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Serving GOD is Serving Yourself

Serving GOD is Serving Yourself

This article is about taking care of those intricate parts of yourself that you don’t know exist by serving GOD.

It’s about fellowshipping with GOD, who in turn teaches you about yourself. This is a hot topic.

This article is mainly for people who are over-achievers and always serving other people who need direction. It doesn’t matter how much you feel that you’ve accomplished in life; you may be happy this morning, and I certainly hope you are. But are you questioning yourself in any area of life? Do you feel stagnated?

This article is for you to read, share with family and friends, and even your enemies, because this article will cause you to do something that most people don’t want to do, and that’s INTROSPECTION.

This is not about condemnation, so if you blame yourself and you’re ashamed of where you’ve been or what you were doing, it’s time to be delivered.

GOD is a healer. He will forgive you. So, if GOD will forgive you, then who are you to hold anything against yourself? I know that may sound strange to you when I say “who are you to keep anything against yourself” once your Lord has forgiven you, you are forgiven. He throws it into a sea called “forgetfulness”. So, stop holding it against yourself.

GOD said: “I will give you beauty for ashes.” (Isaiah 61:3). Do you know what that means? Whatever has burned up in your life, even if you are sitting there looking at a big pile of ashes you created; it could be your life, friendships, marriage, money, or home, if you give those ashes over to GOD, he will take them and restore you. He will make something so wonderfully creative and beautiful in your life. It will surprise you what he can do.

After all, GOD created this world. Just look at a juicy peach, a great tasting pineapple, beautiful trees, or the gorgeous waterfalls. GOD made them pretty and wonderful. Now back to you, GOD’s plan is about You. Just think about it. He sent his Son down out of Heaven into the world to die for you.

For GOD to accomplish redemption for his family, He had to send his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is wealthy beyond our understanding. Yet, he made himself poor. That’s what the Bible said. He came down in and through the womb of his creation, a woman. He lived and grew in that body for nine months. He subjected himself to all the elements of the world, growing up, experiencing hunger, having to sleep, and everything else to SAVE YOU.

So how important are you?

Well, I just told you. GOD wants you to have a wonderful life and wants you to be full of joy, love, and happiness. All you need to do is go out there and accomplish the goals that he put in your DNA. I know you don’t understand GOD’s ways and why bad things happen to good people, but he’s got a plan, an operation that’s so elaborate.

He said his ways are higher than our ways in his word, and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9), but at the crux of it is you and his excellent, glorious plans for you. He’s got great plans for you.

But you got to come on board and help facilitate GOD’s purpose and plan because he’s working for you. Remember, GOD knows how to help you get to your desired place, but it doesn’t appear like you would think it would. I know you think if he downloaded a few million dollars into my bank account, you would be able to go and buy the house, the car, or go on those vacations you keep promising your family.

Maybe you could help save your mother, who is in the hospital dying of cancer. Send your son to college and buy your wife a beautiful car. But as lovely as all that sounds, it’s more to it than just having the money to buy that stuff. It is the little details that come along with all of it

When GOD gives you something, he already has established you and trained you to help you make sound decisions. GOD wants to provide you with a car or a home. If you let him, he will heal your mother without paying the thousands of dollars that you have to pay for the hospitalization and medical bills. Do you want your son to go to college? GOD can send him to college without you paying a dime out of your pocket.

But let’s say you got all that money. You went out and bought a car because you thought that was the kind of car that would serve you, and then after a while, you had a revelation and discovered that it wasn’t all that you thought it would be. You begin to say,” I wish that I would’ve bought another type of car,” or purchased that home, and then a traumatizing event has happens. Suddenly you wish that you wouldn’t have spent that money on that car, as you may now need it for something else.

And let’s face it, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We have plans; we have ideas of what we want to happen, but the reality is only one person knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. When GOD gives you money and gives you things, he will protect and take care of them. I know this because he’s been giving me stuff for years. He once gave me some money and told me to buy a Hummer with it. Before I go any further let me just say I wouldn’t have never brought a Hummer because to me it was too masculine of a car. But after GOD’S input I went to the dealer and I purchased a brand-new hummer. I still have that hummer today, 13 years later. It’s still in perfect shape, and people in my area ask me about it all the time. Now I want a Mercedes-Benz G wagon, so I made my requests known to GOD. That’s what the scripture says, to follow the map, the prescription that GOD put in his word. It will not fail you.

