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Praying on the 19th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel Austin

Praying on the 19th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel Austin

If you’ve never gone to a hotel for the express purpose of praying and spending time with GOD in the room, then you’re missing out on something special.

Take some time away from family and friends, go to a place where you can spend time with your Creator. Intimate time spent alone to relax, not take any calls, not even turn on the television.

Turning the television on is almost like defeating the purpose, especially if you’re going to watch the TV the whole time you are there.

 You might be thinking, why should I pay a lot of money (with the price of hotels today) to sit in a room and strike up a conversation with GOD. Although I know you can pray at home or anywhere else, this type of arrangement equates to worship based on the divine atmosphere you are creating. GOD will come to you and revolutionize your life and not only yours but your family and, hopefully, your friends as well.

They’re going to get an opportunity to partake in some of the wisdom, blessings, and benefits that will arise in your life. As you know, you can’t go to the store and buy wisdom. You may be able to go and purchase knowledge because you can buy books in the bookstore, but the wisdom gleaned from the Holy Spirit only comes from him.

Worldly wisdom tanks compared to godly wisdom; which one do you want? Usually, when GOD gives you some of his knowledge, you can’t find it in a book; it’s something that only he knows.

When I go to the hotel, I go because it is compelling for me. Something in my spirit ushers me away to be with my Lord. I’m going there because there is something specific that He wants to impart, and I must go to receive it. Whatever He’s going to do or say to me, it is secret, and I can’t tell Him “well, do it when I’m at my house”, it doesn’t work that way. It’s very adventurous.

What I will share with you

I’ll share one of my assignments with you. I was downtown Austin in a hotel. My room was up on a high floor, and when I looked out the window, I could see the lake. 

As beautiful as it was, adjacent to it, living in tents, were homeless people. I was praying for the people living in the tents sprawled out on the lawn downtown.

Just recently here, there was a vote. It was called “Proposition B”. This gave the community the ability to vote whether the homeless people could remain camping in tents downtown on the sidewalks, or if the city should pass a law stating that they would have to leave and find housing elsewhere. The bill passed, which means they have to go because it is now illegal for them to be there.

I don’t have to tell you that the homeless need a lot of support. I prayed specific prayers (for them, and although I’m not going to name them here), that was my assignment.

Sometimes GOD will have me go to the hotel to rest because of the work that I do for the kingdom of GOD. I’m always busy and under attack from the kingdom of darkness. 


Why GOD will send you to a particular place depends on who you are and your unique set of circumstances. A few days ago, I checked into the JW Marriott; my room was on the 19th floor.

I had wanted to stay in that particular hotel for a while. While walking through the building, looking at the beauty of the place, I was intrigued by design. Let me back up for one minute. 

When I got in my car, while driving downtown, I talked to GOD. I was glorifying and praising him while asking him to go before me. Another remarkable aspect about GOD, is that he can go to a place before you, but also travel with you. Who else could be in both areas at the same time? The other thing is, I take liberties with the benefits that he offers to every one of his children. 

Sometimes I will just be talking out loud to myself. Saying I wish they would give me a free upgrade when I get to the hotel, then when I get there, they have already upgraded me. This was GOD giving me a small gift because he reads my thoughts. He’s not only reading your mind, but what’s in your heart too. The Bible says: “he gives you the desires of your heart.” 


GOD will purposely drop desires in you because that’s what he wanted to give you in the first place. There are people out there who feel that they have been short-changed in life based on their childhood and their current situation, but I guarantee you, that if you will follow the footsteps, I tell you about in these articles I’m writing, your life will take a turn that you could have never anticipated.

A paradoxical change in the blessings that you want, but you got to be willing to serve and love GOD. Cherish him because he deserves your love. He has taken care of you all of your life.  


It may not have been ideal, and you might’ve been through tough times and down rugged roads.But now that you are getting older and are possibly going into adulthood, your life can change right from where you are right now. All you have to do is make a choice.

Everything good in life that you get will come about because of a choice you made to choose GOD and stop choosing to do things your own way because it is not working for you. 


Now back to the 19th floor of this beautiful hotel room, I was praying for the entire city of Austin. Every soul in this city. Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews. Institutions, educational, health and political systems, and so on. While I was in the JW Marriott, I prayed for all families’, asking GOD to do specific things for them. 


GOD needs people who are willing to set aside time and intercede for strangers. If you want to change your community and city, PRAYER is the right tool you need for the job.  

Perhaps you don’t have money to donate to charities. You are struggling to get by on your own, and maybe you don’t have time to volunteer because your life is chaotic. Maybe you’re sick in your body or have emotional issues. Still, you can help in so many ways if you open your heart and start praying and talking to GOD about the people in your city, the inhumane situations, and the political problems there.

