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Peace & protection

Peace & protection

The mind stayed on me I will keep in perfect peace”-GOD (Proverbs


If you are a biblical scholar, you don’t have to take the steps or the approach that I’m going to discuss in this article.


In fact, you can testify and let people know that what I’m sharing here is true. You already know how to find the peace and protection that all of us desire to have.


Daily Chaos

We live in a chaotic world. It’s 2022 and things are getting worse. I told my students although we can see light every day, the sun shines and lights up the world. And we can turn on the lightbulb in ours homes and have light all around whenever we want to. There is another world that coexists with ours. It’s a spiritual world, and it is full of darkness. It’s a world filled with spirit beings.


A place and world where angels live, a spiritual realm directly connected and parallel to this world growing darker every day just like ours is.


The World Is Growing Darker….

You may ask “why is the world growing darker by the minute”. While this is a brilliant question, there are many people who refuse to believe the answer.


Without getting too deep and too wordy, everything that has happened and will happen in this world is based on decisions and choices that we make. It was the same for Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They had everything, no bills, sickness, or worries until one day, Eve listened to someone who was an enemy, not knowing it. GOD already gave his mandate about a specific tree in the garden of Eden. GOD simply said that you cannot eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That was the only tree in the garden they couldn’t eat from! Why would they need to, they already had eternal life?


It’s GOD’s world, so it is his rules and regulations that count the most. When Adam and Eve broke GODs’ laws, their choices and decisions cost them dearly. They no longer had eternal life, and they were going to die. Evil got into Eve’s household when she  put a faith and trust in what enemy told her. She served the enemy in that moment by doing what he suggested to her, and that was to partake of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Notice the tree of life was in the garden as well, and he did not tell them they couldn’t eat from it.


Everything that happens in our world happened already happened in spirit. Satan’s kingdom exists and operates in that spirit world. It’s full of darkness. There’s no light there. We humans need protection from the kingdom of darkness, which affects our world and comes after us daily.


We are all remotely aware of all the danger and evil things that go on in our society. The world is full of evilness. A young man walks into an elementary school and kills kids and teachers. Children kidnapped and trafficked in the sex trade, adults buying children, heartless people who are both evil and full of demons.


So where do we get our protection from? How do we protect our children and families? There are some accustomed to believing that a gun will protect them. Well, there’s a serious thumb down on guns now, especially considering what just happened to those children and families in Uvalde. Hired guns, namely the police, we’re onsite, but they couldn’t protect those children.


So, guns are not the answer. As we see, they can cause a lot of hurt, pain, and loss of lives. I’m not totally against guns. I just believe they have their place and should not be readily available for people just to go into stores and purchase anytime they want.


You hear little about peace

Peace is a topic I hear little about. In the United States of America, people are not picketing for peace. But there are other countries with things going on almost consistently, and that’s where people know what it is to be without peace. It is important for them to have a sense of peace in their heart.


But in case you’re one of those people who is looking for inner peace and protection at the same time; the only way to attain that kind of peace , is… and I’m not just talking about it just being quiet in your house and there’s no TV on and no one, arguing, no babies crying,  I’m talking about the peace where you can sleep and not worry about the weather when you go outside. Is someone’s going to hurt you, are you going to get a disease like COVID and die, etc.


Perhaps you’re looking for protection because you live in an environment or are facing a situation where you need to feel safe.


Well, there’s but one person who can protect you from any kind of harm of the day, he the Lord. His name is Jehovah. In fact, he has many names. If you want to get connected and close with him and have an intimate relationship with him, I would encourage you to learn his compound names.


Call Me by My Names


I’m sharing this information with you because back in 1998 or 1999, the Lord said to me if you want to know me, learn my compound names. So, I learned some of his compound names like El Shaddai which means “Many Breasted One”. Jehovah Shammah- “the Lord is present”. Jehovah Shalom-the Lord is Peace, Jehovah Jireh-the Lord my Provider. Adonai- Lord, Owner, Master.


And there are many other compound names., when you call GOD using his compound, he knows exactly what you are requesting and asking from him. The usage of a particular name means you are reaching out to that part of him.



GOD Talk


There is scripture that says: “By prayer and supplication, make your request known to GOD”. That is a formula, a prescription on how to get GOD’s attention. This is his mandate to use prayer and supplication. When you talk to GOD, talk his language, prayer. I’m not talking about whether you speak English, Greek, or any other language because GOD understands all of them, but there is a way that GOD has informed us and told us on how to talk to him and in what fashion.


