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Psychics? Are They Real? WHO Are They?

Psychics? Are They Real? WHO Are They?

Psychics. It’s no doubt there is a lot of controversy about who they are. There are people who emphatically believe they can access the spirit realm, communicate with the dead, and tell people’s details about their past or future.


And then there’s the other group of people who believe they are charlatans and con artist! There was a time this classification of people and profession was best attributed to the gypsies.


My Personal Experience


I’ve never written an article that revealed what I’m about to share with you here. Although we know the Bible talks about people who have delved into divination, which is what they called it in the Bible days, like the witch at Endor. King Saul went to inquire information from the witch in Endor because God cut off his connection and no longer communicated with Saul. Although it was against the law to seek people who practiced divination, King Saul in desperation secretly visited the witch. Nowadays, they are called psychics, medium or spiritualist.


So, Get a Cup of Tea or Coffee and Let Me Tell You a Short Story.


If you ever read my bio, you know I am a prophet of GOD. Today, there are people who don’t believe that prophets exist anymore. But the Bible supports the fact that they do exist today. More to the point, the prophet is included in the five-fold ministry referenced in the book of Ephesians chapter 4; the prophet is a ministry serving the Body of Christ today. They are one of the ascension gifts that Jesus gave to the church.


Pastors Are Not the Only Ones


The Five-fold ministry – the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. (Ephesians 4:11) GOD is raising up prophets throughout the world. You may even work with one every day.


I Had A TV Show


In 1996, GOD told me to go get a TV show, and I did. At first, I would just do readings live on TV for anybody who called in and had questions they needed answered.


I Wasn’t the Average Child


I had this gift and ability as a child. It wasn’t odd for me to use it to help people. I’ve always wanted to help people. I am a compassionate person.


The gift was like second nature to me, so I thought nothing of it. My family didn’t have anyone to explain to us how I should use the gift that GOD had given me.


When I was a child, my family and I didn’t attend church except on holidays. As my father got older, he got more serious about going to church and Bible study. My parents loved the Lord and raised us to trust in him. My mother had one of those pictures of him on the wall.


So, from 1996 to 2000, I produced a show. For the first six months I had so many calls. Every Friday the lines would be lit up completely right before the show was to go live.


It was about six months before I found out that I was indeed in error. Before I found out that I was using my gift in the wrong way, people would approach me on the street and refer to me as a psychic. That title put me off because I never considered myself to be one. In fact, I knew I wasn’t a psychic. I just didn’t know who I was.


I explained to people that while I am a spiritual person, I was not a psychic!


Sometime shortly thereafter, GOD told me I was in error and from that moment on, I changed how I used my gift.


The Truth Always Shows Up, Listen to It!


Footnote* If you have a gift from GOD, he will send people into your life to give you direction and lead you in a way that you should go. You just have to listen and believe the truth when you hear it. GOD is a good GOD! He does not want you to believe a lie. Pick up the Bible and read what GOD says about people who practice divination. Also, simultaneously read about prophets. The Prophets have written most of the Bible!


Psychics-WHO Are They?


The real psychics are people who have gifts but rarely know where the gift came from and don’t understand why they have it.


Most use the gift as a financial revenue stream. Many of them really want to help people but making money and having a sense of power becomes the focal point.


The thing about psychics is – they are not of GOD. Often unbeknownst to them, the enemy is using their gift for his benefit. They are being taken advantage of by Satan. When he realizes they have a gift, the enemy’s goal is to use it before GOD does.


As soon as GOD reveals who you are (person and information regarding the gift which the Lord has given to you), your assignment from GOD threatens Satan’s work.


Like I said earlier, most don’t even know who they really are. The enemy has assigned the spirit of divination to them – an evil, demonic spirit.


Satan wants to steal GOD’s glory by bringing the individual and their family into dependence, bondage; and ultimately, to go to hell along with him. Evil spirits can access limited information and what they don’t know they will lie about to keep you coming to them.


When psychics do readings, they usually talk about common complicated issues like boyfriends, money, friends, whether someone’s husband is cheating, or if there is witchcraft on you etc. Some psychics even employ magical arts to help people.


White Magic is Another Lie!