GOD needs compassionate people to stand up and speak to him to release the solutions into the lives of the people who need them.. 

GOD has legions of angels that he can dispatch into the world, he can touch the heart of those who can influence and change the situation at hand. There is a scripture which says: “the kings heart is in the hand of the LORD, like the rivers of water; he turns it wherever he wishes.” (Proverbs 21:1) But you can’t pray to GOD if you don’t believe he is, and if you will not take time to put your faith in him. He can be the answer you need.  

 Here is where evolution happens. 



When I go to the hotel, I usually get my food and then go to the room.

Now there are times that I will go out of my room and walk around and take pictures so that I could share them with you guys. So, you can see this hotel in case you want to go, or you are planning a trip to Austin.


While up on the 19th floor, it felt like I was close to GOD. As I calmed myself and laid on the bed, TV off, I started talking to him, and the more I spoke, questions about my own life arose. What do you want me to do at this juncture of my life? Who do you need me to help? Then my questions changed directions, and I asked him specific things about the gift he gave me. That’s when he divulged some of his secrets to me and told me in a very calm and smooth voice, which completely changed the atmosphere in the room. 


When GOD comes into a place, you can feel his presence, if you are sensitive to the spirit and have a relationship with him. You will know when he’s speaking to you because you will know his voice, and when he’s in the room, you can feel it.

It’s just like if your mother were to call you on the phone, you hear your mother’s voice often, so when you pick up the phone, and it is her, you know it automatically. It’s the same with GOD! Even people who are not sensitive to spiritual things can tell that something changed about the room. 


It’s a high honor to be able to go and meet the Creator of the world. It doesn’t have to be the hotel room in the JW Marriott; it can be in the park, on the beach. There are so many places you can meet GOD. You want to go somewhere where you can separate yourself from your everyday life and minister to him. 


I’ve been talking to GOD all my life, but I didn’t start working for him until 1996; that’s a long time now, 25 years to be precise. That’s the year when he told me to get a television show in Manhattan. I had that show for four years.  

Praying on the 19th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel Austin




I’m a person who loves design, so when I went to the JW Marriott, I paid special attention to interior design. I examined the room; how everything was coordinated, how the bed felt, whether it’s too hard or soft. I checked out the menu, and took a trip to the fifth floor where there is a rooftop pool.

The cabanas are gorgeous and are right behind the pool. I had the pleasure of having breakfast in a restaurant downstairs named Corner (photo attached). They served me a Belgian waffle with whip cream, hazelnut shavings and strawberries. I sat on a brown leather sofa while I ate, that was so soft, it was very comfortable, and the service was excellent. It was like a staycation to me.  

 Praying on the 19th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel Austin

Prayer is ministry


You don’t have to be a preacher to work for GOD. While I was in the hotel, I was praying for the people staying at the JW. My prayer will affect their lives; you never know who’s going through something horrible in that hotel. They could be going through divorce or maybe they just lost a parent or loved one. 

They could be depressed or in that hotel using drugs, there are so many stories. If you knocked on the door of every room in the hotel and asked people about their life, you would hear shocking stories. 


While I’m in the room praying, I asked GOD personal things about myself and my children. I found some phenomenal stuff.  


 If you are married, you may see potential in your spouse they don’t see in themselves. It’s the perfect time for you to intercede on their behalf. Tell GOD the beautiful qualities you see inside your mate, thank him for your marriage, and all the good things that have happened because of your union.

If there are areas of your marriage that need improvement, and if your spouse needs help, make sure you lift him or her up in prayer and ask GOD to help your spouse become the man or woman he created them to be. On the other hand, if they need deliverance, ask him for it but don’t forget to help you. If you lack Patience, ask for it. 

 It is easy to open your mouth and talk to GOD; you need to take time to understand that he made you for his good pleasure. (Revelation 4:11) 

 If you are not praying, you are short-changing yourself and living below your means. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, how nice a house you live in, or the kind of friends you have. There is more that GOD has for you, and he will do great and beautiful things that you never thought you could even do if you would start praying. You are not who your mother and father say you are. You are who GOD says you are. 


When he made you, he did not meet with your parents and get their approval as whether to form you in your mothers’ womb. No, instead he hid you in the womb of your mother. You started to grow; only he knew how smart you would be and what kind of person you’d become—your parents had to go on the journey just like the rest of us.

Prayer helps Marriott 


I do not doubt that prayer helps Marriott International. Every organization has internal problems at some point. I believe that praying over the hotel also affects the corporation. 

In 2021 alone, I have stayed in a hotel to be with GOD seven times and four different hotels. And it’s only the fifth month of the year. So, I fully expect to spend a significant amount of time this year in hotels getting instruction, praying, and spending intimate quality time with my Creator.  




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