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How to find Your Best Friend

How to find Your Best Friend


It’s 5:49 AM on a Tuesday, and as I think about GOD, things are emerging in my mind about HIM. I know it was GOD trying to communicate with me what HE wants me to reveal about HIM to the world. First and foremost, GOD is an oracle.  HE can talk about everything but will only speak about what is precious and fruitful to the building and establishment of you.  

That was a mouthful, so I’ll elaborate; for GOD to bring stability into your life, HE has to allow a few things to take place.

You are one person; you can only carry so much.  

So, God has to break strongholds (worldly mindsets) in your mind and remove ideas and unproductive thoughts inside you that are diabolical; they play in the back of your mind and usually happen when you’re younger. 

You may not even know what they are, but after 25 years in ministry, I discovered that our soul gets dirty from the hurt, emotional consequences and traumas we’ve gone through in life. 

GOD starts to build and strengthen you by offering to give you hope, faith, and love.  HE will walk you into blessings you didn’t know were possible.  GOD will tell you the truth, but you deciding to believe and accept it for yourself helps you conquer the falsehoods and lies well-meaning folks told you.  

Not to mention the self-mutilation you do yourself by saying certain things like “I’m stupid, and I’m dumb, I shouldn’t have done this,” all of the negative words that reverberate throughout your mind.


How to find Your Best Friend

The LORD knows that you don’t understand what it means to have a sovereign GOD protecting you and who is with you always.  I know you may say, I know HE loves me, and HE’S always there”, but it’s HIS breath you’re breathing; you don’t comprehend the depth of it yet. 

When GOD presents Himself to you, HE comes as a Friend because you can understand and probably receive a friend giving you information and advice.   You know what it means to have a good friend who is there for you; always, this you can bite off and chew.  

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Will you accept GOD as a friend and go to HIM with your problems, needs, and good things just like you would tell your friends when you see them.  HE begins to work things out for you, making you feel better, giving you some wisdom and knowledge, and you begin to feel the love of a true friend.  

Then slowly, you begin to see HIM in a different light, and you go from friend to LORD and GOD.  HE wants you to start trusting HIM for more. Unto, you can look to HIM for everything.  

Now I can tell you why HE can be a phenomenal friend if you seek HIS friendship.  One key point and reason Is “HE sits on the circle of the earth” (Isaiah 40:22) and knows and sees everything. So, if you want to know the truth about anything, ask your FRIEND; HE is the only one who can tell it to you and then package it in such a way that it will be igniting and adventurous. 

How to find Your Best Friend

He wants to expose your incredible wisdom and beauty that you have not seen. But as people, we become enticed with the world’s phenomenon and get connected to people and ideologies that don’t grow us or develop us into who we are. When you watch a film, you want an exciting opening, a great middle, and an even better ending.  

To the point that you talk about that film for years to come and take certain lines from the movie and turn them into clichés, sharing them with friends and family. We connect to worldly things, yet our spirit, inside of us, hunger and thirst for supernatural experiences.  

Before I go off the deep end here, I hear young ladies talk about their friends, the lack of depth and honesty, and feel that they can’t trust them. A phrase I hear often is “she’s so phony or needy.” Not trying to understand why she is acting this way toward people or what’s going on inside her. Yeah, we struggle with all kinds of internal problems.

That’s why you need a friend and the type of person who can share the same inner circle that you do. In other words, they have the same friends. When you are a friend to GOD, you will draw to people who are also friends with HIM, that way you share all the great wisdom, blessings, and benefits HE sends into your life.

You will tell people how much HE’s healed you and made you whole. You will understand that wholeness is something to be sought after.



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