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When you say I know God loves me, what do you mean by that?

When you say I know God loves me, what do you mean by that?

This article is controversial. If controversy is not your jam, you might not want to read this one. But on second hand, I dare you to read it. When you say, “I know GOD loves me”, what do you mean by that? This conversation may be an eye opener for you.

I’ve had conversations about GOD with people at different stages of my life. It usually trickles in the same direction. People will tell you they know GOD loves them, but say little else.



Afterwards, they usually change the subject because they have nothing more to add. How many engulfing and thought-provoking conversations have you been a part of where GOD was at the core?

When I think back to the time that I was unsaved, those kinds of conversation always seemed uncomfortable with people. The old saying is “there are two subjects that you should never bring up, religion and politics”.

Those are two topics that make people incredibly uncomfortable. Often because their belief system is shallow, and it challenges their ideas about GOD.


People rarely want to share their feelings about GOD. They say things like “it’s personal”. A statement which always amazes me, especially when people tell the most sensitive and private things about their marriage and children. Yet with GOD, “it’s personal”.

Perhaps anger with him is the key issue. They are blaming him for something they lost. Blaming GOD for people who went too soon, sickness or something beyond their control. They don’t know what else to point the finger at. This behavior happens when there’s no relationship with GOD. They don’t know him or his value.

How about you? Do you know if GOD loves you? Regardless of what your answer is, yes or no. How do you know?

I’ll go first. I know because he said so in his word. GOD has given us ample proof that he not only exists, but that he created the entire world, including us.



In fact, most people believe he’s GOD when he comes up in a discussion.

To make my point, when you ask that general question, most if not all will say “he does”? Now, for those few that say he doesn’t, it’s usually because of a misconstrued idea about GOD.

When I say that GOD loves me, I can prove it! It’s not because of the peaceful life I have. Or the tough road I’ve endured. It’s because he created and loves me and even though I went through tough times, including sickness, rejection, and pain, he gently led me out of all of it.

He was there by my side when I went through it. He knew it would be alright. GOD set up the day that I would reach out to him because of the deep pain inside of me called heartbreak.


I DMed GOD and politely asked him to take the pain away. Which was no problem for the Lord. It seemed the more I cried to him, the more it dissipated.

Over time, he reminded me of things I made it through. The cherry on top was when the sun came out again. This all cleared up and got better when I started talking to him.

I started feeling much better, getting up, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, opening the blinds, and not sitting in a dark room every day.

Yeah, it was GOD who did that for me. He facilitated the healing process and mended my broken heart. I know it was him!



It was impossible for me to heal myself or remove the emotional damage and pain – which occurred over years from inappropriate relationships. No one could remove the depth of fear and trauma.

When my heartbreak happened, believe me, it was the final straw, my heart shattered. Although it happened a little at a time, one day it was thoroughly broken.

For the next 30-40 days, I would tell my story to friends. People would listen and try to console me by offering words of encouragement, but it didn’t work.

I inundated my poor friends with the same story and punchline, and finally people started saying, “you got to get over him and let it go”, but I couldn’t.


This is what I know. I didn’t start this pain, nor did I heal myself. It was the King of Heaven who repaired my life and soul. Because I was talking to him, begging, and pleading with him to help me.

Friends, the reason you may not have what your soul really needs is because you’re talking to the wrong people. Well-intentioned friends and family members who cannot fix you. No, the FIXER, his name is Jehovah. That is his covenant name, so if you want to use it, make sure you’re willing to create one with him.


I was reaching my arms out to him in my bedroom, and he received me. As I felt better, I partook of his word.

Suddenly, I wanted to know about this GOD who could reach into my apartment, my bedroom and touch my soul. My shattered heart healed. Only GOD knew how to put it back together again.

Either he put my heart back together or he gave me a completely new one. Whichever way, I finally felt like I could breathe again.

My friends started noticing a difference in me. They were saying she’s coming back to herself, but they didn’t know it was GOD who was changing me right before their very eyes.



During this process, I wanted to become wholeheartedly connected to him. To give something back for what he did for me.

I made a covenant with him. It was what catapulted me into a life that I would never have if it was not for him and the opportunity he provided for me. This is what I mean when I say that GOD loves me. This is how I know!

Let me share some key things about GOD and why I have been serving him since the early 1990s.


“He is the truth, the way, and the life.” (John 14:6)

GOD never lies. In fact, it’s impossible for him to do that. The Bible says “with GOD all things are possible’.

He said, “he’s not a man that he should lie.” (Numbers 23:19). With that in mind, that means that both you and I can trust him 100%. There is not a human being on earth that either of us can say that about! As humans, we let people down because we are not perfect, but GOD is.

He said: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). GOD knows everything about you.

While you may not have a spiritual connection to him or a relationship, his love is always present and there for you, he makes himself available. If you should reach out, he will be there.


