he’s ready to do something about it.

But there are more lost and broken people in various stages of life there. So, this is a shout-out to all prayer warriors and people who have the heart to pray for souls who need it.

Know that GOD prays for us Himself. The Bible says, “Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us” (Hebrews 7:25), which means HE’S praying for us. You pray when you love people and care about humanity.

If you don’t know the power of prayer and how it changes, heals, and creates life, reach out to this blog and ask people how prayer has helped them. Also, ask GOD to show you how effective and necessary prayer is. I spent the night by myself talking to GOD in that room and beautiful hotel. I’ve taken the liberty of including pictures here of the Austin Marriott Downtown.  

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More Than Prayer. It’s About Working for God.

If you want a more robust prayer life and relationship with GOD, I suggest that you do something out of the ordinary to convey that to HIM. I go to the hotel because I’m married and want to spend time alone with GOD and because I am sharing the atmosphere with the people who need prayer.

You never know who GOD has brought into a place because HE wants to save their life. Somebody might be going through a divorce, might be sick in their body, at the point of suicide, or a slave in the sex trade, and much more. When GOD tells you to go to a place, you are helping more souls than you know and yourself. I have been going to hotels for years now.

I started by going to the RED Roof Inn, and I thought I was doing something when I could go there, but now GOD has me in a 4-star hotel, and I don’t have to pay for it. HE does. I love my job. I work for GOD, and if you decide to work for HIM, HE will expose you to people and places and show you things that you never thought of. Hotels are not the only place that I go for GOD. I also go to other cities and states.   

Moving Mountains at The Marriott 

How to Be A Prayer Warrior in The Marriott Hotel

Perhaps you may be thinking, “why do I need to leave my house to pray for people at the Marriott and the city”. There’s a scripture that says, “wherever the soles of your feet touch, GOD will give them to you” (Joshua 1:3). My feet were in the Marriott hotel on the 21st floor, praying, which affected the people spiritually.

GOD is drawn to that place because I am interceding for everyone there in the downtown area. GOD will dispatch angels to that place and deal with whatever HE deems necessary. Now do I know all the reasons why I have to be in that place? No, I don’t, “because the secret things belong to GOD, but the things revealed belong to us.” (Deuteronomy 29:29) When you work, for GOD, you will move mountains.

Sometimes people don’t know that they need help. Still, GOD will help them often, not because of them, but someone in their lineage who had a loving relationship with GOD. Because GOD is faithful in keeping HIS word, HE will help their family members even though that particular person is not serving GOD. 

I’ve spoken about my prayer team in other posts. We have been praying as a team of intercessors for 24 years consistently. We invite other people to join us in prayer.



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