Some subscribe to “white magic” and believe they are doing good, while there is no such thing as white magic. Black or white, they both are evil and from the same source – which is the kingdom of darkness. The only way to help people using your gift is to submit yourself to the Most High GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the owner of the gift. He gave you this gift so that you could use it for the kingdom of GOD, for his righteousness. It is used to help GOD’s people do his will.


Psychics are being tricked and deceived, and if you receive their information, you will be as well. Once you have learned the truth about who they are and who is the source of the information, cut them off. Do not keep using their services. Stay clear of them! Now that you know who they are, it is your job to accept the truth.


There is no such title office in GOD’s network and kingdom called “Psychic”. They may tell you they are doing GOD’s work, so that you can trust what they say. Just remember the psychic is not of GOD and believing, and using their service, will open you up for demons to come into your lives and the lives of your children/family. They are dangerous. They are after your money and will bring you into bondage. You may never get out.


Someone I know Personally


There’s a lady that I know who is Christian but likes to go to psychics frequently. This person goes to them trying to find out important information on what’s going on in her life and what she should do. She’s trying to access information about the future. She is paying for deception and misleading information.


Although, some things the lady told her may seem like they are accurate, most of what she has heard is not coming from GOD. One of the tools of deception to use, is telling somebody that they have a spell of witchcraft affecting their finances, health, or otherwise. It amazes me that the people who go to psychics believe this hogwash more than they would believe the real thing, which is a Prophet of GOD. Whatever you believe is what you will draw to you. The enemy’s desire is to destroy your home, your happiness, joy, and bring an abundance of fear into your life. Although it may not appear that way, he wants your family and by opening the door for psychics you are giving him entrance in your life. Stay away from psychics! If you need answers about your life, go to GOD, he is the one that knows everything.


Often the gift that they have is really a gift that GOD has given unto them, but this gift is supposed to be used only by the Lord.



So, the person who is employing the gift would have to first receive salvation and live a Christian life. The next thing they would have to acknowledge that the gift is from GOD. That would mean he or she is submitted unto the Lord to build and glorify his kingdom.


So, when they get information, they get it from the Holy Spirit and not from a spirit of divination–which is demonic. There’s a story in the Bible, in the book of Acts. It is very clear and concise. If you read it, you would understand what is being said.


I know there are many people who feel that they can’t understand the word of GOD, but this story is pretty easy to understand. It is easy to understand what’s happening and what the apostle Paul is saying. They were preaching the gospel in the story and there was a damsel or woman who was following them, along with the rest of the crowd.


At first glance, it appears she believes what they are saying. In fact, she is encouraging others, outwardly and verbally telling them to listen to these men. They’re teaching the truth. But at some point, the apostle Paul discerns it’s an evil spirit speaking through her, using her body and her voice. He stops and calls the demon out of her. Her master and the people who were making money can no longer use her now that the evil spirit is gone.

Psychics, as I stated earlier, give you just enough to keep you coming and paying them to gain information that is often general and addictive. The principal goal here is that ultimately, Satan is trying to bring you into bondage or broaden it. He does not want you to go to GOD, which is who you should really call on and ask him for what you need.


People who are looking for information like: is my boyfriend going to marry me, or is he messing around with another woman, or in this day and age – a man? Those kinds of questions you can ask GOD, but if you do, you won’t get an answer because GOD doesn’t subscribe to boyfriends. Having a boyfriend is out of the will of GOD. It’s under the banner of fornication, in which the Bible says that fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Other questions like, will I hit the lotto, is my best friend talking behind my back, or is somebody doing witchcraft on me, are all popular frivolous and ridiculous questions.


If a psychic has a client who is focusing on and constantly worrying or pursuing these questions, they’re going to tell them yes every time, because it just opens more opportunities for them to make more money off of them. The person who is soliciting this kind of information from them is already in bondage to fear. You are afraid of what you are coming to inquire about and then now you come to the psychic, who will support your fears and bring them to another level.


I have another story that I want to share with you about how I was duped by a gypsy psychic. I will talk about that story in more of a part two of this topic.


Please shoot me your questions on this topic. Until then, please be safe. GOD bless you.





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