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Practical Spiritual Warfare

Practical Spiritual Warfare

This article focuses on sensitive topic that many struggle with: spiritual warfare, unclean spirits, and evil spirits.


Are they real and do they exist today?


I’m writing this article because this topic has become taboo.


Not only for the unchurched, but for the church as well. This is the biblical perspective on spiritual warfare and demonology.


So many people are afraid to delve into this topic, but Jesus himself dealt with it in the Bible. And, if the Lord put it in the Bible, it is important for us to know because it does still exist today in the world.


There are so many people suffering today because of unclean spirits. They have infiltrated our lives, and these demonic hosts have strongholds over individuals. A stronghold, mostly, is a mindset, but it could also be conditions like long-term illnesses, anxiety, or malaise anywhere in your body, whether physical or emotional. Poverty is a stronghold, clutter in the home, and more.


Ooh, I Am Scared!

I know it may be a little frightening to people, but if you’re somebody who watches scary movies, and films full of murder, sex, and drugs – you are already watching scary things. You are watching what these demons do to people as entertainment, but what you are looking at is REAL for some people. Much of the circumstances that are occurring in our world today is based on these unclean spirits who are using GOD’s people.


These unclean/demonic spirits have claimed you as their Home. You have become a host to them. Without your body and mind, they can’t do anything. They are disembodied spirits that need a human being to act out through.


Promiscuity & I’m Ugly -Strange Bed Fellows


I was talking to somebody today who was sharing with me about how a friend of theirs has such low self-esteem. She thinks she’s ugly, and often points out all, what she calls unattractive attributes on her body. She is constantly looking for something to fill the hole in her to make her feel like she is beautiful and lovable.


She involves herself in promiscuous relationships, trying to find love and self-acceptance. Her consistent belittling herself, promiscuity, and destructive behavior is a sign of self-hatred.


The demonic spirits in her life are leading her to this kind of behavior. These spirits are tacticians and can speak. They tell her she’s ugly, and other horrific things about herself continuously.


WHO Is This Guy Anyway?


She meets men and quickly sleeps with them. Trying to get a man to love and accept her. She thinks that sex is love and is depending on him to help her refute what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Of course, the men she is meeting have the same problem she has.


Their connection peaks, and then quickly dissolves it into being a glorified booty call. It’s rejection, and the more they reject her, the more she chases them. It’s an endless cycle of relationship failure for her.


This further supports her self- image and low self- esteem.


No Grotesque Faces


Do not believe that if a demon is present in your life, you would easily know. If you’re expecting a grotesque-faced-being to appear, you will not see that. No, they are more subtle than that.




It’s like the girl who meets a guy she’s instantly attracted to. He takes notice and they flirt. Before this is all done, they’re having sex. Only to find out that he’s married and instead of the girl confronting him and cutting it off, she continues the relationship because now the enemy has in his trap.


The unclean spirits in her not only led her to this man but instigates her into believing she should stay involved with him knowing he is married. She finds excuses and believes what he says about why he is unfaithful to his wife, which is fictitious.


They set the trap for her, and she fell into it.


It’s not only her, but it’s him as well because it’s the same demonic and unclean spirit(s) that led them to each other. Knowing the relationship is not right in GOD’s eyes.


For some people, demonic oppression cannot be overlooked. You’re in an emergency. Perhaps you have a family member bound by a demonic spirit. You need help although you don’t know how to get it.


Warfare-Going On Right In Your Bed


I want to shed some light on this topic, but what I share here about demons is not exhaustive, there is so much more to learn regarding these spirits.   I’m giving you another level of warfare and there’s some outstanding books out there that people have been assigned to write. They have written about demonology and spiritual warfare.


I suggest you do some research on the influential leaders of our time, like Derek Prince, John Eckhardt, and others who wrote extensively on this topic. So why practice spiritual warfare? Well, because to many, it may not look like you need it, but you do.


The Man With A Legion of Demons In Him

Jesus went and rescued the demonic man, possessed by evil spirits. In fact, Jesus asked him what his name was, and he responded to him and told him. So demonic spirits have names.  There is a particular story where a man approached the Lord Jesus Christ and asked if he could help his son, who had an unclean spirit. Mark 9:14-18.


The Bible refers to this unclean spirit as demon. He said that this demon often threw him in the water and the fire and convulsed him. Jesus asked him how long has he had this? His father said as a child. So, spirits do exist! They just weren’t around in the Lord’s time. They are here today.


