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God Help Me I Am Sick

God Help Me I Am Sick

In this article, I tell you about how to get God’s promises when you are sick, and you need healing, how to get rid of sickness and be made whole.

One of the reasons I chose this topic is because I am familiar with this storm. I am somewhat of an expert on this topic and subject because I was born a sickly child.

Eczema And Asthma
My entire family, except for my mother, had eczema. I was the one who had it the worst on my neck, the fold of my legs right behind my knees, the fold of my arms, and inside of my thighs, we’re crusty and dark. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was a chronic asthmatic.

While some people outgrow asthma, I did not; instead, I had frequent visits to the emergency room just about every winter. Sometimes, I had to be hospitalized at least once during the winter months. I lived in New York City, and it gets cold there. I took care of myself as best as I could, went to doctor’s appointments, had to use the nebulizer and asthma spray. This went on all my life. My skin condition was horrible; the kids made fun of me, my siblings made fun of me. I was called things like alligator skin and roughneck.

Like many of you, know kids can be mean, and so can siblings and other family members? My skin didn’t get better because doctors gave me medicine to put on it.

I suffered most of my life with these conditions, and then in the 90s, I started having colon problems, and the doctor diagnosed me with IBS. So why am I telling you all this because I want you to know that I’m no stranger to sickness I shared an article with you earlier that I was diagnosed with cancer?

The Doctors Said Cancer…
As I think about what I’m getting ready to share with you, I love this article. I’m just going to go ahead and jump right out there and say to me is the best one I have written thus far. Because I get to tell you how to overcome and beat sickness, I’m talking about illnesses that doctors say are incurable and that you will have for the rest of your life.

I’ve had many doctors throughout the years, and they have told me that I would always be on asthma medication for the rest of my life. That I had to take pills, and that is untrue.

I’d beat cancer because of my relationship with God without any medicine without chemo or radiation. While I did have surgery to remove the tumor, I didn’t have to do anything else but take God’s word the promises he made us about healing us. I read them every day to myself while I was going through this ordeal until my cancer results biopsies came back negative.

If you have cancer and you have taken treatments and doctors are telling you that you are terminal and there’s nothing I can do, that is probably the truth on their part, but when it comes to you being free of cancer, there is oh GOD can heal you.

You are a pattern, a special machine that GOD built, and he is very intimate with you. GOD knows precisely how your body works, and he knows how to repair it.

I prayed about it, and I’m still sick

You may be questioning whether GOD would want to heal you personally. Let’s put things into perspective and understand where GOD is coming from on this matter. First, he gave you an elaborate and fantastic body so much so that science cannot figure it out; they know how certain parts and systems work, but they don’t know everything.

That is why when doctors tell you that you will have to take medicine for the rest of your life or that you only have a short time to live, you end up living many more years and not having to take medicine.

Doctors have limited and knowledge. I don’t think I need to stress that point anymore. Medicine, it’s also not the only solution to a health condition.

Natural remedies that GOD provided grow out of the ground will take care of sicknesses and conditions

Our problem is that we want everything instantaneously. So back to the question at hand.

In his word, the Bible, he said: “I am the Lord who heals thee.” Meaning he is willing to deliver you from specific sicknesses. His promises are written to people who believe what he is saying and take him at his word. People who have chosen to be his family, not only his creation, are looking for a GOD and Father. They want to experience his nurturing and saving side. I’m talking about people who chose to relinquish living life on their terms, making him their Lord and Master and living out the balance of their lives, serving him daily according to his purpose and plans. Only by living according to the gospel of Jesus Christ are you enriched, and you can truly discover God’s absolute power and love.

When you serve GOD with your heart and soul, you have a stable foundation. Your ground will become moist and dry. Many of you know what I’m talking about how you’re standing on the porch around with nothing grows, and everything that you have seems like he’s dying. You. can stand on the promises he made to his children and receive anything you need. You can’t serve GOD if you’re sick all the time and enslaved to illness.

When you’re ready, decide that you want to live your life for the Person who created and loves you with all his heart. Nothing can stop you from making Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.

The Leap of Faith….The new medicine

Take the leap of faith, be bold, and give yourself a new life. The critical thing that you need to know is that following GOD is the only way to eradicate the pain and anger you live with daily. Move on and get the life that you dream about, the one you deserve. You may be full of rage, blaming other people for your current condition. You can go through a metamorphosis right now.

