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Never Be Afraid of Who You Are.

Never Be Afraid of Who You Are.

This is one of life’s constant dilemmas. The average person is touched by this at some point and challenged by something causing them to follow a protocol that doesn’t fit well for their life.

Remember when you were in school and the teacher asked you “what do you want to be when you grow up”?

Well my question is; when do you grow up?

Just because you graduate from high school, that doesn’t mean you are grown up. If you are 18 years or 21, those are nice numbers but it still doesn’t mean you have grown up. For some people it takes them until they are 35 years old to fit the concept of what it is to be considered a grown up. I’m tempted to say a lot of things in this article but you know who you are. And it is not a bad thing that some people take longer than others.

But it is a thing!

You need a partner in this revelation. Prayer will not only help you find the answers you need but it will help you acquire the boldness you need to LIVE ON PURPOSE.

God is not the GOD of enough, HE’s more than enough. And believe you me if you’re looking to know who HE created you to be HE will show you. How, you may ask?

By leading , and directing your life.

HE doesn’t want you wandering out in the world like most people are.

Jumping from one job to the next , one relationship to another and hurting yourself on a daily basis. All because you have no direction. If you have no direction it’s because you have no prayer life. Consider waking up every morning and talk to God . Make HIM your best friend.

You really can organize your life from your bed. Don’t be afraid to become who you are inside.

No matter who you are if you believe in God and know in your heart that HE has the answers that’s the start that you need to change your life.


If you asked for the answers to your life HE will give them to you, in fact HE will start to lead you in a direction and on the right road as long as you keep praying and believing and trusting HIM for guidance.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the best thing in life: THE REAL YOU!!!!
Don’t be afraid to find yourself and to be who you are.

Never Be Afraid of Who You Are


God has put a window inside of us all. HE will help you look inside yourself to see parts and images of yourself if you would just let HIM take you to that window through prayer.

Prayer is the commentator to find the real you.

I know societal norms disagree, but society is often wrong.

Just think back to when you and your friends were graduating high school and you had some sort of an idea of what you wanted to be.

You do realize that most people don’t become what they want to be. They usually end up taking the first ok job they come across because they need to pay the bills.

Discover who you are and then take it by storm and LIVE IT.

Once you find happiness, I would encourage you not to allow anyone to take it from you.

Don’t let anybody tell you, you don’t need all that money, you are making. Or that moving across the country to follow a dream is not right because you need to be available for your friends and family so squash your dreams.

That’s basically what people say when they try to discourage you from following your dreams and living life on your terms.

Don’t apologize for dreaming big. Big is where it’s at. Because quite often, little dreams are not fulfilling.

I will say that again, “Little dreams are quite often not fulfilling. Little dreams remind me of when someone is in middle school and the teacher asks them what they want to be and they just saw Marcus Welby, MD on TV so they say a doctor. Now I am dating myself because that was on TV in the ’70s, I am 58 years old. So roll with me.

You saw the medical show, and it gave you such a good feeling. You loved how caring and compassionate Dr. Welby was. So you want to be that too. Then when they ask you that in school, you say a doctor because you have that image and cuddly feeling still swarming inside of you, the TV doctor resonates with some part of you.

It could just as well be a firefighter or police officer. They are all service-oriented and it is a good thing to desire to help others be healthy, happy, and safe. That is all wonderful but I call those little dreams because people either don’t end up becoming them or when they do, they end up not being fulfilled in the long run.

BIG DREAMS. Here we go!

So look at the big dreams. Don’t apologize for being who you are and being a big dreamer. Dream big.

That’s what I like about YouTube. YOUTUBE helps people who are in their bedrooms with their cell phones start to talk and do things they are passionate about, like makeup or fashion.

Before they were just putting on make up in the bathroom and no one cared until YouTube. God has created all these things through people to help someone like you or me, who’s just starting to blog and I have a lot to say. I dream big.

I want my own plane with pastel pink leather seats that’s my favorite color. I want a big house. I want to love people and help people live on purpose and be happy and healthy.

I want to see them accomplish their big dreams. Please don’t apologize for being happy and going after what you want. And if you are struggling or you are stuck because you did something in the past or even right now that is hurtful to others and yourself, and now you feel guilty, know that guilt is a mean taskmaster. Even God would want you to just come to HIM and say that you are sorry, repent, and that you no longer want to do that thing anymore. He will forgive you. Don’t stop until you see the changes that you are looking for.

Once God forgives you, no man, woman, child or even yourself can continue to hold anything against you. Never my friend, be afraid to be who you are and don’t apologize for it. I hope I am making myself crystal clear. I’m going to tell you like they did in the 90’s.

DO YOU. Not someone else. Be You, because you
were perfectly and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139 13-14)

You have stuff inside of you untapped potential.

You’re gifted, and talented to say the least and you haven’t given yourself the time, effort and exposure you need to bring all those abilities inside of you to surface.

Your dreams are important. Dream them. The world needs them!




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