This state of the world is affected by these unclean spirits. If you’re contemplating deliverance, there are some steps and precautions you need to take before you get delivered from any unclean, ungodly spirit. Salvation is the first crucial an important step! Salvation is a gift from GOD. Every person needs it. It is the only way to go to heaven. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You must also confess and believe in your heart that he died on the cross over 2000 years ago and was resurrected for you . If you don’t believe that, then you don’t go to heaven no matter what your mama told you.


A Holy Prescription

There is a holy prescription in the word of GOD to receive your Salvation. The Bible says, “that GOD is not a man that he should lie neither the son of man that he should repent.” Numbers 23:19.  You simply need to believe in your heart authentically. Say this simple prayer:


“Lord Jesus, I believe you died for me on Calvary’s cross over 2000 years ago. I need you! Please come into my life. I accept you as my Lord and Savior.


Today, you are my master, Lord Jesus. When you do this, you immediately receive your salvation, which is a precious gift from GOD. Simultaneously the Lord comes to live inside of you and will seal you as his own.


If you do not give your life to the Lord, and deny you are demonically influenced and controlled. You are living under a cloud of deception. Demons are subtle. They don’t announce themselves; they just slowly walk you into things that are against GOD‘s will and hurtful to you.


Next, learn how to pray effectively. Pray daily because prayer not only changes and influences current circumstances and situations. But it influences and shapes your future. Ask the Lord to reveal who you are to him, and to show you, yourself.



GOD Will Help You See Yourself

Introspection is a great tool and opportunity everyone needs in their life. In order to discover aspects about yourself that are not productive and good for you,  introspection is required; and the best person to show you is GOD. He is the only one who does not have rose-colored glasses on. He will tell you the truth about what’s going on deep inside of you. When you ask GOD to help you see yourself, you must be ready to take the necessary steps and move forward toward a positive shift and change. Are you willing to allow the Lord to help you get delivered?


Let me give me an example. Let’s say for instance, you confess stubbornness, yet you don’t free yourself of it because you think it has value. Stubbornness is recognizable, but also accepted in society. There are people who think it’s kind of cool to show stubbornness and that it has a protective quality.


Don’t Be Stubborn

Stubbornness is demonic. GOD said that stubbornness is the sin of iniquity. The lord is against stubbornness. So, if you discover stubbornness, it is sinful in GOD‘s eyes. Why would you want to be stubborn? You need to be free of that attribute. For many people, it’s not so easy to get free from stubbornness.


I know someone who had a strong hold of stubbornness, it was hard for her to be freed from it. Being stubborn should not be taken lightly. You can block your blessings and stop yourself from receiving GOD‘s word. So, if you identify yourself as a stubborn person, you can ask GOD to deliver you from it. Speak boldly to these demonic spirits tell them you reject them and they have to go. Command the “spirit of stubbornness” to leave you. GOD‘s Word says, “what we bind on earth, would be bound in heaven; and what we loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:18


That’s the power we have as born-again believers. That’s one gift that comes with being saved and that’s why you need to accept the gift of Salvation.


Don’t be afraid of demons or unclean spirits, be afraid of not getting them out of your life. If they’re already there, they already have you and are affecting your progress and how you feel. They have affected your past and will create problems in your future if you let them stay there.



Ask GOD About Depression Is?

Suppose they diagnosed someone with depression, well there is a demonic spirit that is assigned to help to cause the depression.


The bottom line is the person can be freed from depression. I know doctors say that it’s often organic and or your serotonin is too low… Well, I won’t negate that. It might very well be a serotonin problem, but I also want you to know that demons are part of the problem. Now you can believe it or not. Demons and evil spirits existed in the biblical days and they do now. Whether you believe it or not could make the difference in you being free and living a happy, fulfilling life without being depressed, on pills and medication for the rest of your life.


My recommendation is to ask GOD to expose the truth to you about this and get some deliverance. Speak to that spirit of depression and tell it to loose you and let you go. Tell them who you are. The Blood of Jesus has saved you and you are a child of the Most High GOD. Reject them and tell them to depart from you in Jesus’ name. Then ask GOD to send warring angels to fight those unclean spirits and drive them completely out of your life.


Excessive Sex


Now we cannot say every issue in our life is demonic because we don’t want to go overboard here. I can name a few things that, if you are bound by them, they are definitely demonic. For instance, if you have any addictions, If you have a lot of fear in your life, drugs, excessive sex, low self-esteem and more, there is definitely demonic oppression in your life.  Jesus said, “The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but I’ve come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”







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