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Do You Need God or Does God Really Need You?

Do You Need God or Does God Really Need You?

What a great question; and  it is one every person in this world wants to know the answer to.  It doesn’t matter who you are or your economic status.  You want to know the truth.The truth has a special spirit to it , infact it attracts people  in a way that a lie doesn’t.  It is one of the main reasons why there are so many aspiring journalist.

  They are professionals who aggressively seek out the truth.  On the other hand, if you are someone who reads and studies the Bible and you believe the 66 books (HIS holy love letter) is real, then it clearly tells you , “the truth will make you free”.(John 8:32)  Notice it doesn’t say any kind of information will make you free but that the truth will.  Another question would be, “FREE FROM WHAT?”

These are all things people ponder on a daily basis.

You may be contemplating does GOD really need you.

Do You Need God or Does God Really Need You?

Let me start by first throwing out some facts.  Because if we don’t have facts, we don’t have anything.  Perhaps we can get on the same page when we talk about the creation, design and the evolution of the earth.  I hope we can agree that someone gave the command and architectural design for the earth and commanded it to emerge and continue to thrive.

There is somebody at the helm of it all. The earth, the seas, the forest, and sky all have a powerful vastness and beauty. And although it’s not completely understood by man it is intimately known and understood down to the most minute detail by the person who created it which is God.That same individual, the person we call God is deeply and passionately in fact some may say poetically in love with every human being that HE has created.

You are on display as a representation of HIS love. HE wrote about you before you were born and then very carefully created a time period along with a crescendo of creation inside the womb of a woman (your mother) in there was your first but temporary human home. If you are questioning what to call HIM. You can call HIM, I AM.

 That’s what HE told Moses HIS name was. You must admit this is a great story, your origin that is. There’s more to your life and your installation into this world, more that you or your parents know. So to answer your question, does God really need you? I would say with all sincerity a resounding yes.

Your Next Step….

INTROSPECTION is a great place to start. You may ask why introspection? Because the real you is  spirit encased inside a fleshly body.  You live your life on this earth in a body but when you die the real you leaves and goes back to God, but your fleshy counterpart goes to the grave.

 Most people believe that God exists when they sit quietly and think about it all.  You may not know HIS personality or location meaning where He resides but there are so many other things you don’t know about HIM as well. Like the fact that God loves Prayer, it is HIS form of relating to HIM also the only effective communication HE recognizes.

Don’t worry, it is not hard or difficult to pray.  But it does require a strategy. Incidentally all of this information can be found in the “good book”referred to as the Holy Bible find most people give up and don’t try to find out about God  They just say, “OK, we know HE exists.”  

And they leave it like that, they tell themselves, I’m alright. I am living! I go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning!  Everything is operating OK, I eat and sleep!  My brain works!  I am independent!  I’m healthy!  All this is common knowledge and  is natural for human beings to think.  People dismiss the desire of wanting to know who created this vast universe and everything in it.

But As You Grow Older Your Needs And Wants Will Change..

There will come a time when you feel like you need God.

In fact, you will know you need HIM. But how will you find HIM? There will be obstacles that will present themselves, looming large and be difficult to figure out by yourself.  And you will face foes that appear out of the blue. You will look for answers from friends and family members that they don’t have. 

I am hoping you have reached a point where you want answers now before you hit those obstacles.  Because life was easier when we were kids.  We went out and played with friends, and we just wanted our parents and siblings to love us.  But as you grow older you want different things.  Your direction and outlook on life changes. 

I know most of you have family and friends but their decisions and personal choices don’t always suit yours because the direction that they need to take may not be the same for you.

So you kind of need to be intuitive and find God before you need to make those major decisions.  I’m not suggesting you find religion.  Religion lets you down,  it is manmade and problematic.  It lets the people down who made it.  And anything manmade means they didn’t make you or themselves.  So find God! And you find HIM with your heart and a sincere conversation..

Get Understanding…. It’s A Gift!Proverbs 4:7

If you want to know why are you here then you have to go looking for Him and to find out why HE made you. That information is accessible to all those who are willing to do the work and pay the cost to find it.  If you ask big questions you deserve big answers. So back to the question at hand, “Do I need God?”, the answer is of course you do. 

HE has a blueprint with your name on it.  And on that blueprint it shows every specific plan, problem and solution for your life everything you will be confronted with. Here’s is a good tip; when you decide that you want a spouse, don’t trust a dating app to help you with your choices, or the pretty lady you met at the country club. I know you may have a strong attraction to that individual and it’s easier to follow your heart and get involved with him or her. 

Believe me I know that what I’m asking you seems like I am asking you to define your emotional acuity. However what I’m really asking you is to allow God to tell you and show you who is HIS choice for your mate. Because only HE really knows the right person for you. Not only will HE personally marry you to that individual but HE also will remain a strategic part of the marriage and you will have a threefold cord which the Bible says is not easily broken.

 Along your life journey there are pertinent things you will need to enjoy the happiness and success you deserve. To be successful you need the kind of love and maturation only HE can offer to emerge. Simply put HE is in love with the you even if you don’t know it yet. HE is even in love with the idea of you.  HE made every gift, every talent, and skill set inside of you.

  No one can reveal or excavate what is hidden down inside of you except God!  No scientist, no doctor, no man can find them.  The only one is your Creator.  You need your real FATHER.  The GREAT PHYSICIAN.  The ADVOCATE.  HE has multiple names because they reflect who HE is. HE once told me “if you want to know Me learn My names”.  But we conjure this religious idea of who God is and then avoid HIM.  Please don’t avoid Him.  On the contrary,  invite HIM into your life as your Creator and source seek Him now for whatever aspect you need. 

Because you will need all of them at one time or the other. If you let HIS lordship into your life, HE will watch over you.  Nothing will destroy you or harm you because you are relying on HIM.  Two things you need to know, what HE wants from you and how poignant and unfeigned HIS love is for you. You have to be willing to trust the both of them. 

It is like a cake. The flour is not independent of you. The eggs, sugar, flavoring were all put together by your hand, without you the cake would not be.  It  goes into your oven and is iced and cut by you.  It is the same with you and God.  Everything you are is in HIM.  HE knows all of it and is willing to reveal it to you for a one-on-one sincere relationship where you know who HE is and who you are to HIM..

Remember, God needs you to because, what would a father be without children?  God created you to be HIS family, someone to love and to take care of. And He wants children that love HIM too, that’s HIS motive.




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