• People You Don’t Know About   One thing you must know about GOD is – …
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  • This article focuses on sensitive topic that many struggle with: spiritual warfare, unclean spirits, and …
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  • If you ever walked across a bridge, this story is for you. If something ever …
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  • Psychics. It’s no doubt there is a lot of controversy about who they are. …
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    Prayer is the conversation that changes things. Unfortunately too many of us don’t know how vital and important prayer is to our lives.

    So I created a blog to teach people how to pray. For those of us who know the fundamental concepts of prayer, I want to teach you how to go deeper using prayer to completely revolutionize your life.

    It doesn’t cost you anything to pray.

    Even if you’ve never prayed before, I’m going to teach you how to pray in a way that is almost like the yellow brick road of life.

    So check out the articles on this blog because there’s something here for everybody including your family, your friends and your enemies.

    Nothing happens in this world without prayer. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know that. Prayer is a concept and a catalyst designed by God.  So if you want to talk to your Creator, this is the diagram on how to do it.  Read More

    Live Daughter Live

    All of this came about because I started praying for my daughter asking God to reveal who she was, to protect her, and lead her into her destiny. I not only prayed....I counted on God.
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    This article is for a person interested in a leadership role in the church/a.k.a, the Kingdom of God. The second group of people I want to talk to in this article are leaders or aspiring ones. A specific group of people looking to transition into a leadership role but are afraid to move into their calling. If you are currently…
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