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The Kings Blood

The Kings Blood

I was in the hospital recently to visit my mother-in-law, and when I walked up next to her bedside, my first inclination was to look at the medication that she had dripping into her arm. I noticed she had a bag of Blood that they were giving her.

I asked her why they were giving her Blood, and she told me that the doctor said she was anemic, although that wasn’t the reason she was in the hospital.  What got my attention was when the geriatric doctor came in and asked her, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better? My mother-in-law said, oh yeah, I feel much more alert.

I’m not tired; I even feel like talking. The physician told her the Blood she was getting made her feel so much better.  I thought about how just taking a bag of Blood could make her feel better. I’m not surprised I got to say because the Bible says that a person’s life is in the Blood. GOD told us not to eat any meat with the Blood because the animals’ life is in that Blood. 

As I thought about my mother-in-law taking a blood transfusion and the results from having it flowing through her system, I thought about the blood transfusion that I received a long time ago. Although she doesn’t know whose Blood she took in that bag, I know whose Blood I received. I was given and accepted the BLOOD of a King. 

That BLOOD transfusion I received it’s not on the level of what human beings take when you take another person’s blood. No, this one completely changed my life. This BLOOD empowers me; it protects me; it came with so many benefits.  GOD said in HIS word, “when I see the blood, I’ll pass over you.” Exodus 12:13.

When God sees this Blood, the Kings’ Blood that is on my life, HE remembers that Blood is HIS Son’s.  Jesus is the KING OF KINGS AND Lord of lords because now the life that I had is gone, and the one that I have now emanated from the life in the BLOOD I took 30 years ago.

The blood of a king, as you can imagine, is something that people would pay for. Imagine if you were in the hospital and your doctor told you you need a blood transfusion, and you had a choice would you rather have the blood of a pauper or the blood of royalty/king? I’m pretty sure that most would instead prefer the blood of royalty, a king, as you would probably think that the kings’ blood is healthier coming from someone who lives a better life and eats a better quality of food as opposed to the destitute person.

Remember that man’s life is in the blood. It matters which one you pick.   I choose the King.  The King whose Blood I took 30 years ago, I continue to commemorate that special occasion by taking the Blood of Christ, represented in communion when we drink HIS Blood and eat the HIS body.  

The Kings Blood

I don’t think many people realize that when you give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you get HIS Blood to protect you from anything.  After all, you have the Blood of God on you. HE’S not just the Son of GOD. HE is GOD who came in human form to die for you and me to give us another chance to be in GOD’S presence for eternity.

HIS Blood is efficacious. When the death angel came into Egypt, and Goshen GOD had already told the Israelites to put the Blood on the lintel post of the house, and that’s when HE said, when I see the Blood I’ll pass of you, so it saved the life of every firstborn Jew. But every firstborn Egyptian died.

Nothing happened to the Jews who had the Blood on the house. I know the Jewish people celebrate Passover because of what happened that particular night. Still, we want to celebrate too because the Lamb of God is Jesus, and HIS death on the cross brought us victory and gave life to all of us who accepts HIM as our Savior.

He is most brilliant, and I love HIM with every ounce of my being, and I know many of you do too.  If the Blood of King Jesus has the power to wash away your sins, therefore, canceling your sin record with GOD, what else can it do? The answer is “anything and everything.”  If you would like the Blood of Jesus to be over your life or do you need to accept HIM as your Lord and Savior, HE will come into your life and provide whatever you need. The Blood of my King is like having Love run through my veins!

Prayer; a ministry of Love

Having a solid prayer life is like being a billionaire.   We are commanded to pray about everything in the Bible.  We pray for guidance, understanding, and deliverance. I know prayer works because I’ve had severe, potentially destructive Circumstances arise in my life, and when I took it to GOD in prayer, HE changed the outcome.

Suppose you are confronted with circumstances beyond your control and don’t see a way out. Start praying and keep praying until you see a successful change. Expect the unexpected.  Everything above, below, and on earth submits to HIM. Families out there who have children who are self-destructing right before your very eyes get together and start praying for that child, and God will get a hold of him or her.

Make sure you do this in faith, expecting GOD to bring your loved one back to you. If you are sick in your body, the Bible says to go to the elders and have them pray for you.  That scripture is referring to the elders of the church.  If you are not in church, you can pray and ask a family member you trust to pray, especially one with a relationship with GOD.  

Use the prayer of agreement, Jesus Christ said, “if any two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 18:19-20 Now, this is what Jesus said, and HE does not lie. 



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