In fact, Lord Jesus Christ, who is GOD the Son, left heaven, came down into earth born through the Virgin Mary and grew up. During the last years of his life, he told us exactly how to approach the Father. So, you have no excuse. You can’t say that I don’t know how to talk to GOD using a simple prayer.


What is required is an honest conversation with GOD, not one where you lie, and you try to mislead the Creator of the Life. Tell him the truth; that is one of his names. He values the truth. The Lord Jesus said Satan is the father of lies, so he is a liar! Don’t use his tactics like lying and then expect GOD to advocate on your behalf or even listen to your lies beneath.


Who Can Protect Me

Jesus said, “no man can come to the father but by me”, meaning you must accept and acknowledge his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t you have the Son, you will not have the Father. You cannot have one without the other. So, for real protection, the only person who can protect you, is Almighty GOD.




In order to find peace, read his word and know exactly what he will provide and how you can get it. You can’t guess at it; or think that you’ll go to church and receive GOD’s peace without learning his word.



Understanding Is A Gift From GOD


The only way to get GOD’s peace is to read his word  and study it over and over. And the more of his word that you get down inside of you, the healing process will take place. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see and understand his ideas and concepts. He is the Lord who helps us to understand his word. Without his help, we cannot understand what he is trying to convey to us. I have heard people say that when I read the Bible I just don’t understand what I’m reading. Well, that is because the Bible is a spiritual document and in order to understand the spirit of the document you have to get that revelation from the Lord. He would gladly give it to those who take the time and make the investment to study his word.


But if you don’t want to read the word of GOD and it’s not important to you, the you will not discover who God is and your special place in his awesome plan. You think you can live your life on your own terms and can navigate with an understanding of how to live a successful life, you’re going to be sadly mistaken.


There are situations and circumstances that will arise in your life that will shake you and make you afraid.  Things you won’t understand, thing you won’t know how to come back from. This is because GOD had no solid place in your heart. His word is not in there. You can’t have one without the other.


GOD’s Autobiography

If you ever really want to know GOD, just read the Bible. It is GODs’ autobiography – his chosen words; what he wanted to reveal about himself to his children. In the word of GOD, the Bible, he reveals his personality. He tells you what it will take to have a real authentic connection with him.  He also explains how important you are to him.


No matter what danger you face daily. Your family, children, or whatever else is yours, GOD will protect if you give yourself and your family to him. I know it seems like a lot of words, but GOD said,


You can’t figure GOD out! He has to reveal himself to you.


My ways are past finding out. He also said his thoughts are higher than yours, so you can’t even figure out how GOD does things, so don’t try, just trust him. Hallelujah. I get so excited when I think about the most high GOD Jehovah. He’s my Lord and my peace. No matter what comes against me – and things come after me, my thoughts, my heart, my family, and more, but I trust he will take care of them, and he does.


He’s such a gift to you all! And just think, you can get HIS peace. When bad things happen, they won’t shake you the way they do most people. Simply because of your relationship with your Creator. He will become your confidant, living and existing inside of you 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. He promised he would protect you, but there’s only one way to discover how to get that protection, read and believe it, to receive it.




Don’t live in fear or anger.  


Those two territories open doors to other types of bondages, like sickness in your life. That’s the main reason I don’t watch the news anymore. Besides, people reiterate what they hear on the news to friends and family. You can stand in the checkout line in the grocery store and see the headlines in a magazine or newspaper and see something that is horrible that’s happened. You should protect your eyes and ears. These are gates connected to your soul.


Watching the news, hearing one bad thing after another will affect you, and has the potential to shorten your life because hearing and seeing the atrocities conveyed on the tv makes you afraid to live life to the fullest.


We know they’re going on, but we must trust GOD. He will hedge us up and protect us, especially if we ask him to do so daily. The lord Jesus said, “give us this day our daily bread”.  This should be our daily approach to GOD.




Don’t let the enemy make you think that it’s wrong for you to ask GOD for things. Any father would want their child to ask for things that they need, he is the same way. He’s a father and we are his children. We need to ask him things. Those kinds of questions and requests help us to build a relationship with our creator.


Don’t Want to Know About the Person who Created You?



Do You Want to Know Your Creator? 

If you asked me that question, I would tell you that I need to know my Creator. I am not trying to know everything about him, but what I can know about him, I definitely want to discover and understand. GOD bless you, my friend. Now go get that peace and divine protection. You deserve it.


Much success and love,





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