When you serve GOD with your heart, you are helping yourself. Mainly because you are the main focus of his plan; remember it’s all about you, and if it doesn’t feel that way to you now, it’s because you lack vital knowledge about who GOD is and who you are to him. You try to do things your way or are stuck because you don’t see a way out. GOD is your way out! GOD is your way in! Stop selling GOD short and let him do what he does best to make you the man or woman you desire to be. Why do you think you create the things you are inspired to build? Whether it’s an actual creation of an idea, it was birthed in you? It came from him. He’s downloading in you because he wants to help you accomplish it, but it’s much bigger than what you see. You know I love the scripture where GOD says, “I’ll give you houses that you didn’t build” (Deuteronomy 6:11). Somebody else builds the house, but GOD takes it and gives it to you. He will put the keys in your hand and your name on the deed.

All this in exchange for a relationship with him, serving and doing working to help bring his purpose to fruition. Once you start doing it from your heart and give up doing life your way, you’ll find that you are by default becoming everything you dreamed of as you pursue GOD’S way.

Life is not life without GOD; it is existence. When you accept and begin a life of service with GOD, the sun will come out. Your children will start acting right. Your prayers will start working. You can petition him for freedom from the world’s vices. If anyone has a child addicted to drugs or has a sickly child, knock on Heaven’s door. Come boldly to the throne of grace, give him your entire family. He will reveal what he wants you to do. Do it!

You deserve everything, you were made with a purpose for joy, love, happiness, wholeness, family, and more. The Bible says every “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights (James 1:17).” Anything bad comes from the enemy. Now here is the hefty million-dollar answer. If you have not given your life to GOD, you are serving somebody already. It’s not yourself. It is the enemy, Satan.

Serving In the Army of The Lord

It always baffles me how people can understand the fundamentals of the kingdom of GOD, but not accept being service-oriented.

For 23 years, I have been in the army of the Lord, serving GOD with all of my heart. At first, my family didn’t agree or take it too seriously because they thought it was probably just a fly-by-night job. As time went on, my sister asked me a question regarding the team that GOD assigned to me to cover. She asked me how come everywhere you go they have to go with you? I explained to her that this is the assignment that GOD gave me; he called me to be their Pastor and Prophet. I oversee a school of prophets.

I wasn’t married at the time, so I told her they come first in my life. I said this because this is the assignment GOD gave me; my children were involved in church, so there wasn’t a problem. But what gets me is that people can understand and accept the concept of people going into the United States military. No one questions why somebody who joins the army has to leave and live in another state or country because it is widely accepted.

People think it is prestigious to serve in the United States military. People don’t get upset when their loved one, son, or daughter is in the military, and they can’t come home for parties and graduations. Why? Because it is expected and accepted and has become a societal norm.

Yes, they get furloughs and opportunities to go home for a short visit. But for the most part, if a soldier leaves without permission from the US military, he will be labeled AWOL, which he can be prosecuted for. If you are a deserter during a time of war, you are at risk for life in prison or even the death penalty. People who go AWOL for three days or more suffer a loss of their grades and pay. The government takes those acts very seriously, and it is understood by most how important it is to serve.

But when it comes to being in GOD’S military and service to him, that is taken lightly. Most people do not accept the importance of serving GOD according to his commandments and statutes. They believe you can walk away from ministry with no repercussions. If you tell your family and friends that you cannot go to a party or can’t have a boyfriend come to Thanksgiving dinner because the Lord said no, they think you are lying.

GOD Doesn’t Give Boyfriends

It is believed that we can do whatever we want except what they think we shouldn’t do as a Christians. I’ve had relatives who have suggested that I go out and find myself a boyfriend, knowing that I am a Christian. They have a blatant disregard for GOD’s word, which expressively tells us that fornication and adultery is a sin. These same people take pleasure in telling people to do whatever makes them feel good. It’s a blatant disrespect for GOD.

It is essential, if not more, to serve GOD and follow his rules and regulations. GOD has conveyed his commandments and his laws. You cannot deviate or change them without there being serious repercussions.

So where do we go from here? Hopefully, straight into his arms?




  1. July 26, 2021 / 11:44 am

    How do I go into his arms?

    • admin
      August 25, 2021 / 2:57 pm

      That is a great question Bob. Just think when you want someone to hold you, you ask them to. Simply reach out to GOD not only with your hands but with your heart and he will come live inside of it. I hope that helps. GOD bless you!

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