The only thing you need to do is make a decision. One that can get rid of all the pain that has been plaguing you for years. I hope you know you deserve everything. You deserve more happiness and unconditional love. Ask GOD to be your friend speak from your heart. If you are one of those people blaming God for your childhood problems or divorce, or maybe you lost one of your children. Stop blaming GOD. He gave us free will in life to make decisions and choices.

I don’t want to go off-topic here. There are some battles you were going to have to fight, people you are going to have to say no to leave behind if you People that you are going to have to say no to leave behind if you want to walk and go where God can only take you? High places that you would have never imagined.

I just moved a few days ago to Annapolis, Maryland, because I’m following the plan of GOD. I didn’t come here because I chose to be in a state where it snows again; no, I’m here because GOD has work for my husband and me and my team. And when we finish the job that GOD has for us here, we will leave and go to his next assignment.

I must tell you it’s much more exciting than what my life would’ve been. It was mundane and problematic, but GOD supplies all my needs according to his riches in glory in my position. I am thrilled that I work for him. And this, my friend, includes healing. There are conditions that I had growing up that I no longer struggle with because of the master. So if you want to be healed and you want rejuvenation to be active in your life, pick up your cross and serve God in the capacity for which you were created.

We need you; you are critical to the body of Christ. You serve a purpose that is so unique that it cannot be replicated. Don’t short-change yourself anymore but trying to live life according to the world’s way because the world doesn’t have the answers to its state.

Another situation I’ve experienced amongst my sisters and brother, Christians who have a misconception about serving Almighty GOD. Unfortunately, many believe that if they go to church on Sunday, Bible study on Wednesday night, and then dance and shout on Sunday at church, this is all that is necessary to serve GOD.

And if they go as far as to become a Pastor, Deacon, or even minister, that was sufficient. Genuine service requires all of you. Your life that you live now, you live for Christ Jesus, not on your terms. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, your conservation should be Lord how I can serve you, what do you want me to do? And you should ask GOD this fundamental question over again until he responds.

Simultaneously, you need to ask God to reveal the things about you that are displeasing to him and ask him if you are in the right space/place in life to do what he called you to do.

Now we know that prayer and application, along with supplication, are necessary to minister to God and his people. Next, how will you know how to serve God if you don’t hear from him? So you have to have an ear to hear.

One of the most pertinent aspects of my relationship with GOD is that if I don’t feel well, I’m sick, if my stomach hurts, or emotionally vexed, I can think about my problem at hand, and he will respond. His response is: “I will take care of it.” His word doesn’t return void. In other words, I have the solution; the medicine, often sending me an angel to eradicate the sickness.

A relationship with God is like good music

A Relationship with him Is everything; it is like good music. Don’t get me wrong, you will struggle throughout your walk with God, but what’s wonderful about having him as your Lord and Savior is that if you’re struggling with something. You know what you should be doing, but you can’t quite get it done. In your heart, you can ask GOD to help you get through this. I wrote this article because I want you to know that you don’t have to be hindered by incurable conditions and with any other infirmity.

After all, God is ready and waiting to take care of you; he wants to start a real relationship with his child. He doesn’t only want you to be something he created. He wants you to be his son or daughter. He wants to give you all those blessings and stuff he has set aside because of his great love for you. He’s doing his job. He has supply supernatural grace and mercy while he patiently has been waiting on you.

God knows that I love him. I will believe him for deliverance and his divine help. When God says, a thing it shall surely come to pass. There is no lie in him. He is the truth. You can’t be the truth and then lie also.

The thing about being part of the family of God is that he created all kinds of heavenly spirits, angels, and of course, the holy trinity that is working day and night on our behalf. In case you were unaware, God has provided each individual a guardian angel to watch over them. The more intricate your work is in GOD’S kingdom, and depending on your work, God assigns more divine protection and will send messages to you to carry out his plans.
The spirit of Wisdom. She is a spirit that is talked about in detail in the book of Proverbs. I love the fact that she’s a female. I would encourage you to read about her. She says that God used her when he was forming the world that we live in. She is willing to teach all of those of us who desire the wisdom of God. God’s wisdom is uniquely different than the wisdom of the world. Many of us are focused on being innovative and intelligent according to the world’s standards when we seek out the spirit of wisdom and learn what real wisdom is. Knowledge is a crucial part of our spiritual development.




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