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Over the past few months, I have been enjoying a new partnership and assignment from God. I had no idea that I would be a part of such an incredible experience.

So many of my sisters and brothers do not know what they’re missing by not having a close intimate relationship with the LORD.

I did not know that my lovely daughter Khaleelah would embark on a journey that would change and elevate both of our lives.

In 2020 my daughter informed me that she was going back to college to pursue a degree in nursing and become a Registered Nurse.
I was ecstatic, but there was still more to come.

As she started to take classes, I saw something that God could have only revealed to me. A glimpse of what was inside of her.
While I was FaceTiming Khaleelah, who we loving call her Kat, I saw something spectacular I had never seen before. I saw a doctor looking back at me.
What kind of physician was not revealed, but it was a doctor nevertheless.


We saw firsthand how vital and essential nurses and doctors are to our lives during the last year.


Khaleelah is sparkling with intelligence and commitment.  When Kahleelah was growing up there was no talk of her becoming a doctor she never expressed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine.

In fact, when she was 12 years old she said she wanted to be a cashier when she got older.

She didn’t think that she was smart enough to be a doctor.

That’s what I like and love about God. HE hid intelligence, warmth and duty to service inside of her. Things which were to be revealed at a later time. It is part of the reason why I trust HIM so much because only HE has access to personal, strategic details about every human being after all HE made all of them. The blueprint for our lives is in HIS capable hands.

To think this potential was inside of my daughter the entire time. What I know about Kat is that she has a unique purpose that benefits herself and to humanity. . . For the last eight years, she’s been solely  working in human services with the developmentally disabled population.

As my daughter started her classwork, she began to feel comfortable and confident with the medical knowledge she was learning.  One of her assignments was to design and create a 3D model of a skeletal muscle. It was very interesting and fascinating to her, the idea of creating a muscle out of a bowling pin.  And allowing us to see all the cool elements inside of a muscle. (Please see the attached).


If you have just been skimming over the article  and only taking a few tidbits from here and there I encourage you to listen to what I’m about to say because this is the crux of how this all came about.

It was through Prayer.

Powerful all encompassing prayer!

All of this came about because I started praying for my daughter asking God to reveal who she was to us. I asked HIM to  protect her, and lead her into her destiny. I not only prayed….I counted on God.

Are you counting on God for your children?

And are you willing to give yourself to God so that HE could use you to be a facilitator for your child?

Help Your Daughter to Live her best Life!!!!

That’s why it is vital that you help your daughters to live the life that God created them to live.

I guarantee you don’t know all that is inside of her, only God knows.  And in order to excavate the greatest inside of her there’s only one person who can and that is HIM.

I am assured that if you will turn to God in prayer and commitment to talking to HIM about your daughter you will see something that you would have never dreamed of.

Now, if you are a daughter and you are reading this there’s more in you than you know. It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 years old or 99.

if you are a daughter….go for it.

Remember the excavation process begins with your Creator…..

On the flipside of this if you have a daughter who went down the wrong road and it looks like she’s never going to amount to nothing don’t count her out, there are special untapped abilities inside her. She may be unaware of them or she might have an idea but her fears keep pushing them down and putting out the light in her. Please, I beg you go to God and give HIM your daughter.

Make a commitment to God and pray for her. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can ever do for your daughter. Remember this, everything that God created her to be is hidden inside of her.

Mommy and daddy you were the portal used to bring her into this life. Your work is not over don’t give up, fight the good fight of faith by praying consistently and passionately with faith that God will make your daughter the debutante she was born to be.

Happy praying!

Live Daughter Live

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