There’s never a time or situation that GOD is not aware of what is happening around you. In fact, he assigned an angel to your life. For some of us, we have more than one. You are something special to him.

So, he took his time, and with great respect, he created you and placed his treasures inside of you. GOD has been waiting for you to want to know him – to choose to know who he is and seek him.

The one thing that people question is why did he give us free choice? Well, how else would he know if you really love him unless he gave you the ability to choose to pursue him and to spend your life loving him back?

After all, he created you, but what you do with your life and what becomes of it is predicated on the choices and decisions that you have made, no one else.



When you were a child, subjected to your guardians, you may have gone through terrible things, but you made it through.

There’s a scripture about “what the enemy meant for bad GOD will turn in and make it for good” (Genesis 50:20). But only GOD can turn it and make it for good.

Now, as an adult, you are old enough to understand what’s right from wrong. You can now freely decide to learn about GOD. The Lord GOD created a book, the Bible, full of situations and stories about people whom he loved and helped and blessed tremendously.

If you read the Bible, you will find out that you don’t have to play the lotto, hoping you hit and win money or become prosperous. Know if you serve GOD according to his commandments and statues, he will bless you and make you prosperous.

There are many people who reject GOD and don’t go to church because of something someone did in the church. Remember, it wasn’t GOD who did it and since you didn’t go to church to meet that person, you shouldn’t let that person run you out of it.

Supposedly, you went to church to meet the Lord and fellowship with him. So go have a private but honest conversation with him. This will not only do you a world of good, but it will change your life.

GOD will lead and direct you through those conversations. Remember, he’s the GOD that created this world and if you see how beautiful this world is, imagine what he can do for you.

He’s a “Great Physician”. If you’ve ever been sick, or have had a disease or ailment? Especially one where the doctor says you just have to let it run its course, or it’s insurable. Then you would know that doctors have limited knowledge of the human body.


Sometimes they can misdiagnose or overmedicate you. Sometimes doctors have given me the wrong medicine, and I took it completely trusting them, but they are fallible, so I can’t really hold it against them.

One of GOD’s names is El Roi, which means (the GOD who sees). Seeing everything is his forte! So, he sees your sickness. He knows exactly what it is and how he can heal it without you having to take any medicine.

I know this because I had a lot of conditions that GOD has destroyed in my life. Once a doctor told me, you’ll have to take medicine for the rest of your life, but GOD proved him wrong.

GOD can heal you no matter what you what the situation. Terminal cancer is not too hard for Jesus.

Sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, aids, you name it. The Lord Most High, is also Jehovah Rapha. He is the GOD who heals you.



But in order to get your healing you are going to have to pray and trust GOD. Ask him to heal you, believe and trust with unwavering faith, no matter what the pain, no matter how it feels. Ask him to take the pain away or help you bear it until he does.

Find your mate- almost every female I know wanted a husband. If they didn’t want a husband, they want a boyfriend at minimum. The bottom line is they wanted someone to love and cherish them.



Most people don’t know how to love. Most struggle with loving people the way they should. Sometimes it is because they didn’t get the love they needed, or they were always so full of anger and bitterness.

Nobody knew how tough marriage was when we were young. It was a fairytale with a white picket fence with children and a husband that went to work every day.

He paid the bills and mom cooked and cleaned and raised her kids with a law-abiding and loving man.

If you watch Jerry Springer and divorce court, you know that most didn’t get the dream guy. If that is the truth, the average person is looking through rose-colored glasses.

The people that we meet and are attracted to typically are not who we think they are, so how do you find your mate?

Do you go to a dating app and put in what you are looking for? Say the app pops five or six guys who lied their profile? They could be killers, child abusers, beaters, you don’t know.

Many men and women lie to each other. So how do we find our mate, the one who we can spend a lifetime with.


I know it seems old-fashioned to believe that GOD is the one who can bring you to together, but it is the truth. Because only he knows where your perspective mate originated, what’s inside of him or her, how conducive you are for each other and what your future holds.

He can protect you from marrying a devil. It took me a lot of years before GOD brought my mate to me. GOD led me to my mate during one of my assignments.

He told me and my team to leave Connecticut and go to San Antonio, Texas. Once I arrived there and got the lay of the land, one day, while driving on my way home in the car, GOD spoke to me and told me you’ll meet your husband here.

Do you see how personal that is? He just dropped by while I was focusing on driving and told me something that was important to me?

By then I was so content with my relationship with GOD that I had lost a lot of the anxiety about having a husband.

In 2007, I looked on the Internet to find business telephones. I spoke to a lady who called me regarding an online request for some phone that I liked.

She told me she would send someone with the phone the next day for me to see in person. The very next day, a indirect Sales Manager  named Michael, came out with the phone.

I still remember that double starched crisp white shirt and black pleated pants Michael was wearing. His polished and warm smile. This was him! GOD brought him to me and 11 years later, we were married. Prayer, trusting, and fellowship with GOD is what brought me the husband I desired.




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